The Next Knight in the Area is a fan-made series chronicling the lives of Kakeru and Nana's offspring, Keiko, Hiroki, Ryo and Koichi, along with their friends, as they go through life following their dreams.

Main Stories

The Next Knight in the Area

Keiko Aizawa is about enter her first year of High School. Join her as she tries to find her way, while learning the importance of friendship, loyalty, perseverance, courage and love.

The Next Knight in the Area Little

Join Hiroki Aizawa and Saki Takasugi as they represent Japan while partaking in the 2034 Summer Youth Olympics in Stockholm, Sweden. Will they make names for themselves and earn the Gold?

The Next Knight in the Area II

Keiko is now a Sophomore in Nippon Sport Science University, and a member of Nippon Sport Science University Fields Yokohama. Having not been selected for the 2035 Women's World Cup, join her as she represents Japan in the 2036 Algarve Cup Finals in Portugal, and hopefully, over the next few months, earn a spot on the squad to represent Japan in the 2036 Summer Olympics in Casablanca, Morocco.

Notes & Trivia

  • The first story is completed, but the second and third are incomplete and have been cancelled.