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Saki's Trial

July 26th, 2034;

It's been a week since summer vacation started. Saki was at home following a day of training with the Youth Olympic Swimming Team in Tokyo. However, having not seen Hiroki since Saturday, partly due to different training schedules, mostly due to embarrassment from doing something losing her virginity with him, Saki couldn't keep herself from getting aroused at the very thought of him.

"Hiroki-kun. Hiroki-kun." Saki, naked from the waist down and on all fours, said to herself as she masturbated to a picture of Hiroki. As she kept running though that night, along with every single feeling, in her head, Saki finally climaxed and collapsed "This is the fourth time this week. When did I become such a perv?" Saki asked herself. Just then, Hiroki's face flashed though her head, she got hot again, and she buried her face in her pillow "I just **** and I get like this again just from thinking of him." Saki got up and stood near her desk "Hiroki-kun's **** did feel good. Could it be I wanna do it again? No, no, no, no! I mustn't think like that, Youth Olympics are right around the corner, and I can't afford to get pregnant accidentally!"

"Saki, what's all the noise... for...?" Saki's mom walked in and saw her daughter was half naked

"MOM! Knock first!" Saki exclaimed, covering her private parts and turning away.

"Sorry." Mrs. Takasugi replied, closing the door

Deciding to go for a jog to clear her head, Saki put on her tracksuit and ran out into the mid-summer evening, the western sky dark-orange. As Saki ran past the school she stopped when she noticed something strange; The lights in one of the third-floor classrooms were on.

"Who would be here this late? And while there's no school? The janitors?" Saki asked in thought. Saki could also have sworn she saw some shadows from that room, but was not curious enough to investigate. Continuing her jog, she just passed it by.

The next day, Thursday July 27th;

Her swimsuit, towel, swim cap and goggles packed, Saki prepared to venture to Tokyo for another day of Olympic training

"I'll be back." Saki called as she put her shoes on

"Be careful." her other called back

Saki stepped out the door, but as soon as she put a hand on the gate, she noticed a familiar woman leaning against the nearby wall. Her "step-sister" Yukita Sagami

"Hiya." said Yukita

"Yukita." Saki replied indifferently as she closed the gate again and set off

"C'mon, don't just ignore me." said Yukita, following Saki

"After what you nearly did to me?"

"That was two years ago! I shouldn't have done that, but I wasn't in my right mind at the time."

"That's no excuse!"

"C'mon, can't we at least try to act like sisters?" Yukita asked

"My dad might have married your mom, but you are not my sister!"

"Oh c'mon! I can be a decent person. I can be a good sister if you'll just let me."

"Please." Saki said sarcastically "I have an established career as a swimmer, a boyfriend who loves me, what more could I need? I don't need you."

"Congratulations on getting onto the team for the Youth Olympics."

"I don't need your congratulations."

"And when you said 'boyfriend', were you talking about that Aizawa boy who can barely talk to you?"

"You don't know anything about him!" Saki snapped

"I know he's too much of a coward to lay a hand on you." Yukita replied

"Shows what you know. I'll have you know we've done erotic stuff together already." Saki said proudly

"You lost your virginity already!"

"I won't admit it nor deny it, so I'll leave that to your imagination."

"I'll give you credit, you're bolder than I thought you were."

"Arigato." Saki replied sarcastically

"Takasugi!" said a familiar voice. It was Reika Aoyagi, Saki's classmate "Off to training?"

"I am, Aoyagi-san."

"Who's that?" Reika asked

"Nobody." Saki replied

"I'm her big sister!" Yukita exclaimed indignantly

"Eh? But you two don't look alike at all!" said Reika

"She's my dad's step-daughter." Saki clarified

"Oh! Anyway, I've heard you've been getting closer to Aizawa-kun."

"So? He is my boyfriend."

"So... I was thinking I could help you gain some confidence and experience."

"If you're organizing an orgy, I'll pass."

"No, no, nothing like that. But seriously, boys like experienced girls."

"Hiroki-kun and I are going to gain experience together."

"(hm, hm, hm) I should also say that boys like 'em big, but you've got that covered, D-cup."

"Can I help it if my breasts got so big?!"

"With those jugs, I'm amazed you can swim at Olympic level." said Yukita

"Quite you! My best time for the 100m is 1:05!"

"You're kidding!"

"You may also want to consider growing your hair out." Reika continued "Boys like long hair too. And needless to say, if it weren't or those breasts, you'd be mistaken for a boy."

"Long hair will just weigh me down as a swimmer." Saki replied, causing Yukita to examine her moderately long locks "Besides, Hiroki-kun likes my hair short."

"Anyhow, If you change your mind about getting experience, come to the school after dark on a weekday." Aoyagi walked off at that

"Something feels off about that girl." said Yukita

"Like you're one to talk." Saki replied

Less than a half-hour later, Saki arrived at the training pool, the Tokyo Metropolitan Indoor Swimming Pool. In addition to Saki, there were four other girls, each a prodigy with every stroke. Maki Sakonji (14yrs old, Freestyle), Sayaka Inugami, (14yrs old, Backstroke), Omi Hashimoto (15yrs old, Butterfly) and Kana Kitagawa (15yrs old, Breaststroke). There were also five boys going as well.

"Saki-chan, you're almost late." said Omi once Saki arrived in the girls' locker room

"Sorry, Hashimoto-san. I had to shake off a nuisance." said Saki as she opened her locker. As she started changing, she noticed Kana was in a daze of sorts. "What's wrong with Kana-chan?"

"She still can't believe she's not dreaming." said Sayaka, who was already halfway changed into her racerback "Honestly, Kitagawa, if you don't shape up, we're never going to get through the relay!"

"I'm taking this very seriously!" said Kana

"Ladies." Called the girls' coach "Hurry up so we can start."

"Yes, coach." the girls chorused

"Where's Sakonji-san?" Saki asked

"She had an engagement she couldn't reschedule. At least that was her excuse." said Sayaka as she slipped on her racerback shoulder-straps "That irresponsible cousin of mine."

Saki had just stripped off her underwear when Omi grabbed her breasts from behind "I'm a B-cup, so I'm jealous!" said Omi as she fondled Saki

"Will you stop that, Hashimoto-san?!" Saki pleaded

"I will if you call me by my first name."

"Alright, alright... Omi-chan."

"Thank you." Omi replied releasing Saki "I forgot, those breasts are for that boyfriend of yours."

"Will you not tease me?!"

"You're dating that boy who's playing as the starting keeper for the boys soccer team, Hiroki Aizawa-kun, right?" Sayaka asked as Saki slipped into her swimsuit

"The same." said Saki

"How's it going with him?" Kana asked

"That's our business."

"HURRY UP, LADIES!" the girls' coach yelled

The four of them finished changing in a hurry and ran out to the pool, where the boys were already stretching

"Your four start stretching and prepare for relay practice." said the girls' coach

"Yes, coach." the girls chorused

"Where's Sakonji, Inugami?"

Sayaka walked over to the coach and placed a piece of paper in her hand "Call her and ask her yourself." Sayaka replied before going over to help Kana stretch

Saki sat down and spread her legs, and Omi prepared to push her, but Saki could sense Omi's hands reaching for her breasts again "Don't even think about it, there are boys over there." Omi instead put her hand below Saki's neck and pushed her down as Saki reached for either of her ankles "Why does Sakonji-san always cut it like this?" Saki asked in thought "We are representing Japan, she should be a little more punctual and not neglect her training."

At that moment, just as the coach started dialing Maki's number, Maki herself walked in.

"Sorry I'm late." said Maki, bursting into the room loudly "I had make-up classes to finish."

"Don't start lying," said Sayaka, abandoning Kana and marching up to her cousin's face "While no one can deny you're dumb, I know for a fact that you got good enough grades to not need make-up classes."

"Way to spoil it, Saya-chan."

"Why were you late?!" Sayaka demanded

"Alright, it was my boyfriend. We just felt like screwing."

"Screw?!" the boys chorused

"Get ready for relay practice, boys!" said the men's coach before turning to Maki "Sakonji-kun, be a little more serious about swimming. We're representing Japan in Youth Olympics in Stockholm."

"Hai, Hai."

Maki left to change, while the rest of the girls got in line to start relay practice. Sayaka, being a backstroke practitioner, went first. When the coach blew her whistle, Sayaka threw herself backwards from the starting block with such grace that Saki couldn't help but be amazed. Even though she saw it almost everyday, she was awed every time. Sayaka completed her 100m in just 0:52.52 seconds, Kana then dived in, not as gracefully as Sayaka, and swam her breaststroke. It took Kana 1:24.32 seconds, then Omi dived in for the Butterfly. Omi came back to the starting block after 1:00.02 seconds. Finally, Saki dived in, and swam the front crawl. Saki turned with ease at the end of 50m and swam back to the block, Saki's final time was 1:05.01 seconds.

"That's 4:21.87 seconds, girls." said the girls' coach "Not bad."

"But we can do better." said Sayaka

"Hai." Omi, Kana and Saki chorused

"What the hell was that?!" The boy's coach asked the boys "5:23.78?! Are you boys snails?!"

"Is it over already?" Maki asked, coming back into the room

"We're doing the relay again, this time with you doing the anchor." said Sayaka

"I guess coach didn't tell you."

"Tell us what?" Omi asked

"Sakonji will be participating in the individual medley." said the girls' coach "As well as some of the freestyle events. However, Sakonji, you will practice with the team for the slim possibility that Takasugi might not be able to participate. Stretch for a bit while they run this once more. And another thing, as for who will participate in the mixed events, that's yet to be decided, but prepare for it."

The main team ran the relay again, this time achieving a slightly better time of 4:16.42, then Saki stepped aside to allow Maki to practice as well. After two heats, during which the time was no better then 4:20, they broke into their individual strokes.

Saki had just finished her third 100m when she found the girls' coach standing over her at the starting block "Guess what, Takasugi."

"Did I drop speed too much?" Saki asked "I was sure I was doing better that time."

"You did. That last 100m, you beat your best time." the coach told her, showing Saki her stopwatch, which showed 59.56 seconds "Keep this up and you're definitely getting the gold."

"Waydda go, Saki-chan!" called a voice in the stands. It was Yukita.

"Who's that?" the coach asked

"My 'step-sister'. Ignore her."

Saki and her teammates continued training until well into the afternoon. By about 5:00, they were dismissed for the day.

"See ya tomorrow." Kana called to Saki as Saki and Yukita boarded the train to Kamakura

"Nice bunch of friends ya got." said Yukita as the train started moving "Maybe getting the gold isn't a dream after all."

"Oh, I'll try." Saki replied "But some of the best young swimmers in the world aren't even from this country. I'll have more than a bit of competition in Stockholm. And don't come to our training sessions again."

"Alright fine. But you can't stop me from coming to Stockholm to watch the Youth Olympics this August. Step-Daddy already gave me the funds to go."

Saki scoffed.

Saki and Yukita separated at Kamakura station, but Saki didn't feel like going home yet, so she texted her mother to tell her that she would be out later.

Once she sat down in a park near the school, she contemplated her improvement today. "I beat my best 100m time today." Saki thought "But the relay still needs to be a bit faster, and I need to work on my 200m time as well." Saki laid her head back on the bench, her exhaustion taking over, she fell asleep. In what felt like seconds, she jerked awake again, but looking at the clock on her phone showed that it was 7:12. She had been asleep for two hours.

She felt it was time to go home and got up, but noticed that a classroom in the school had its lights on. Remembering what Reika told her this morning, Saki finally got curious and decided to check it out.

After passing through the unlocked gate and changing her shoes, she made her way to the classroom that had it's lights on. Just as she neared it, she heard a bunch of female voices coming from it.

"Can we hurry it up, I'm getting anxious." said one voice

"Just be patient, we need to get this thing up." said a voice Saki recognized as Reika Aoyagi

Saki silently peered into the room and saw a disturbing scene. No more than four girls, including Reika, were standing, naked from the waist down, around a fifth girl, bound to a chair and completely naked, Saki recognized as a classmate of hers, Anzu Hamaguchi. But what really disturbed Saki was Anzu's bare crotch. Right there, being stroked by Reika was a *****. Saki's first impression was that Anzu was really a boy, but that wasn't right. Saki could see from there that Anzu didn't have a scrotum and a vagina was clearly visible, and her breasts were clearly real too. Unable to watch anymore, Saki opened the door and barged in on them "What's going on here?!" Saki exclaimed

"Huh? Takasugi, glad you could join us." said Reika before turning to the closest girl "It's big enough, go ahead."

"What's going on?" Saki repeated as one of the girls sat on Anzu's lap

"Remember what I said about getting some experience?" Saki nodded "This is what I was talking about."

The girl on Anzu, whose ***** was already wet, moved around a bit an put Anzu's "*****" in herself.

"Please, stop!" Anzu pleaded as the girl on her started moving

"But this feels good, doesn't it?" said the girl, who was clearly enjoying herself

"I don't get it." said Saki "Is Anzu-chan a boy or a girl?"

"It's neither." said Reika "It's a futanari. It's not even human."


"With it, we can have sex all we want without worrying about getting pregnant. And get some experience before we do it with our men."

"You really shouldn't call her 'it'." said Saki

"Why not. A girl having a man's thing is just disgusting. If it can't be defined as a boy or girl, it clearly isn't human." said Reika

At that moment, Anzu moaned loudly and the girl on her stopped moving. Anzu just climaxed.

"That was great." said the girl, getting off Anzu at last "And it's still big and hard. Who's next?"

"Let's have Takasugi lose her virginity." said Reika, and the other girls nodded in agreement

Reika pushed Saki forward and Saki got a better look at Anzu's face. Anzu was clearly terrified. Instead of removing her pants, Saki opened her bag. Anzu, closed her eyes, prepared for the worst, until she felt something else on her lap. Anzu opened her eyes and saw that Saki had placed her towel over her lap, covering her indecency. Saki then turned back to the girls who were abusing Anzu.

"A person isn't human just because they can't be clearly defined as a boy or a girl? Like hell!" said Saki, clear anger in her voice "Anzu is a person just like us, and doesn't deserve your treatment just because she's different! You all make me sick. You should be ashamed of yourselves!"

Saki untied Anzu and helped her get her clothes on while the others just watched in shock. Saki then marched Anzu out of the room with her hands on her shoulders. Saki then brought Anzu to the park she was in twenty minutes before so they could talk.

"Um... thank you." said Anzu once they were seated on the bench

"Don't mention it." Saki replied "So... are you a boy or a girl? And how long has that been going on?"

"I'm what's called a Hermaphrodite, but I consider myself a girl. I mean, despite my... appendage... I can still get pregnant and the like."

"Fair enough."

"As for how long that's happening... I've been doing my best to hide it my whole life, but I slipped up last May and those girls found out. They promised not to tell under the condition that I do what they said. But that's over now. When school starts again, I'm sure the whole school will know. I'll be ridiculed by boys and girls alike."

"No you won't. They're not gonna tell anybody."

"What do you mean?" Anzu inquired

"I looked her in the eye and made it clear to her: Aoyagi could tell everyone what you are, but if she doesn't want me to blab about what she did to you, she's gonna keep quiet."

"Thanks again, Takasugi-san."



"You can call me Saki, Anzu-chan."

"Saki-chan!" Anzu squealed, hugging Saki around the neck

"Hey! Don't suffocate me, I have to get up early for training tomorrow."

From then on Saki made a new friend in Anzu.

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