This page is about the locations that are specific to the story in The Next Knight in the Area.

Note: not all locations in this page exist in real life.

Ajinomoto Stadium (Tokyo Stadium)

Ajinomoto Stadium

Ajinomoto Stadium

One of the stadiums where Nadeshiko Japan played their home matches, Ajinomoto Stadium (味の素スタジアム Ajinomoto Sutajiamu) is a multipurpose all-seater stadium located in Chōfu, Tokyo, and is the home of FC Tokyo and Tokyo Verdy in real life. Originally named Tokyo Stadium when it opened in 2001, the stadium holds a maximum capacity of 50,100 spectators. The original design of the stadium was supposed to include a running track. However, the management company decided to use the ground exclusively for soccer and did not install the running track. Consequently, there is some room between the pitch and the stand. This stadium also held a short farewell match for Kakeru before his retirement, pitting the Men and Women's national teams in a friendly sudden death match.

Katase Higashihama Beach

Higashihama beach

Katase Higashihama beach

One of the many beaches that makes the region popular to young Tokyoites because of proximity to the capital, Katase Higashihama Beach is part of the small town of Fujisawa, bordering Kamakura. It is also the place where both Enoshima High School soccer teams train part-time in the process of practicing stronger and more daring moves without any fear. The specific area that was used as a setting in both The Next Knight in the Area and in the original story is the beach located east of the small bridge that goes south towards Enoshima Island.

Todoroki Athletics Stadium

Todoroki stadium

Bird's eye view of Todoroki Stadium

Todoroki Athletics Stadium is a multi-purpose stadium located in Todoroki Ryokuchi in Kawasaki, Japan. It is currently used mostly for soccer matches and is the home stadium of Kawasaki Frontale. Until the early 2000s, it also hosted major clubs in the city, such as Verdy Kawasaki (Tokyo Verdy), Toshiba (Consadole Sapporo) and NKK S.C.. The stadium holds 25,000 people and was built in 1962. The stadium hosted the 2007 IFAF World Championship Opening Match and Final. The closest train station is Musashi-Kosugi on the Tokyu-Toyoko line. There are bus routes to this station and special services on game days.

In chapter 23 of The Next Knight in the Area, Todoroki Stadium hosted the finals of the 2032 Women's Inter-High School Soccer Tournament.

Sakagami Apartments


Keiko and Saito's new apartment

Sakagami Apartments is a seven-story apartment building in Kamakura that was originally built in 1985 and renovated several times since. The building gets its name from the Sakagami Family, which has been passed down in the family since its construction. It is where Mito lives by the beginning of the story, and where Keiko, Saito and Yuki move to later on. Primarily targeted at housing students, Sakagami Apts is filled with students from nearby Middle Schools and High Schools, including from Enoshima High. The complex also houses University students from around Kamakura, elsewhere in Kanagawa, and the surrounding prefectures. More than a few grown adults live in the building as well. By The Next Knight in the Area II, Hiroki Aizawa and Saki Takasugi have both moved in as well.

While there are baths and showers in every room, there is also a public bath open to everyone on the ground floor. Also on the ground floor is a recreation room, a laundry room, and a fitness center/gym. Behind the building is a 25-meter long rectangular pool.

(Note: This location does not exist in real life.)

BC Place

BC Place

BC Place

The BC Place is a multipurpose stadium located in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. Originally opened in 1983 ahead of Expo 86 and renovated in 2011, the stadium holds a maximum capacity of 54,320 spectators. The current configuration of the stadium includes the World's largest cable supported retractable roof. The BC Place was also known as the Olympic Stadium during the 2010 Winter Olympics and as the venue of the 2014 Heritage Classic.

In Chapter 20, Nana had a flashback of when she lost the 2015 FIFA Women's World Cup for Nadeshiko Japan on the pitch of that stadium. Indeed, the 2015 World Cup final was hosted at the BC Place, where Japan came runners-up after a 5-2 defeat against the United States.

Tocumen International Airport

Tocumen International Airport (2012)

Tocumen International Airport (2012)

Tocumen International Airport is an international airport located 15 miles (24 km) away from Panama City. Inaugurated in 1947, the airport underwent 2 expansion and modernization phases between 2006 and 2012. In real life, the airport is currently going through a 3rd expansion and modernization phase. It is the largest and busiest airport in Central America by passenger traffic. In Chapter 32, it was the destination where the Nadeshiko Japan team landed ahead of their 2 friendly matches against Panama and Costa Rica.

Estadio Rommel Fernández

Estadio Rommel Fernández

Estadio Rommel Fernández

The Estadio Rommel Fernández is a multipurpose stadium located in Panama City. Originally built in 1970 to host the XI Central American and Caribbean Games, the stadium was remodeled in 2009 in its shape and facade. The stadium holds a capacity of 29,000 seats. Surrounding the pitch, a running track can also be found. In Chapters 33 and 34, it is the host stadium for 3 friendly matches involving Nadeshiko Japan, and the national women's teams of Panama and Costa Rica.

Tsurugaoka Hachiman-guu Shrine

Tsurugaoka Hachiman-gū main shrine

Tsurugaoka Hachiman-guu shrine

Tsurugaoka Hachiman-guu is the most important Shinto Shrine in the city of Kamakura. Located at the geographical and cultural center of the city, it is the venue of many important festivals, and hosts 2 museums.

In chapter 45, the Aizawas, the Shirayukis and their friends made their first visit of the New Year (Hatsumōde) at the shrine. As Keiko indicated, it is a shrine built to honor Hachiman (the Japanese syncretic tutelary god of warriors and divine protector of the Japanese people) and not Inari (the Japanese god of foxes, fertility, agriculture and industry, general prosperity and worldly success).

Stadion An der Alten Försterei

Stadion An der Alten Försterei

Stadion An der Alten Försterei

The Stadion An der Alten Försterei (litt. Stadium near the old Forester's house) is an association football stadium in Berlin, Germany. Hosting a capacity of 21,704 (League Matches), it is the home of 1. FC Union Berlin.

In the epilogue of The Next Knight in the Area, it is where Nadeshiko Japan played a friendly match against SF Frankfurt, in which Keiko and Nana played before rushing off to Charité hospital at half-time to be beside Kakeru, who was in the middle of a life-saving surgery.

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