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A Family Matter

Saturday July 5th,

Almost a week since the conclusion of the Olympic trials, Keiko's week-long break was quickly coming to an end. With college classes over for today, Keiko was currently busy at a photo-shoot.

"That's it, work it, work it." said the Photographer as he snapped pictures while Keiko moved around, wearing a bikini from a newly formed brand "Nice."

"Okay, take five." said Itaru Shirayuki, one of Keiko's managers and Saito's cousin "Kaede-chan, you're next. Stand by."

"Yeah, Boss." said Kaede, Keiko's fellow gravure idol, in a Kansai dialect

"Of all the things, why swimwear?" Keiko asked as she put on a robe over the swimsuit

"'Cause this new bran' wants ta make a splash this summer!" Kaede exclaimed happily, throwing aside her robe, revealing another bikini

"A splash, huh. Ha-ha, really amusing." Keiko replied almost in monotone

"Oh, c'mon, Kei-kei-chan, ya gotta get inta it or ya won't have any fun."

"Who said I was doing this for fun?"

As Keiko made for the dressing room to switch to her next swimsuit, she caught a conversation between Itaru and Fujibayashi.

"How 'bout this one next?" Itaru said "I'm sure my cousin would like to see that."

"It's so much more revealing, Saito-kun's not the only one who would like that." said Fujibayashi "Microkinis are the way to go!"

"Ho-ho~" said Keiko, getting their startled attention "Let's hear this in a bit more detail." Keiko said in a dangerous voice. "Need I remind you what happens if you go too far?" Itaru and Fujibayashi both gave Keiko terrified looks.

In the break room later after the shoot had finished

"Honestly, those perverts." Keiko said irritably. "Itaru-san's just a bad as Saito."

"Don' leddit get ta ya." said Kaede, sipping a cup of tea "Sometimes ya hafta show ya skin ta git attention."

"Must you speak in that accent?" Keiko inquired

"Kansai's me heritage. Kansai's me homeland. I feel no shame in me dialect."

"I guess that's why you have no shame at all. You exhibitionist."

"Arigato. Must be why gravure is perfect for me. Anyhow, ya gonna be busy startin' Monday?" Kaede inquired

"Very. The Olympics are just a month away."

"Good luck." Kaede said, raising her glass,

"Arigato. We'll need it." Keiko replied bumping it with her own cup of tea. Just then, Keiko's phone rang, and the Caller ID showed "Mom" "What's Mom calling me for?" Keiko asked as she answered it "Moshimoshi?"

"Hey, Keiko. Sorry to bother you at work."

"That's okay, we just finished for the day."

"In that case, can I ask you a favor?"

"Sure, what is it?"

"I got a call from Kamakura Middle asking me to come. I don't know the details, but it seems Koichi somehow got into a spot of trouble. But I'm busy right now, and your father is also tied up at the moment. Can I ask you to go in our stead?"

"Sure, no problem."

"Nana Aizawa-san, sensei will see you now." said another voice over the line

"Mom, who was that?" Keiko asked

"It's no one. Give my regards to Principal Ariyoshi for me." said Nana, hanging up a second later

"What's tha' 'bout?" Kaede inquired when Keiko put her phone away.

"Never you mind, just family business." Keiko replied

Once she was free to go, Keiko got in the car she recently rented and drove to Kamakura Middle School

"Brings back memories." Keiko said to herself after parking "Even though I didn't have a good middle school career, after all this time I can finally look back at them with fondness."

It didn't take long for Keiko to find the Principal's office. Since Saturday was only a half-day of class, the school was mostly empty now. Once she found the office, she found Principal Hakaru Ariyoshi, Vice-Principal Iemon Makishima, both of whom were here in Keiko's middle school days, and sitting near the wall was a blond short-haired woman only a couple years older than Keiko, whom Keiko could only assume was Koichi's homeroom teacher. And sitting in front of the Principal's desk was Koichi.

"Konnichi'wa." said Keiko when she walked in

"Keiko Aizawa-san?" said Principal Ariyoshi when Keiko closed the door and sat down "It's been too long. But we were expecting your mother."

"Mother and Father are busy right now, so I'm here instead."

"I suppose having the eldest sibling is the next best thing." said Vice-principal Makishima. Keiko tried to catch Koichi's eye, but her brother was avoiding her gaze "I don't believe you've met Koichi-kun's homeroom teacher, Sakae Kajikawa-sensei (栄 梶川). She's teaches Japanese, and is the advisor for our school's Ogura Hyakunin Isshu Karuta Club. She's 21 and just became a teacher here a year ago."

"She became a teacher at 20? Impressive." said Keiko

"It's not that uncommon." said Ariyoshi

Keiko tried to get Koichi's eye again, but he was still looking the other way. Keiko decided to get to the point at last "Has Koichi done something wrong?"

"It wasn't until recently that we knew anything about it." said Makishima "It all started midway through last year, when rumors that one of our new teachers was having an affair with one of the students. We don't know how they even got started, so for the longest time, since there was no proof, we dismissed them as unfounded rumors. However, recently..." Makishima looked from Kajikawa-sensei to Koichi uncertainly

"Go ahead and tell her. It's not like she'll care." Koichi said suddenly

"What's that supposed to mean?" Keiko asked, but Koichi didn't answer

"(sigh) Fine." said Makishima "We recently discovered that the rumors weren't only true, but Kajikawa-sensei and Koichi were the ones."

"How do you know it was them?" Keiko inquired

"Because the school nurse was in on it." said Ariyoshi "Two days ago, Vice-Principal Makishima went to infirmary, after getting hit in the head by a stray baseball, and found a recorder hidden in the infirmary. After questioning the nurse, Arinaga-sensei, she allowed us to look at her laptop, and there we found this." Principal Ariyoshi opened the said laptop and opened a file containing footage of Koichi and Kajikawa-sensei, undoubtedly having consensual sex "As you can see, the evidence is... undeniable."

Keiko gave Kajikawa-sensei a look of deepest disgust before turning to Principal Ariyoshi "Does anyone else know of this?"

"No. We've kept it under wraps, and we plan to keep it that way. But Koichi-kun and Kajikawa-sensei won't speak in their defense."

"There's, unfortunately, more." said Makishima

"What do you mean 'more'?" Keiko inquired. Makishima hesitated and sighed, but Keiko, with slight disbelief, understood. "No."

Makishima pulled out some more papers and handed them to Keiko. "The same day I found that recorder, Kajikawa-sensei was out getting these. Those papers reveal that, not only is she three months pregnant, but the paternity test she also took reveals that Koichi-kun is the father."

The meeting was over. Keiko, still in shock and disbelief, took Koichi out of the school by the arm. Once she had him in the passenger side of her rental car, Keiko laid her head on the steering wheel, trying to sort out her thoughts.

"You gonna tell Mom and Dad?" Koichi asked, but Keiko didn't answer "I never expected this to happen. I thought we were being careful, I swear." Still Keiko didn't say anything "Onee-chan, say some-" Keiko slapped Koichi on the face

"YOU IDIOT! A 13-year-old middle school boy in a relationship with a 21-year-old teacher? Expecting a child on top of that." Keiko said, her voice filled with suppressed fury "Our parents are going to have a fit." Keiko said as she dialed Hiroki.

Keiko told Hiroki to come back to the Aizawa house so the six of them could discuss this as a family, however messed up it was becoming.

"Is this really true?" Kakeru asked once Keiko finished telling them everything. Hiroki and Ryo were shaking their heads in disbelief. Nana was looking thunderstruck. Soichi was upstairs, due to this being a family matter "Koichi's been in an illicit relationship with a teacher, and got her pregnant."

"Koichi, why were you in this relationship in the first place?" Nana asked, but Koichi didn't answer "Koichi!"

"Little brother, if you don't want us to be mad, you're gonna have to explain yourself so we understand." said Keiko

"What do you care?" Koichi finally said

"What?" Hiroki and Ryo said together

"I said 'what do you care?'!" Koichi shouted "After all this time, you're finally interested in my life?!"

"First, watch your tone when you're talking to your elders. Second, what do you mean by that?" Kakeru asked

"All my life, I've been left out of pretty much everything. All my life you've all been so focused on your own lives and careers you completely ignored and forgot about me. I've felt like a shadow! First Keiko moved out, then when baby brother Yusha was born, I was never permitted within two feet of him!"

"That's not true." said Ryo

"Actually, in the three years since Yusha was born, I don't recall Koichi being close to him." said Hiroki

"Then Onii-chan moved out, then before I could get used to it, Ryo brought in someone to take his place!"

"Take my place?" Hiroki asked Ryo, who shrugged

"Almost everything you do, you do without consulting me. I'm always sitting in the shadows, like no one knows I'm there! None of you ever even came to my matches either. Did any of you know that my team won the district middle school tournament this year or last year?" this true statement sent a shiver of guilt through the room "But Sakae-sensei wasn't like that. She held me close and made be feel warm. She actually made me feel like I wasn't just a shadow."

"You're not a shadow. You're our brother." Keiko said desperately.

"Well you have done a fine job treating me like one." Koichi got up and ran to his room, everyone was too shocked by Koichi's outburst to stop him

"I'm a failure as a mother." said Nana once Koichi was gone

"Koichi's totally right." said Keiko, guilt surging through her heart "We've been so focused on our own things that we completely forgot about him."

"What are we going to do now?" Kakeru asked just as the doorbell rang

Keiko went to answer it. On the other side of the door was Sakae Kajikawa "Konnichi'wa, Aizawa-san." said Kajikawa "Can I come in?"

"No!" replied Keiko before she shut the door on Sakae. However, the doorbell kept ringing, forcing Keiko to open the door again "Now, what do you want?"

"Please, I need to explain myself. Not just for my own sake, but for everyone's." Sakae begged

Keiko gave Sakae a deeply distrustful look, but let her in and led her to the living room.

"This is Sakae Kajikawa." Keiko introduced as they sat down at the table

"Well, well, well, if it isn't the ***** in heat who seduced my youngest son." Nana said malevolently, making Sakae flinch

"Uh, Nana," said Kakeru "it's clear you're angry, I am too, but try to..." Nana gave Kakeru a silencing glare

"Gomen'nasai." Sakae whimpered, lowering her head "I'm sorry you had to fight... with Koichi-kun... because of me. I can never apologize deeply enough."

Sakae started to tear up. Seeing at Sakae like this, Keiko felt a bit of her anger abate, and looking over at her parents, it seemed that they felt the same. But at the same time, she could tell it was limited.

"(sigh) Are you really pregnant with Koichi's child?" Nana asked, her voice filled with a brittle forced calm.

Sakae nodded and said "Three months."

"(sigh) Hiroki or the girls would've been different since they're older, but this...."

"Hey! You mean you would've reacted differently if Saki-chan, Kei-nee or I were pregnant?!" Ryo exclaimed

"I don't know. I just meant that you are all quite older now and thus closer to full adulthood. Keiko would even be regarded as a full adult in most countries."

"I hope you all've been acting in moderation." said Keiko

"Whaaaa....?! We're getting ready for the Olympics, for crying out loud. At any rate, Soichi-kun and have never-" Ryo stopped talking and turned away embarrassed

"Hiroki?" Kakeru inquired

"(sigh) Saki-chan and I have done it before." Hiroki admitted "But that last time was nearly a year ago."

"Even though they're living together now?" Keiko thought "It's good they've restrained themselves, but I can't help but feel 'how pathetic'. Wait, is it possible he's lying? Maybe I'll ask Saki later. In the meantime...." Keiko turned back to Sakae "Why did you seduce my brother?"

"It was never my intention, I swear." Sakae replied pleadingly "I'm not even sure how it happened. I know I crossed the line. I'm an adult and should know better, but I still...."

"Then start from the beginning." Kakeru demanded this time

"(sigh) It all started last year, when I became Koichi's homeroom teacher. I was originally supposed to be an assistant teacher, but the real one suddenly quit due to health issues. After school one day, after clubs went home for the day, I went back to pick up something I forgot and found Koichi-kun sitting at his desk, staring out the window. When I asked him why he hadn't gone home yet, he simply said he didn't want to. He looked so lonely, so I sat down with him and we got to talking. Everything after went by so fast. Before we knew it, we started seeing each other in secret at school, and occasionally outside. We started with simple lunch dates, but as time went on we got bolder, did some things that were a bit.... Anyway, I know I shouldn't have, I knew it was was taboo. But.... I...."

"You fell in love with him." said Nana, and Sakae nodded

"Shotacon." said Ryo

"Hebephile!" Keiko called Sakae, even more harshly

"It's not like that!" Sakae exclaimed

"But you did end up having sex with him, and now you're pregnant." said Nana

"Sumimasen!" Sakae cried

"(sigh) So, what're you gonna do?" Nana inquired, and Sakae only replied with a blank look "I mean, are going to give birth to it. Circumstances aside, the child you're carrying is Koichi's child, which makes it my and Kakeru's grandchild."

"I... I don't know." said Sakae "I didn't plan this, I don't even know if I had any intention of telling Koichi-kun."

"What were you planning to do? Go someplace far away and have the baby without telling Koichi?" Keiko suggested "Do you have any idea how Koichi would feel? What about your family? Do they know?"

"I haven't seen or spoken to my parents since I was fourteen."

"(sigh) Then you have your own issues." said Keiko under her breath

There was a long pause, during which, Keiko could see Sakae doing some serious thinking

"Can I talk to Koichi-kun?" Sakae asked

"Upstairs, turn right, second door on the left." Nana said instantly

Sakae got up, bowed respectfully, and left the room.

"Didn't need to think about that much." said Ryo

"No matter how angry we are, it's a decision between them." said Keiko, and her parents nodded

Almost a half-hour passed in silence before Koichi and Sakae came back downstairs

"Well?" Kakeru said when Koichi and Sakae sat down

"We've talked it over." said Sakae "First of all, we both apologize for causing so much trouble."

"As you should be." said Nana

Sakae looked uncomfortable, but continued "We've decided that.... I'll give birth to Koichi-kun's baby."

There was a silence, and then "Looks like we'll be seeing our first grandchild earlier than predicted." Kakeru said to Nana, who nodded

"Excuse me, what do you mean 'predicted'?" Keiko asked

"Yusha aside, we always thought that you'd be the first among you four to have a kid." said Nana


Koichi cleared his throat to get their attention again "There's more. Four and a half years from now... after I turn eighteen... we wish to be married."

"Saw that coming." said Keiko

"(sigh) After you turn eighteen. No sooner." Kakeru said firmly, to which Koichi and Sakae both bowed

"This family just keeps growing faster then we thought." said Keiko, to which Hiroki and Ryo both nodded. "Sakae-san."


"My fiancé's mother is an Obstetrician and Gynecologist. Since you'll be having our family's next member, I'll introduce you at a later date."


"Don't thank me. Keep in mind, though I have no right or authority to stop you and Koichi, I still haven't accepted this."

"I understand."

Without another word, Keiko and Hiroki left the house.

"Did you have to say that to her?" Hiroki asked as they got in Keiko's rental car

"She wants me to accept her, she'll have to earn it and nothing short of it."

Keiko and Hiroki went their separate ways at Sakagami. When got back to her room, she found Saito waiting for her and filled him in.

"Koichi-kun's got guts." Saito said when they laid down in bed later that evening

"'Guts' is not the word I'd use." Keiko replied "I think 'reckless' is more the word."

"Like brother like sister."

"Can it."

A few hours later, Keiko, unable to sleep, got up from the bed without waking Saito and went onto the balcony for some air.

"I can't believe Koichi got himself into something like this." Keiko thought as the night breeze rippled her nightdress "Okay, it's partially my fault for not looking at him often enough. But the way I see it, all he really wanted was attention, but he head to throw himself into the arms of a woman seven years older than him. And he's about to become a father as a result. (grrgh) This is making me...." Keiko went back inside, slipped off her panties, then carefully pulled of Saito's pants. Saito, still asleep, was currently having a NPT, and Keiko made herself wet before putting the standing member inside her. "I can't believe it's been over two months since I felt this." Keiko thought as she moved.

Saito woke up within a minute after Keiko started

"K-Keiko?! What're you-"

"Shut up. And *** inside me. You wanna be a father too right?"

"But you're getting ready for the Olympics and..."

"Shut up! My womb is yours! Give me your baby!" Keiko went faster, and then both climaxed.

A short while later, after cleaning up, Keiko calmed down.

"I almost forgot how good it feels when we do it without a rubber. You're as reckless as ever, but your period's due in few days. Hence it's way out of your fertile window and you can't get pregnant now, you know." said Saito, his arm around Keiko

"How do you know that?"

"How long have we been together?"

"(sigh) I'm sorry. I guess part of me was a bit... jealous." Keiko admitted


"Jealous of Koichi and Sakae-san. Koichi found solace in someone else instead of speaking up. We're not mind readers ya'know."


"Nevertheless, she gave Koichi the attention and love we failed to give him when we started focusing on our own lives."

"And then there's the fact he's going to be a father." said Saito

"I guess some part of me always believed that I would be the first one to have a child. Does that make me a bit conceited?" Keiko asked



Sunday July 6th

Later that morning, Nana tracked down Sakae's home address, which turned out to be a small, rather old, two-story apartment complex, to have a one-on-one talk with her.

"How long am I to wait?" asked the taxi driver

"About an hour, maybe two." Nana replied before going up to the second floor "Here we are." Nana said to herself as she rang the doorbell of room 202

"Coming." said Sakae's voice from within. Sakae, with only a towel around herself due to taking a shower, opened the door a second later "Aizawa-san?!"

"You really shouldn't open the door with only a towel around yourself." said Nana


"Anyway, sorry for the early hour, but we need to talk."

Sakae let Nana in. While Sakae got dressed, Nana looked around Sakae's apartment, which was mostly one room, with a bathroom and a small kitchen at the entrance, and a small balcony that could only be sat on. On one side of the room was Sakae's bed and on the other was a dresser with a large mirror beside it. In the middle of the room was a coffee table. All around were teaching materials, all of which were a bit worn. Nana also noticed a deck of Ogura Hyakunin Isshu karuta cards, along with several notebooks dedicated to the game. These were also a bit worn. But a few newer papers related to pregnancy were on the coffee table.

"You've been living here awhile." Nana commented as Sakae emerged from the bathroom fully dressed, yet still drying her hair

"I got this place when I entered high school, after I lived in a dorm for middle school." Sakae replied as she put the towel down and started making tea "My parents they... they didn't want me. If it hadn't been for my grandparents, I probably wouldn't have been born."

"Ushio told me a similar story regarding Sanae-chan." Nana thought "Of course it was only Kazuto-san who didn't want children."

"But regardless, I was only too happy to get away from them."

A few minutes later, they both sat down at the table. Sakae was looking a bit ill.

"You okay?"

"The nausea has been awful, I can barely get any sleep."

"I know how that is." Nana took a sip of tea before speaking again "Sleep in the nude." Sakae gave Nana a confused look "I know it sounds weird, but trust me it helps." Nana and Sakae took a few more sips before she spoke again "I think you know why I'm here, and it's not to talk about pregnancy. There are a bunch of things I want to say to you that I couldn't say yesterday."

"You... haven't accepted my relationship with Koichi-kun, have you?"

"What makes you think I will?" Nana asked harshly, putting her cup down hard and making Sakae flinch "The only reason I didn't object is because, if we refused, you and Koichi would just elope, or wait until he's old enough to get married without our approval. But still... Koichi.... Koichi is 13-years-old! He's just a boy. How could a teenager that young father a child?"


"Sumimasen won't cut it. Do you have any idea how society views what you've done? You got into a relationship with a middle schooler despite common sense, then went over the line and got pregnant in the process. Now you two have suddenly decided to keep it and get married in a few years. Have you even thought about how you're going to raise it? It's not free, nor something to be taken lightly." Sakae started shedding tears all of a sudden "Stop crying! I have no intention of accepting such a pathetic woman."

Sakae wiped her tears before speaking "I know I messed up. I know I'm causing trouble for you and I seem pathetic. But I swear, one day I'll... I'll..." Sakae all of a sudden began wobbling where she sat before she fainted, but Nana caught on to this and caught her before she hit the floor

"I guess you're one who gets sleepy from... huh." Nana noticed that something was wrong with Sakae "She's breathing irregularly and she seems dehydrated. She also looks a bit underweight. Early-pregnancy complications? Great."

Nana brought Sakae down to the taxi waiting for her and had him take them to Kamakura Hospital. On the way, Nana called Ushio, who was the morning shift, to prepare for their arrival.

"How does she look?" Nana, sitting near the door, asked as Ushio finished examining Sakae

"Hyperemesis gravidarum." said Ushio, now stripping off her gloves "Clear and obvious. Good thing you brought her here, while she still in early stages we can treat it. But... who exactly is she?" Nana explained who Sakae was and who's baby she was carrying. When Nana finished, Ushio was clearly stunned "She's... carrying Koichi-kun's... child. Your... first... grandchild. Well... uh... she's... um..."

"Don't. Please don't."

At that moment, Sakae began to stir.

"(uuurgh) Where am I?" Sakae asked

"Kamakura Hospital. I'm Ushio Shirayuki, Obstetrics and Gynecology." Ushio introduced herself holding out her hand

"Uh... nice to meet you." said Sakae, shaking Ushio's hand

"Remember when Keiko said she would introduce you to her mother-in-law? This is her." said Nana

"Oh... That makes sense." Sakae said awkwardly "Um... what happened to me?"

"A pregnancy complication called Hyperemesis gravidarum." said Ushio "Had we not caught this, you'd be as risk of a whole mess of things. You're not gonna have an easy pregnancy, little miss."

"This is karma, I know it."

"I agree." said Nana

"Nevertheless, my determination isn't-" Nana held up her hand to silence Sakae

"Though I can't speak for Kakeru, I'm still having trouble with the idea that you're carrying my first grandchild. (sigh) But there's no escaping it." Nana stood up "I won't accept you right away, but I'll let you work on it." Nana began rummaging through her purse "Prove to me you deserve to be part of this family, make me say 'congratulations'." Nana handed Sakae a few thousand yen and turned to Ushio "Call a cab to take her home." Nana stopped in front of the automatic door just as Sakae addressed her

"Wait, Mother."

Nana turned around and said "You'll have to earn the right to call me that."

"Yes, ma'am. But... when the baby is born... will you come see it?"

Nana never answered and just left.

"She said 'yes'. Congratulations, kid." said Ushio, leaving Sakae confused

Meanwhile, while Nana was still out, Keiko had brought Hiroki back to the Aizawa house.

"Remind me why I let you drag me back home this early on a Sunday." Hiroki groaned as they got out of Keiko's rental car

"Shut it." said Keiko as she rang the bell

"Coming." came Ryo's voice from within, and she opened the door a second later "Kei-nee? Hiroki? What are you two doing here this early?"

"That's what I wanna know." said Hiroki

"Just get in there." said Keiko, pushing Hiroki inside past Ryo "Where's everyone else?"

"Mom went out somewhere." said Ryo as she closed the door "Most likely to have a one-on-one talk with Kajikawa-sensei"

"That wouldn't surprise me." said Hiroki

"Dad, Soichi-kun and Koichi are still sleeping. Speaking of which, I was just about to go wake those boys up." They followed Ryo up to the guest room that Chloe occupied for so long. When they went in, they found Soichi lying on the bed with a device around his eyes and head, which was plugged into a computer with a laptop serving as the monitor on the desk. The image on the laptop showed an image that appeared to be real-time footage seen through the eyes of the player, currently in some kind of virtual restaurant.

"A VRD (Virtual Reality Diver)?" Keiko inquired

"Not again. He pulled another all-nighter."

"Huh?" Keiko inquired

"You know how we retrieved most of his things from his old address when Soichi moved in?" Ryo asked as she sat at the desk. Keiko and Hiroki nodded "This, his VRD, was among them. To escape the reality of his home life, Soichi got into VRMMORPG."

"'Old World Online III'?" Hiroki inquired, picking up the game's case

"OWO 3 for short, it's pretty popular. Based on the old, yet still-popular, Warhammer Fantasy Universe. You chose one of the several Old World races to play as, then choose a faction, and go around the Old World, solo or in groups, accomplishing various quests. You can also join a government and work politically, or join an army and fight should war break out, that sort of stuff."

"Sounds like you've played it before." said Keiko

"I have, since before Soichi moved in. A human from Bretonnia, under the player-name 'Yoyo'."

"'Yoyo'?" Hiroki inquired with a snigger

"It's what Yusha calls me, so it stuck. I'm allowed to have a part-time hobby outside soccer, aren't I." said Ryo "Anyway, Soichi still spends a lot of time on this thing, sometimes all night. Which I keep telling him not to." at that moment, Ryo sent Soichi an e-mail telling him to log out. Which Soichi did moments later "You can not keep doing this. All-nighters are not healthy."

"Gomen'nasai." said Soichi, taking off the AmuShpere and noticing Keiko and Hiroki were present "Keiko-san, Hiroki-kun, what're you doing here?"

"Hiroki, Ryo, Koichi and I are going out for the day." said Keiko

"We are?" said Koichi's voice. They all turned tot he door and saw Koichi standing there

"Yes, we are." said Keiko, then turning to Soichi "Can you tell Dad that when he wakes up. He's such a bad sleeper."

"This is news to me." said Ryo

"C'mon, when was the last time the four of us did anything together?"

"What about Saki-chan and Saito-san?" Soichi asked

"I told those two about today already."

"No wonder Saki-chan sent me off with a smile." said Hiroki

When Koichi and Ryo had dressed properly, Keiko led them out to enjoy a day just the four of them.

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