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Basketball, swimming, wrestling, and soccer. Keiko, and every athlete she knew to be partaking in the Olympics, was working hard to stay at the top of her game for the ancient event. Now, the time to leave for Casablanca, Morocco, the host city of the Olympics this year, was upon them.

Monday July 21st, Narita Airport;

"Good luck in Casablanca." Kakeru told his family as he, Koichi, Saito, Yuki, Michiru, and Soichi saw them off

"Behave while we're gone." said Nana

"Go kick some butt." Soichi told Ryo

"You know I will." Ryo replied before kissing him on the cheek

"My grandmother and I'll try to get things organized by the time you're back." Saito told Keiko

"I'll hold you to that.", Keiko replied, also kissing her man's cheek

"Hey, Kei-chan. Why do you have two bags?" Yuki asked, taking note of the extra bag

"That one's yours."


"And this is your plane ticket." said Keiko, displaying Yuki's ticket as well "You're coming with us as our interpreter. I've already worked it out with your boss, so consider it a paid vacation."

"You did that without asking me!" Yuki exclaimed "I'm not going. No chance."

"No choice." Keiko replied "You're coming."


"Oh, Yuki-poo~" called a sweet, yet blood-chilling voice behind Yuki

"Ar-Ar-Arisawa." Yuki said in a terrified voice

"What're you doing here?! We have a date."

"Go while you have a chance." Kakeru said, blocking Arisawa's way with Michiru's

"On second thought, Casablanca awaits." Yuki took her plane ticket and bag from Keiko and set off with them past security

"Have a great time!" Koichi called

"Who was that?" Nana asked as they set off for the gate where the rest of the team, along with the rest of the 300 athletes representing Japan, was waiting

"Chieko Arisawa. She's a coworker, and is obsessed with me." Yuki told them "Twice already she's ambushed me in the lockers after work and tried to rape me. Okay, maybe that term's a bit strong, but you get the picture."

"Yuki-san has it rough." Saki said to Hiroki

"You and Saito-kun said your goodbyes a bit too easily." Nana said to Keiko

"Let's just say, we said our goodbyes yesterday."

"In the physical way, I assume." Yuki said slyly

"That's not... okay, sort of."


Sunday July 20th;

Having trained hard for two full weeks, Keiko and her team had been given the weekend before leaving off, and Keiko had spent almost half the weekend in Saito's arms. Literally.

Having spent Saturday in bed to catch up on some much needed rest, Keiko had come on to Saito first thing Sunday morning, and had been making love with him nonstop.

"Keiko... I'm gonna..." Saito groaned as they climaxed together for the dozenth time that day. Currently Saito was hugging Keiko and groping her breasts, doing her from behind while Keiko was on her stomach.

As Saito paused to catch his breath, Keiko kissed him and forced Saito on his back. Keiko quickly changed the condom before getting on top of Saito and reuniting with him.

"Keiko.... Enough already." Saito groaned as Keiko moved in sync with their breathing

"But... I'm not... satisfied." Keiko gasped

"But, Keiko... we've been (gwaah!)" Keiko and Saito climaxed again. Keiko reached for the condom box, but Saito held her wrist, then grabbed it himself and shook it. Nothing came out. "That was the last one, Keiko. And how many times have we climaxed since we woke up? We've been doing it nonstop since six." Keiko said nothing, removed the condom, and put it in raw "Keiko, your window-"

"My period came later than expected, but it's fine in my situation. That was just a few days ago." Keiko interrupted as she leaned down to kiss Saito, but Saito just held his hand over her mouth

"Keiko, seriously, what's gotten into you? When did you become a sex addict?"

"Saito, honey, it's not that. Where just not going to see each other for a few weeks. You understand how lonely that makes me feel?"

Saito sat up and kissed Keiko "I thought you were looking forward to the Olympics."

"But I have to go a week before the Opening ceremony, and the Soccer Tournaments start two days before that." Keiko replied, wrapping her arms around Saito "That, and I'm mostly just sexually frustrated. We haven't done it for two weeks, I pretty much slept all day yesterday, so-" Saito kissed Keiko again and began moving her hips

"You think I wasn't? I'm gonna miss you too. But doing this all day isn't making up for all our upcoming time apart. It's just making it harder for me to let you go tomorrow."

Keiko locked lips with Saito again and began moving on her own as they reached another climax. Saito tried to pull it out for safety's sake, but Keiko wouldn't let him. After they had calmed down, all of a sudden a large growl came from their stomachs. Blushing slightly, both of them laughed.

After pulling on large shirts, Saito went about making lunch while Keiko cleaned up and changed the bed sheets.

"Sorry about this." Keiko called to the kitchen

"Don't worry about it." Saito called back as Keiko put on a pair of shorts "Any wife would get anxious about not seeing her husband for a few weeks."

"I'm not your wife yet." Keiko said, walking past Saito with the dirty sheets in her arms "But as soon as I get back, I'm yours."

Saito kissed Keiko before saying "For life."

Flashback end;

"You had sex all day and all night, didn't you?" Yuki asked Keiko in a whisper "You've really become a horndog, haven't you."

"Maybe you'd understand if you'd get some yourself." Keiko replied harshly in a whisper "You're still a virgin, as I recall." Yuki stuck her tongue out at that one.

"How long is the flight gonna take?" Hiroki asked

"According to the information, we're flying east and stopping in Germany first," said Saki as they joined the Japanese representatives "so the flight could take a little over ten hours."

"I like the plane we're flying is a newer, much faster, Boeing variation, so it may be even less." said Chloe, who had just noticed their arrival

"Why is it we're always stopping in Germany whenever we fly west." said Keiko

"Because of the distance between here and Europe?" Chloe replied

"Rhetorical question, Chloe."

"Flight 65731 to Berlin, Germany and Casablanca, Morocco, ready to board." was heard over the intercom, at which all Japan's representatives started getting in line for boarding.

After all 310 of Japan's athletes boarded the 500-passenger jet, the plane took off.

Less than an hour into the flight, they were flying over Mongolia.

"No matter how many times I fly in these directions, the scenery doesn't change." said Keiko

"What do you expect?" Yuki, who was sitting in Keiko's row "It's only been a few months since your last flight, and the Earth doesn't change that quickly. I guess I should thank you by now. It's nice to get away from Arisawa-san for awhile."

"It's actually the secondary reason I arranged for you to come with us."

"You told her I would be at Narita so I would agree without hesitation, didn't you?"

"Guilty as charged." Keiko admitted, to which they both laughed "Get up for a second, I need to use the restroom."

"Yeah, me too." said Yuki, and their third row-mate got up to let them out

Passing Chiho and the basketball squads along the way, it didn't take them long to find one of the the lavatories. Yuki let Keiko go first, but as soon as she opened the door, Keiko gasped and fell to her knees clutching her heart.

"Kei-chan? Kei-chan what's wrong?!" Yuki asked, kneeling beside her best friend in worry

"I... I don't know." Keiko replied, trying to catch her breath "I just had this... horrible, overwhelming feeling. My heart and lungs briefly constricted as a result. Yuki... something's happened. I don't know what, but know something's happened back home."

Unable to use her phone during the flight, Keiko waited until they arrived in Berlin for the layover eight hours later.

"Come on, Saito, pick up, pick up, pick up." Keiko said frantically while the plane sat in Berlin Tegel Airport. Yuki was watching with the same worried expression Keiko was wearing herself. Finally, the other side answered "Saito?"

"Saito can't come to the phone right now, Keiko-nee." said Michiru's voice

"Michiru? Has something happened?" Keiko asked urgently

"What do you mean?"

"We're currently in Berlin for a layover, and I had a horrible feeling during the flight. Don't play dumb and just spill it, has something happened?!"

"(sigh) I suppose you might find out by the time you get to Morocco. On our way home, about an hour after you left, Japan was hit by a quake." Michiru told them

"An earthquake?!" Keiko exclaimed "Are you guys alright?"

"There wasn't much damage, but we were on a freeway at the time, thus we were in an accident. We're fine. We got a few minor injuries, but no one was seriously hurt. Although Onii-chan's unconscious right now."


"I assure you, he's fine, everyone is. Uh... I have to go, I'm in a hospital right now, and a staff just caught me using a cellphone."

"Alright, I'll let you go." Keiko hung up at that

"Is everybody alright?" Nana, who was listening from the row in front of them, asked

"Michiru says everyone's fine, Mom." Keiko replied

"Lucky the plane left before the quake hit." said Michiko Takamatsu, who was sitting with Nana

"We'll have to look up the news when we get to Casablanca." said Yuki

After an hour of waiting, the plane took off again and headed for Casablanca, and was there by noon, local time. Upon exiting the gate, they weren't hit by the press until they got past customs.

"Representatives of Japan, Welcome to Casablanca." said one of the reporters in English

"What do you think your prospects at winning gold medals are? Will we be seeing better performances this year?" two more asked

"QUIET!" yelled a member of the Men's Gymnastics Team, then pointing to an overhead TV showing a report about the quake that hit Japan. The reporter onscreen was speaking in English, but various subtitles were being displayed underneath;

"We apologize for the delay, but were back. I'm Angela Rivers now reporting the aftermath of the 20-foot tsunami that struck the Kantō Region of Japan just hours after a 7.2 earthquake struck the nation. Smaller waves were felt in coastal Tōhoku and Chūbu, but Kantō seems to have taken the brunt of the damage. The quake has caused many older, less sound buildings, and a few elevated freeways, to collapse, and the resulting tsunami has swept away many boats. The wave affected mainly the Kanagawa and Chiba coasts, and there was some severe flooding in the Tokyo Area, but thanks the lessons learned from previous quakes and tsunamis, damage was minimal. Yet, despite all earthquake safety precautions, injuries and deaths have too been reported. 57 people are confirmed dead, and hundreds more injured all around Kantō. Even the Emperor was reportedly admitted to the hospital with severe injuries. With the recent passing of Empress Michiko, and Prime Minister Agatsuma, this is perhaps Japan's latest in a string of national tragedy. More to come as events unfold." Rivers' report ended there and all of Japan's athletes got out their phones or looked for payphones to call home and get in touch with loved ones.

"هيا، يا أبت، والتقاط. [hayaa, ya 'abat, wailttiqat./Come on, Daddy, pick up.]" Yuki said into her phone in Arabic as Keiko dialed her own

"You call, dad. I'm going to try Saito again." Keiko told her mother, and Nana nodded in agreement. Keiko waited for more than a minute before Saito's phone was answered, but again someone else answered "Saito?"

"No, it's me, Keiko-chan." said Ushio's voice on the other end

"Ushio-san? Where's Saito?"

"Saito's unconscious, but he's okay."

"That's exactly what Michiru said."

"And it's the truth. When he wakes up, we'll tell him you called."


"But nothing! Look, I know you're worried about him, I imagine everyone there is worried about loved ones. But the Olympics aren't going to stop just because of this. I assure you, Saito's okay. But you need to focus on the Olympics, Saito won't appreciate it if you mess up because you were overly concerned about him."

"(sigh) You're right. Arigato."

"No problem. I gotta go. Patients are coming in and they need all hands on deck."

"I'll let you go then." Keiko hung up at that and turned to her mom "Well?"

"Your dad, Koichi and Soichi-kun are all shaken, but okay." said Nana, and Ryo let out a sigh of relief

"My dad's okay too." said Yuki "He was in a structurally sound building when it hit."

"7.2 is a big quake." said Ryo "I wonder if we'll recover from this one."

At that moment, there was a whistle blown and their attention was directed to Aya Miyama, former player of the Japanese National Women's team, and the current head of the Japanese Olympic Delegation.

Miyama and several helpers shepherded all the Japanese representatives into several buses that took them to the Olympic Village. Once there they were shown into a vast hall where Miyama addressed everyone.

"Welcome to Casablanca." said Miyama "As you're all aware, the Olympics officially start with the Opening Ceremony at the end of the week. But before then, several of us have events to partake in. I know everyone must be worried about loved ones and family back home due to the earthquake, I myself am worried about my own family, but that's no reason to lose our focus. Everybody, including our loved ones, have high expectations of us this year. Nobody would appreciate it if we perform poorly simply because we were worried about them." Most of the room nodded or made noises of approval in response. "Well, everyone.... let's give Japan the victories she deserves."

"Yeah, we'll bring home Gold Medals!" several people shouted

"Then you're all dismissed. All teams will be officially briefed on their upcoming events. Please respect security, and behave yourselves when out in town.

"What's up?" Yuki asked Keiko as she opened a text she received

"Jade just texted me. She knows we're here and wants to meet up." Keiko replied

"Keiko!" Nana called. Next to her was an official looking man who led Keiko, Nana and Fiona to an secluded room on the far side of the village. Along the way, another man came along leading the coach of the Men's Olympic Soccer Team, Heisuke Sakuraba.

"The President will see you now." said the man as he held the door open for the four of them.

The room was mostly bare with a single large window on the other side and a desk halfway between them. Behind the desk was a chair that was facing away from them. Once the door was closed, the chair turned around to reveal the current President of the FIFA, Homare Sawa.

"Hello, Nana. How long has it been since we last saw each other? Five years?" Sawa asked in English for Fiona's convenience

"I'm pretty sure the last time was right after I came back from Algarve, Madam President." Nana replied

"You know the President of the FIFA?" Keiko asked, awestruck

"We've known each other since before the 2015 World Cup. Though we hardly speak to each other much these days."

"And it's a pleasure to make your acquaintance, Keiko-san." Sawa said in Japanese before reverting to English again "Now, I guess you know why I summoned you here?" the three women shook there heads "I thought not."

"I assume it's about the soccer tournaments." said Sakuraba

"It is, Sakuraba-san. I'll be plain.... in the upcoming competitions, I want to see results."

"Madam President?" said Keiko

"As President of the FIFA, I'm supposed to be impartial, neutral. But the recent string of national tragedy and the lack of victory has made that difficult. Say nothing to the last World Cups, Japan has not won the Summer Olympic Soccer Tournaments in over a decade. In 2032, the men's team was soundly defeated in the semi-finals and the Bronze Medal Match, and the women didn't even qualify for the main tournament. In 2028, neither team made it past the second round of the knockout stage. You must understand that I'm feeling a bit bitter." the four of them all nodded "And now Japan has been struck by the worst earthquake in eleven years, and even the Emperor was reportedly injured. This goes for all Olympic teams, but Japan needs something to celebrate."

"We won't disappoint you." said Fiona

"I hope so, because I don't know how much more disappointment I can take. And another thing;"

"Hai?" the four of them replied

"This conversation is never to be repeated outside this room, no one actually knows I'm here. If it gets out that I'm feeling partial to my home country, despite my official stance of neutrality, I, and the rest of you, could face severe media backlash. Am I clear?"

"Yes, Madam President." the four of them replied

"If I had known I was going to meet the FIFA President, I would've dressed for the occasion." said Keiko when they were out of the room

"You couldn't have known, she said herself that no one knows she's here." said Nana

"Enough." said Sakuraba "We're not supposed to talk anymore now that we're out of the room."

"Don' be so steeff." said Fiona

"Anyway, I gotta go meet up with Yuki and some friends." said Keiko

"Be back by seven, please."

Keiko made her way to a cafe at Parc de la Ligue Arabe with instructions texted to her from Yuki. Once there she found Yuki and Chloe already seated with Jade, a Swedish girl she recognized as Henrika Dergermark, and the Greek Women's team Captain Angeliki Mitsotakis.

"Kei-chan, over here." Yuki called, and Keiko seated herself a second later

"Thanks for waiting." Keiko replied as she sat herself between Jade and Yuki

"What took you so long?" Jade asked

"I'm not allowed to say."

"Eso es aburrido [That's boring.]"

"Sorry. I must say that I never expected you two to be here."

"Not every day you find yourselves in such 'global' company." said Henrika "Det är ganska lustig. [It's quite amusing.]"

"Je vais trinquer à cela. [I'll drink to that.]" said Chloe, taking a sip of her coffee

"Can we stick with English, please?" Keiko requested

"Όχι υποσχέσεις. [Óchi yposchéseis./No promises.]" said Angeliki

"I'll never have a smooth conversation with you girls, will I?" Keiko asked in Japanese

"وهذا ما يحدث عند النقر تكوين صداقات مع الأجانب. [wahadha ma yahduth eind alnnaqr takwin sidaqat mae al'ajanib./That's what happens when you make friends with foreigners.]" said Yuki in Arabic

"Not you too, Yuki." said Keiko, to which Yuki chuckled

"I assume you brought Yuki here as your Arabic translator?" Jade inquired

"I did. I just couldn't wrap my head around Arabic in general."

"I should warn you. I only speak Standard Arabic." said Yuki "The locals here don't speak it on the streets, it's mostly used in administrative offices, mosques, and schools, and Berber is commonly spoken too. So my translations might not be entirely accurate."

"C'est noté. [Noted.]" said Chloe

"By the way, Keiko." said Angeliki, grabbing Keiko's left wrist "What's that on your finger?"

"Oh... ella tiene razón [she's right.]" said Jade "The Amatista [Amethyst] is on a different finger and is replaced with a diamante. [diamond.] I'm guessing Saito is the lucky guy."

"Yes, I'm getting married. What of it?" Keiko replied, taking her wrist back

"You get to experience wedded bliss while the rest of us are still célibataires. [single.]" said Chloe

"But one extra-martial affair won't be a problem." said Angeliki

"What does that mean?" Keiko inquired

"Chloe told us that Nonomiya is gay and has the hots for you." Angeliki told them, making Chloe flinch as Yuki glared at her

"Hey, Goldilocks, let's talk." Yuki said as she dragged Chloe away by the wrist

"She's not lesbisk [lesbian?]" Henrika asked

"Not in any sense of the word." Keiko replied, to which they all laughed

"By the way, Keiko?"


"The last thing I want to be is ogrannlaga [indelicate] but, how are things? The quake has been the talk of the town all day."

There was a long awkward silence before Keiko finally spoke

"I honestly don't know. I tried calling a couple times, but the only thing I was told was that nobody I know was seriously hurt."

"That's a good thing isn't it?" Jade asked

"I haven't talked to my fiancé since I left Japan. If I could just hear his voice, I would be reassured." Nobody said another word out of respect for Keiko, but another moment later, Yuki and Chloe turned up again, Chloe looking thoroughly remorseful

"Lectured her enough?" Jade asked

"She's learned her les-" Yuki tripped over a step but was saved from falling over by the quick reaction of a passing local man "Thank you."

"لا مشكلة [la mushkilatan/No problem.]" said the man. Yuki looked up at the man who saved her. The black haired, brown-eyed, slightly tan, man was handsome in his own right, and Keiko could tell from the look on her best friend's face that it was love at first sight "Be a little more careful about the steps."

"Uh... أكيد ['akid/sure.]"

Once the man left, Yuki and Chloe sat down again, Yuki holding her heart

"You all right, Yuki?" Keiko asked

"That's the first time in my life I've ever looked at a man and felt like this." Yuki replied

"Then what are you waiting for?"

"Wai- what?"

"Go after him. Get his name and number. Have a meal."


"No 'buts'." Keiko said, forcing her best friend to her feet and pushing her forward "Don't let this chance pass you by."

Yuki took a deep breath and took off after the man. Keiko sat back down at that.

"What was that about?" Jade asked

"It seems Yuki experienced her first love at first sight." said Chloe

"No one back home caught her interest, despite more than a few confessions from boys, so I hope she can make a connection with that man." said Keiko

"Even if it means she may leave with him?" Angeliki asked

"I'm not saying I won't regret it, but it pains me to see her without someone in her life."

"She tends to make jealous looks at Keiko and Saito when she thinks nobody's looking." said Chloe

"I guess anyone would." said Henrika

"Aizawa! Lafayette!" yelled a voice. The women turned and saw Michiko Takamtasu and Himeko Yaegashi strutting up to them

"What're you two doing with these foreigners?!" Michiko demanded

"This isn't Japan. We're the foreigners here." said Chloe

"That's not the point!"

"They're members of rival teams." said Yaegashi

"It's just a friendly get-together between some international friends." said Keiko "And there's no rule against socializing with other teams."

"Well, there should be." said Yaegashi

"They could be trying to worm our tactics out of you." said Michiko

"What are these two blabbering about?" Angeliki asked

"They seem to think that you're trying to get our team's tactics out of us." said Chloe

"That's löjlig. [ridiculous.]" said Henrika

Angeliki stood up, walked up to Michiko and Yaegashi, and stared them down "Speak English?"

"Well enough." said Yaegashi

"We're supposed to be athletic ambassadors for our nations, so I'll restrain myself. But you should know better than to be so suspicious."

"Trying to imply something?" Michiko inquired

"I'm saying I don't need to know your tactics beforehand to defeat you on the field."

"That sounds like a challenge." said Yaegashi

"Now, now, ladies." said Henrika

"Maybe it is, but it's not to you." Angeliki turned to look at Keiko "I'm still sore about the way you beat us at Algarve. We're not in the same block, so we won't meet until the knockout stage. Μην χάσετε προτού να μας παίξει. [Min chásete protoú na mas paíxei./Don't lose before you face us.]"

Keiko didn't need to know Greek to understand what Angeliki meant, and thus nodded. Angeliki took off at that, and the two onee-sans did the same.

"That was espantoso. [scary.]" said Jade

"Entièrement d'accord. [Totally agreed.]" said Chloe

"I didn't think your teammates would be xenophobic." said Henrika

"I don't think it's that. Japan's just hard-pressed for victory at the moment." said Keiko

"That was obvious even before we met today." said Jade "And I'm not gonna hold back just because we're friends."

"Same here." said Henrika

"Well then, to friendly competition with no holding back." said Keiko, holding up her cup

The four remaining girls all lifted their glasses and gently clanged them.

After e-mailing Yuki that she was heading back to the village, Keiko and Chloe made their way back and made their way to their respective rooms. Keiko was sharing hers with Suzuka and Yuki, even though Yuki wasn't an Olympic participant.

"How'd your meeting with your friends go?" Suzuka asked when Keiko walked in the room.

"Alright. We were interrupted by Takamatsu-san and Yaegashi-san though." Keiko replied "I really don't like those two."

"Me neither. They way they look at you, it's like they think you got in due to nepotism."

"I wouldn't put it past them to think that. At any rate, Angeliki pretty much issued me a direct challenge, but she says we're not in the same block."

"She's right." Suzuka showed Keiko a sheet of paper. It was the lineup for the group stage. "There are three blocks this year with four teams each. We're in Block F, along with France, South Africa and Argentina. Our first match is against France on Wednesday, in the Stade de Marrakech. Our second match will be in the same stadium against Argentina. We'll be playing in Stade Adrar in Agadir for our third match against South Africa. France is our only real challenge, but I'm sure South Africa will likely go to the knockout stage at well. "

"Agreed. The Argentinians aren't really a powerhouse these days. Let's see, Sweden and Panama are in Block E and Greece is in Block G."

"Sweden and Greece are for sure, but I'm sure Jade and her team won't let us down and get to the knockout."

"Double agreed. As for this Wednesday, I'm sure Chloe's not looking forward to playing against some of her old teammates."

"I wouldn't think so. By the way, where's Yuki?"

"She finally met the man of her dreams and I made her chase after him." Keiko told her, just as the door opened and closed, Yuki walking in "Speak of the devil. How was your date?"

"His name is Salim Al-Maghribī! He's a Moroccan dancer, 20 years old, single, and an atheist. He speaks three languages, at the conversational level. We've already made arrangements to meet tomorrow. He's already showed me a sample of his dance and invited me to his next performance." As Yuki continued to talk and talk about him, Keiko found herself becoming annoyed "And what's that annoyed look for?"

"You seem to have planned out all sorts with him. But I don't hear anything about watching the Olympics." said Keiko

"I thought you wanted me to find a man." said Yuki "You urged me to chase after him."

"I did, and I'm already regretting it."

"Oh no, Keiko. It's not Yuki's sudden obsession with a man that's got you annoyed." said Suzuka

"It's not?"

"No. It's her crystal clear purity. Yuki's not yet experienced anything. 19 years old and never been kissed, let alone had sex."

"I've been kissed!" Yuki said indignantly


"I have. Just... not by... a man." Yuki confessed, half-glancing at Keiko. Suzuka caught that in an instant and understood

"You two-"

"Don't you dare! It wasn't like that!" Keiko interjected "We were just... I was in pain... It was just... argh!"

Suzuka recognized it was an uncomfortable issue and dropped the matter, save for one last remark: "How did it feel to make love with another girl?" Keiko and Yuki both threw pillows at Suzuka for that.

The Olympics were on, and the competition was already up to a fiery start for some. But, the Japanese were already feeling the pressure to perform well, so as to give Japan something to celebrate in the wake of a tragedy.

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