One year after Kakeru's retirement following the surgery that saved his life, life has returned to normal. At least, as normal as it is for the Aizawa family and their friends, and the summer of 2034 is going to be big for the 14-year-old eldest son, Hiroki. After putting in more effort than he will openly admit, Hiroki has earned the right to represent Japan in the boys' Soccer Tournament at the 2034 Summer Youth Olympics in Stockholm, Sweden. Going with him is his girlfriend Saki, who will be representing Japan with the swimmers. Will these two make names for themselves and earn the gold?


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"My name is Hiroki Aizawa. I'm Kakeru and Nana's eldest son. After putting in so much hard work, my girlfriend, Saki, and I have been chosen to represent Japan at the 2034 Summer Youth Olympics, in Swimming and Soccer respectively. It is my first time taking part in such a large competition, and I truly feel honored to be able to participate at all. I must admit I'm nervous, and I worry that I may mess up from it. But my family, especially my big sister Keiko, urges me to be confident and to show the world what an Aizawa can do, even if I am a Keeper. Now if only I had the confidence and courage to make a move on my girlfriend as well." - Hiroki Aizawa


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Note: Yet to be written chapter names and order are subject to frequent change.

  1. Naïve Youth
  2. Saki's Trial
  3. First Day in Sweden
  4. Rivals
  5. Opening Ceremony
  6. Swimming Tournament: Day 2
  7. Japan vs. Cameroon
  8. Japan vs. Uruguay
  9. (Title Coming soon...)
  10. (Title Coming soon...)
  11. (Title Coming soon...)
  12. (Title Coming soon...)
  13. (Title Coming soon...)
  14. (Title Coming soon...)
  15. (Title Coming soon...)

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The silence standing between us,
has at last, been broken down,
It's disappeared for the sake of,
Both our fates to interweave.

And though you show all your misery,
in your eyes and wounded frown,
I see, beauty, deep down that'll never leave you.

I know that your soul is just like a daisy about to bloom.
Just look deep inside you and you'll see it grow,
I know.

Look straight ahead to erase all your sins and woes,
Just keep trying more, you'll find the door
Before the start line.

Come take my hand, and let's make a new tomorrow,
We'll both find our way through another day
Over the start line.

I'll never say goodbye, cause I'll never leave you.

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  • This is purely a work of fan-made fiction. Any resemblance to real people, organizations, or other works of fiction (e.g. character names), other than from the Canon Area no Kishi, unless purposely named, are purely coincidental.
  • Main Characters, Hiroki Aizawa and Saki Takasugi, are now 14.
  • This story takes place before, during and after the 2034 Summer Youth Olympics.
    • While the 2034 Youth Olympics in this story takes place in Stockholm, Sweden, the location for the real thing has yet to be determined.


  • Though the text is in English, to the characters of the story almost everyone is speaking in Japanese
    • Quotes when someone is speaking in English will be in bold.
    • Quotes when someone is speaking in a language, other than English or Japanese, will be in one of these two formats:

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