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Babysitter Keiko

Saturday, February 5th

Early on a normal Saturday morning, Keiko and Saito were having breakfast when they had an unexpected visitor.

"Who could that be?" Saito asked as they heard the door knock

Keiko put down her chopsticks and got up to answer it. Looking through the peephole, she saw that it was Mai with Yusha, who was wearing a baby jacket and what looked like wool baby pants "Mai? What are doing here this early?"

"Sorry about this, but, can you watch Yusha for the weekend?" Mai asked in a bit of a whisper since Yusha was asleep

"Huh?" Keiko and Saito replied

"You may not know, but I'm coming back to work at Enoshima after Spring Break. I need to do a few things that's gonna take all weekend. Sorry to spring this on you, but can you babysit Yusha for the weekend?"

"Why us?" Keiko inquired in a whisper as Saito took the baby bag from Mai "Wouldn't my parents be more than happy?"

"I deliberated that, but then I realized that you still hardly even know your own baby brother."

"'Hardly know him'? He's only three months old!"

"My point is that you don't spend a lot of time with him. Further, this could also be a chance to learn some real responsibility." Mai handed sleeping Yusha to Keiko without further ado "Make sure he gets fed every few hours. There's enough diapers and formula in there for the whole weekend. A few of his toys are in there too. Make sure he stays warm, and give him a bath at night."

"Mai, I really don't know about this."

"What could go wrong? Didn't you help take care of Koichi-kun when he was born?"

"I was six! I barely remember anything from eleven years ago."

"Oh! I need to run. Take good care of Yusha, I'll be back around 7:00 tomorrow evening." Mai left at that.

"Great. We're stuck with my baby brother for the whole weekend." said Keiko as she sat down at the table again with Yusha in her arms

"It's not that bad, is it?" said Saito

"Maybe not. But I really don't know anything about taking care of a baby. And a three-month-old on top of that." Keiko looked down at Yusha, who was sleeping peacefully in her arms "Oh, why does he have to be so cute?"

"I only have sisters so I can't reply to that." Saito replied as his phone rang. Saito answered it quickly to keep the ring from waking Yusha and went onto the balcony to talk

"At least it didn't wake him." Keiko thought as Yusha snuggled closer "You are so cute!" at that moment, Saito came back in

"I've gotta go." Saito told her

"Whaddya mean 'go'?"

"My uncle Soji needs me to come to his company to help with something."

"What does he need you for?"

"I don't know. But apparently this is something important, so I'll be gone all day."

"'All day?!' You mean I have to take care of Yusha by myself?!"

"I'm sorry!" Saito said with his hands in prayer. Saito got dressed and left a few minutes later "I'm off."

"Be safe." Keiko replied as Saito closed the door "I guess it's just you and me now, Yusha." Keiko went back to the main room, gently placed Yusha on the bed and began digging through the baby bag. There she found everything she would need for Yusha during the weekend, just like Mai said. "I guess Mai knew what she was saying."

A few hours passed and still Yusha slept. Keiko refrained from turning the TV on to avoid waking him and instead looked up a few soccer-related topics on her laptop. She occasionally glanced over at Yusha to make sure he was still asleep. It wasn't until around noon that something happened. Keiko looked up from her laptop in alarm as Yusha woke up crying!

"Oh my! Yusha, what's wrong?" Keiko asked her brother, though knowing full well that Yusha couldn't answer her "C'mon, what troubles you?" Keiko picked Yusha up "Are you hungry or, wait... what's that smell? Oh!" Keiko realized that Yusha needed a diaper change and worked him out of his baby clothes. By the time she was just down to his diaper, the smell had gotten even stronger "Okay..." Keiko said uncertainly as she took out a new diaper "Uh... how do you do this?" Keiko undid Yusha diaper, but when she did, the smell overwhelmed her and she was forced to back off. Having no idea what to do, she left Yusha for a moment, went down the hall to the Hasegawa's, and hammered on their door

"Keiko-chan? What brings you here?" Yozora asked

"Help me, Yozora-sama!" Keiko cried, to Yozora's bewilderment

After explaining the situation to Yozora, the two of them went back to room 301.

"I see. So he's your baby brother." said Yozora as she cleaned Yusha up for Keiko

"Hai." Keiko replied with a blushed face "Technically he's my half-brother. His mother had things to do that would take the whole weekend and asked me to babysit. Sorry to bother you with this."

"It's alright." Yozora replied as she added Yusha's new diaper "You're a beginner at this, so it's only natural to ask for help."

"(sigh) My boyfriend's sister said I would make a good mother someday, but I can't even take care of my baby brother for five minutes."

"Don't let it get ya down. Babies won't like it if they see their kin with such a sad face." Yozora handed a giggling Yusha back to Keiko "And if you run into anymore issues, or you're unsure, come straight to me."

"Much appreciated." said Keiko as Yusha started crying again, albeit much quieter "Oh, what now?"

"Babies usually cry like that when they're hungry."

And sure enough, Yusha was patting Keiko's breasts hoping for milk "There's nothing to suck out there." Keiko told Yusha

Yozora got out some formula and prepared it for Keiko. Once it was done, she gave it to Keiko to feed Yusha.

"You really are a veteran mother." said Keiko as Yusha sucked on the bottle

"Hey, I had to go through all this with my Taichi when I was fourteen." Yozora replied with a smile "I can't tell you how many times I called my mother, asking for advice. She was a bit more open-minded than my father was."

After a few more exchanges, Yozora left them alone. Once Yusha had finished the bottle, Keiko helped him burp.

"You know, you really shouldn't drink so fast." Keiko told Yusha.

Feeling that they both needed some fresh air, Keiko worked Yusha back into his clothes and put something warmer on herself, then took them out to the nearby park.

"Feels nice to get out, although the weather is still a bit cold." said Keiko as she sat down on a bench with Yusha in her arms. It really was a chilly early-February day. "My birthday is not too far away. I hope Mai will bring you for it."

At that moment, Keiko caught wind of a conversation between two passing middle-aged ladies

"You see that girl?" said the first lady

"She had a baby at that age?" said the second lady "It's getting more common, isn't it?"

"She should've been more careful."

"And here come the gossiping old ladies." Keiko muttered to herself as Yusha played with her necklace "Most people would just ignore it, but I can't stand negative gossip." Keiko got up and walked over to the ladies

"Can we help you?" asked the first lady

"For your information, little Yusha is not my son. He's my baby brother!" Keiko told them "I'm just taking care of him for the weekend."

"Oh! Our apologies." said the second lady

"Yeah, you better be sorry. Because you shouldn't gossip without knowing the situation. You should be ashamed of yourselves."

Keiko and Yusha walked away, leaving the ladies feeling embarrassed.

After enjoying the outside air a little bit longer, Keiko brought Yusha back to the room and made him a warm bottle.

"I thought I already asked you not to drink so fast." said Keiko as she fed Yusha "Do you do this with Mai?"

Several uneventful hours passed and Yusha stayed relatively quiet. By 7:00, with no text or call from Saito, it became apparent to Keiko that he wasn't coming back for a while longer.

"Looks like Saito's not coming back for a while." Keiko said as she finished an apple she was eating. Keiko looked down at Yusha, who was trying to reach the apple she was eating "You're not old enough to eat this yet." Keiko threw the core away and picked Yusha up "Saito's not coming back for yet. Shall we take a bath?" Keiko knew Yusha couldn't understand her, but took his giggling to mean yes.

Keiko stripped nude, did the same to Yusha and took him into the bathroom.

"Yusha, hold still." said Keiko as she scrubbed Yusha's front, though it was difficult with Yusha moving around "I didn't think giving a baby a bath was this hard." After finally managing to scrub Yusha all over, Keiko rinsed him off and allowed Yusha to crawl around the room while she washed herself, while keeping the soap out of his reach "Three months old and you're already crawling on your own." As Keiko washed herself, she moved around to keep Yusha in her view and make sure he didn't do anything he shouldn't. "Just think, in a year or less this boy will be walking or running at this rate. And he might start playing soccer as well." Keiko thought as she rinsed herself off "Of course it will be his choice." at that moment, Yusha crawled back over to her and patted Keiko's legs "Oh, you want up again, huh?"

Keiko picked still-naked Yusha up in her arms and stepped into the warm tub "Do you take baths like this with Mai?" Yusha giggled in response as he adjusted himself to face Keiko's chest "What are you..." Keiko held Yusha off as he tried to suck on Keiko's nipple "I told you there's no milk to suck out there." But Yusha just continued to reach out and whimper for Keiko's breasts. Eventually Keiko found it impossible to resist Yusha's demand "(sigh) Alright, just this once." Keiko relented and brought Yusha closer, allowing him to suck on her nipple. Keiko felt weird at first but soon relaxed. "Saito's sucked on them before, but this feels different." Keiko thought as Yusha appeared to be falling asleep "Is this how a mother feels as they breastfeed their child?" Keiko got out of the tub and went back to the room, carefully keeping Yusha level so he didn't slip. Keiko gently removed Yusha from her nipple and dressed him in his pajamas. Keiko got dressed herself and picked up Yusha again, who whined to suck Keiko's breasts some more. Keiko gave in, exposed one of her breasts. As Yusha continued to suck he seemed to be falling asleep. Soon enough, Keiko seemed to be falling asleep herself.

"I'm home!" Saito called as he walked in a few hours later, around 10:30 "Keiko?" Saito walked into the main room and saw that Keiko and Yusha were both sleeping on the bed "What happened while I was gone?" Saito noticed the towel from the bath "I guess they fell asleep after getting out of the bath."

"Please grow up strong, baby brother." Keiko muttered in her sleep as she held Yusha closer

"Well, whatever." Without waking them up, Saito pulled the covers out from under them and covered them so they wouldn't get cold "Can't have you two getting colds." said Saito as he turned the thermostat up higher. Saito then sat down on the floor to sleep.

Sunday February 6th;

Keiko woke up first the next morning. She was surprised that she and Yusha had sheets over them, but understood when she saw Saito. After waking Saito up, getting dressed, and dressing Yusha, the three of them had breakfast and went out to the park.

"Taking care of Yusha like this, it almost feels like we're parents." said Keiko, who had Yusha in her arms "Although you didn't help at all yesterday."

"I said I was sorry." Saito replied

"You see those two over there?" said an elderly from yesterday

"You two again?! Didn't I already explain it yesterday?!" Keiko exclaimed. The two ladies recognized Keiko, apologized and took off "Honestly."

"Did those two give you a hard time yesterday?" Saito asked

"They took one look at me with Yusha and assumed he was my son."

"If he didn't have blond hair, it would be an easy mistake to make. You two look so much alike."

"True." Yusha, sound asleep, snuggled closer to Keiko "I wonder who our first child will look like." Keiko suddenly became aware of what she said and added hastily "No! That's... forget I said that!"

"If we have a daughter, she'll be as gorgeous as her mother." Saito said with a smile

".... Baka."

The day passed by without much incident, unless you count the couple being unable to change Yusha's diapers. Yuki also came along to play with Yusha before she was called for an emergency shift at work. 7:00pm soon came, and with it Mai returned for Yusha.

"Thanks so much for this. I don't know how to thank you two." said Mai as Saito handed her the baby bag

"Don't worry about it." said Keiko as she handed Yusha to Mai

"Were you good to Onee-chan this weekend?" Mai cooed to Yusha, but Yusha was asleep "Babies sleep more during the day than they do at night."

"Actually, he was pretty quiet last night." said Keiko

"Only three months old, and already he's showing favoritism." Mai sobbed, but she recovered herself "Come around to my place sometime."

"We'll try." Keiko said as Mai closed the door behind her

"It's a bit sad to see him go." said Saito as they sat down on the bed

"You know we can actually see him anytime."

"I know." Saito put a hand on Keiko's belly


"Even though it would've been very bad timing, it feels a shame that our first one miscarried."

"Now that I think on it, you're right." Keiko agreed "When Ushio-san confirmed the miscarriage, I should've been relieved, but all I felt was... disappointment. Oh well... one day."

"One day." Saito repeated just as they kissed

Their first time as babysitters was behind them, but Keiko was actually looking forward to doing so again. Even while their second year of highschool was only a month away, Keiko and Saito found themselves thinking of the day they would become parents themselves.

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