This page is about the locations that are specific to the story in The Next Knight in the Area Little.

Tokyo Metropolitan Indoor Swimming Pool

Tokyo Metropolitan Indoor Swimming Pool

Tokyo Metropolitan Indoor Swimming Pool

The Tokyo Metropolitan Indoor Swimming Pool is an aquatics venue located in Shibuya, Tokyo.
Tokyo Metropolitan Indoor Swimming Pool (Water polo)

Water polo at the Tokyo Metropolitan Indoor Swimming Pool

It hosted the water polo tournament during the 1964 Summer Olympics, but it was constructed initially as the swimming venue for the 1958 Asian Games. It is part of the Tokyo Metropolitan Gymnasium complex, which sits close to Sendagaya Station and Kokuritsu-Kyōgijō Station.

The swimming facilities is heated for use all year long. There are 2 main pools: a 25 m pool with 6 lanes and a 50 m pool with 8 lanes. The pool is a venue of choice for clubs to practice all sorts of water sports, especially speed swimming. Before going off to Sweden for the Youth Olympics, it was where Saki trained almost every day.


Eriksdalsbadet is the
Eriksdalsbadet (Front door)

Eriksdalsbadet (Front door)

biggest swimming centre in
Eriksdalsbadet (25 m indoor swimming pool)

Eriksdalsbadet (25 m swimming pool)

Stockholm, Sweden. The outdoor pool was built for the 1962 European Aquatics Championships on the site of a former sewage treatment facility. The new Eriksdalsbadet was built in 1999 and was designed by architect Björn Thynberger.

It has:

  • 25 m swimming pool with a depth of mostly 2.5 m, but it varies due to a specially-constructed raisable floor. It hosts the FINA Swimming World Cup and Arena Diving Champions annually.
  • 50 m pool (Olympic size swimming pool) with a depth of 2.20 m at the edges and 2.60 m in the middle of the pool
  • 50 m outdoor pool
  • bubble pools
  • learning pool
  • "Lilla bassängen", the small pool, also with a raisable floor, most commonly 90 cm deep
  • diving tower with 3.5 m and 10 m high platforms
  • an adventure world for children

The water temperature is usually 27 degrees Celsius.

In the Next Knight in the Area Little, it hosts the swimming tournament for the 2034 Summer Youth Olympics.

Tele2 Arena

Tele2 arena exterior

Tele2 Arena (Exterior)

Tele2 Arena, is a multi-purpose stadium in Stockholm Globe City, located in Johanneshov, just south of Stockholm City
Tele2 Arena (Interior)

Tele2 Arena (Interior)

Centre, Sweden. It is used mostly for concerts and soccer matches, hosting the home matches of Allsvenskan team Djurgårdens IF and Superettan team Hammarby IF. The arena has a capacity of 30,000 to 33,000 spectators for soccer matches, depending on the number of people standing, and its facilities fulfill the requirements of FIFA and UEFA for hosting international games and tournaments. When configured in all-seater soccer for football matches, the arena has a capacity of 30,001.

In the Next Knight in the Area Little, Tele2 Arena was used as the venue for the majority of games for the Boys Soccer Tournament of the 2034 Summer Youth Olympic Games. According to the IOC rules which forbid all Olympic venues to hold names based on commercial organizations, the Tele2 Arena temporaily changed its name into its former official designation from the 2008-2012 period, the Stockholmsarenan.

Friends Arena

Friends Arena, the
Friends Arena (Stockholm)

Friends Arena (Interior)

football national arena of Sweden, is a retractable roof multi-purpose stadium located next to Råstasjön (eng. Lake Råsta) in Solna, just north of
Friends Arena (Exterior)

Bird's eye view of Friends Arena

Stockholm City Centre. The main tenants of the stadium are Sweden's national football team and Allsvenskan soccer club AIK. Both relocated from their previous home at the Råsunda Stadium. The venue has a total capacity of 65,000 at concerts and 50,000 seated at soccer matches, but the stadium can be scaled down to accomplish a more intimate setting to host smaller events with a capacity of approximately 20,000 guests. Friends Arena is the biggest soccer stadium, and indoor venue, in the Nordic countries.

In the Next Knight in the Area Little, Friends Arena hosted the Finals of the Boys Soccer Tournament of the 2034 Summer Youth Olympic Games. Because the stadium was named after a nonprofit organization against school bullying, the Friends Arena was allowed to keep its name unlike the other venue for soccer matches, the Tele2 Arena.

Grand Hôtel (Stockholm)

Grand Hôtel (Stockholm)

Grand Hôtel (Stockholm)

Grand Hôtel is a 5-star hotel is Stockholm, Sweden. Founded by Frenchman Jean-François Régis Cadier in 1872 and opened in 1874, the Grand Hôtel is located next to the National Museum and opposite the Royal Palace. The hotel is a member of the Leading Hotels of the World luxury hospitality consortium, and features: 300 rooms and 31 suites, 24 banquet and conference rooms, two restaurants, a bar and a spa. In the story, it is the place where the Japanese Boys' Soccer Olympic Team, along with the rest of Japan's representative athletes, stayed for the duration of the Youth Olympics.