In the year 2036, Keiko is now a college student at Nippon Sport Science University, and a member of Nippon Sport Science University Fields Yokohama. Join her, her friends and family has they work their way to representing Japan at the 2036 Summer Olympics in Casablanca.


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Note: Chapter names and order are subject to frequent change.

  1. Algarve Cup Finals
  2. Healing Hearts
  3. Blessings
  4. Learning to be Free
  5. Becoming Stronger
  6. Olympic Trials, Part 1
  7. Olympic Trials, Part 2
  8. A Family Matter
  9. Family Reconciliation
  10. Casablanca
  11. Japan vs. France GS
  12. Opening Ceremony
  13. Japan vs. Argentina
  14. Japan vs. South Africa
  15. (Title Coming soon....)
  16. (Title Coming soon....)
  17. (Title Coming soon....)
  18. (Title Coming soon....)
  19. (Title Coming soon....)
  20. Home Again
  21. Coming of Age, & A new Life
  22. The Wedding
  23. Australian Honeymoon


Kimi Rhythm:

♫ I can hear your voice resound in the air ♫
♫ As it sings the rhythm of each day ♫
♫ Every singe smile that you share ♫
♫ Never fails to blow me away. ♫

♫ When did all this love inside me appear? ♫
♫ It's a mystery I'll never know ♫
♫ So I'll wait to see what draws near ♫
♫ As all my feelings grow. ♫

♫ Sparks before our eyes that connect our hearts ♫
♫ Overtake me in ecstasy ♫
♫ And our colors will connect for all to see! ♫

♫ Run full speed; Leave behind a path of light ♫
♫ that shines and never fades away ♫
♫ Take the lead; You will warm my heart ♫
♫ I'll never be led astray ♫

♫ Shine your smile that you've shown to me ♫
♫ Believe you'll never fall or be alone ♫
♫ All the while, you will surely see, ♫
♫ Tomorrow will come and go ♫

Insert Songs:


  • This is purely a work of fan-made fiction. Any resemblance to real people, organizations, or other works of fiction (e.g. character names), other than from the Canon Area no Kishi, unless purposely named, are purely coincidental.
  • This story takes place before, during, and after the Summer Olympics in 2036. While the Olympics in this story take place in Casablanca, Morocco, the location of the real thing has yet to be determined.
  • Since preparing for the Olympics takes months, both physically and mentally, and there are a few lessons for Keiko and co. to learn, a couple other sporting events will be covered before we get around to the Olympics.


  • Though the text is in English, to the characters of the story almost everyone is speaking in Japanese
    • Quotes when someone is speaking in English will be in bold.
    • Quotes when someone is speaking in a language, other than English or Japanese, will be in one of these two formats: