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New 1st Years

Monday April 4th 2033;

Spring Break was over and Keiko was anticipating her return to Enoshima for her second year of high school.

"You sure didn't let yourself get out of shape during the break." said Natsumi as she Miyuki and Keiko exercised in the apartment fitness center shortly before Keiko was due to leave for the opening ceremony.

"I'm gonna need to be at my best for our fresh newcomers." said Keiko, who was doing push-ups on a mat "Don't wanna disappoint them."

"You're going to be fine." said Miyuki, who was lifting weights with Natsumi's help "Your popularity will get you a whole bunch of new recruits compared to last year."

"I hope it's not just that alone." Keiko replied as she sat to rest

"Kei-chan!" Yuki exclaimed as she ran into the room. She was already wearing her uniform and looked ready to leave "You're still here? We gotta hustle or we'll be late."

"But we got plenty of time." Keiko replied

"I beg to differ." said Natsumi, pointing to the clock

Keiko looked at it and saw that it was a bit later than she thought it was. Almost panicking, Keiko rushed upstairs to her and Saito's room.

"Why didn't you text me when it was getting this late?!" Keiko demanded as she started changing as fast as she could

"I did." Saito, who was already done changing, replied

"What do you mean?" Keiko looked at her phone and saw that she had an unread message from Saito

After Keiko finished changing with haste, the three second year high schoolers took off for Enoshima as fast as they could.

"I can't believe we're nearly late on our first day back." said Keiko as they changed their shoes

"Who's fault is that?" Yuki asked

"At least, we aren't late." said Saito

"There you are." said Yukari, appearing at the doorway "I've been looking for you three. Hurry up and help us start the recruiting."

The three of them followed Yukari to where club recruitment was taking place.

"Any hopefuls so far, Captain?" Yuki asked

"Five so far." Yukari replied

"Make that ten!" said Haruhi, who had heard them, as she showed Yukari a clipboard with a list of new recruits "We even scored two managers. One of which seems to be foreign."


"Didn't speak much Japanese." said Amuro "It was hard to understand and her accent was terrible. How she got into our school, I don't know."

"Anyway, start passing out flyers you three." said Yukari as she handed the three of them stacks of recruitment flyers

The recruitment went on for most of the morning. Partway, Saito was called away to help with recruiting for the Art Club. Keiko found herself crowded by admiring first years more than once, which had to be broken up by the rest of the team. By the time it was time to find their new classes, they had a total of twenty first year recruits.

"That was exhausting." said Keiko as she collapsed in her seat of their new homeroom, 2-C. In class 2-C was almost everyone from last year, save for a couple of boys and girls Keiko didn't recognize.

"What are you complaining about?" Yuki asked "It was your presence that got us so many recruits."

"Out of all of them, I doubt half of them have any experience." said Keiko

"I concur." said Saito "A lot of those girls didn't look like real athletes."

"So we might've gotten a few amateurs." said Chloe "With the proper training, they could still be assets."

"Chloe-chan's right. Let's not give up on them yet." said Yuzuki

"I can't wait to see where this will go." said Miho

"At least, we got two new managers like you wanted." Keiko told Saito "Now you can focus on the Art Club more."

"Yeah." Saito replied modestly

"Shirayuki." Eikichi called from the rear door


"There's this weird first year girl looking for you. Doesn't speak much Japanese."

"Saito!" the girl wailed as she flung into the room and threw herself around Saito. Keiko and Saito instantly recognized her as Juliet Abbatucci "Ho trasferito in! [I transferred in!]" she said in Italian

"Juliet?! What are you doing here?!" said Keiko, standing up in surprise

Juliet released Saito and addressed the group

"I... changed... in." Juliet told them in the best Japanese she had "Practiced... Japanese."

"Her accent really is terrible." Keiko thought "Just talk in English. What are you doing here?"

"I transferred in. I'm now an Enoshima High first year. And I just joined the Girl's Team as a manager."

"Who's this?" Miho asked

"Juliet Abbatucci. One of Saito's childhood friends from his years in Italy." Keiko explained "I can't believe she made it into our school."

"Juliet, why did you enroll into Enoshima?" Saito asked

"To chase after you." Juliet told them simply

"But you said I didn't have to worry about you trying to get between us." said Keiko

"I lied."

"So we have another foreigner in our ranks." Miho and Yuzuki said in unison while looking at Chloe

"What're those looks for?" Chloe demanded

"We get to be together again as managers!" Juliet exclaimed before kissing Saito's cheek, causing Keiko to snap and pull them apart

"Keep your lips off my boyfriend!" Keiko exclaimed, holding them as far apart as her arms could reach

"Girls, please." said Saito

"A boy, his childhood friend and his girlfriend caught in a love triangle. Classic." said Miho as Keiko glared at Juliet while Juliet just gave her a friendly smile

"I'll say." said Yuzuki

"All right class, settle down." said Mai, who just walked in "And could you please go back to your own classroom, miss first year?"

"Che cosa ha detto? [What did she say?]" Juliet asked Saito

"Ha detto che di tornare al tuo aula. [She said to go back to your own classroom.]" Saito replied

"Oh! Sì, signora! [Yes, Ma'am!]" Juliet was out the door in a second

"If she's here, where's her brother?" Keiko asked Saito as they took their seats again

"Aside from attending the same art seminars as me, he's enrolled in a different high school." Saito explained "Had to study our lingo hard, both of them."

After roll call, during which everyone welcomed Mai back to school, they went down to the gym for the opening ceremony.

After the ceremony, it was time for the first gathering of the new trimester for the team. The second and third years, Keiko, Yukari and Haruhi front-and-center, gathered in front of one of the goals while the twenty new first years gathered in front of them. The boys were holding the same sort of meeting on the other side of the field. Mai was currently absent since she was called to the faculty office, but would be along shortly.

"Welcome to the team, first years." said Yukari "I'm Yukari Hayakawa, your new captain. You may not know this, but we place a lot on emphasis on having fun as much as we aim to win. You may be aware that we made it all the way to the summer nationals last year."

"But lost in the first round." said one of the first years

"We were up against one of the strongest schools in Japan, of course we didn't stand a chance!" Yukari retorted

"More than twice as many first years compared to last year." Yuzuki whispered to Sachiko

"No kidding." Sachiko replied "But I expected more. Is this the extent of Keiko's popularity?"

"I heard that!" said Keiko, briefly turning to face them before turning back to survey the first years "None of them looks as bad as they made it sound." Keiko thought "But how many of them have real experience?" Keiko eyes hit the end of the line of first years and she noticed an all too familiar redheaded face; it was Noriko Kishitani "Noriko?!" Keiko exclaimed when she saw her, causing all eyes to turn to her

"Kishitani-san? What are you doing here?" Saito, who was hanging in the background with Juliet and the other first year manager, asked

"What do you think? I go here now." Noriko replied, uncomfortably

"But we were sure you'd go on to Kamakura High. Why did you enroll here?" Yuki asked, but Noriko just looked away, her face going a bit red "No way! You failed the Kamakura High Entrance Exam, didn't you?" Yuki asked slyly

"Sh-shut up!" Noriko shouted


"You gave us quite a bit of trouble during the practice match against Kama Middle last year." said Yukari "Anyway, welcome to the team."

"Go sit on a porcupine." said Noriko

"That's not nice." said three voices that came from a set of identical triplets

"And you three are?" Moka asked

"Hibiki Getto." said the first triplet

"Fujiko Getto." said the middle triplet

"Mikiri Getto." said the third triplet

"Triplets. Great." said Yukari

"We are the ultimate soccer trio." the three explained in sync

"Those three could give the opponents some trouble." Amuro said to Momoko

"True." Momoko replied

"There's another name on this list I recognize." said Yukari "Rikka Togashi?"

"That's me." said Rikka, who was near where Noriko was standing. Keiko spotted her and noticed that she was a heterochromatic, with a blue left eye and a green right eye.

"Weren't you that Track and Field 100m sprinter from Kawasaki Middle? The one who got silver representing Japan at the 2030 Summer Youth Olympics?"

"The same." Rikka confirmed "But I was tired of it and decide to try my hand at soccer."

"I don't like your attitude." said Noriko "Don't take soccer lightly. Unlike track, it's a team sport." several first years nodded in agreement

"I know that, that's the other reason I quit track. But the main reason I joined was because of Aizawa-senpai!" Rikka up front hugged Keiko, unable to restrain herself any longer

"R-Rikka?" Keiko inquired, as Rikka looked up at her starry-eyed

"I saw your last match with Nadeshiko Japan against South Africa! You were amazing! I wanna be just like you! A top-level soccer player!"

Keiko didn't know what to think knowing she had a fan like this.

"Alright, that's enough of that. Back in line, freshie." said Asuka, pulling Rikka off Keiko and back into the line

"Sorry I'm late, girls." Mai called as she ran to join them

"Newcomers, this is Mai Murasaki. Our coach and faculty adviser." said Keiko as Mai joined them

"Welcome to the team." said Mai

"Thanks for having us." the first years chorused

"I hope this girls can keep up." said Akane

"I don't think we'll have to worry." said Yui

"Ça fait pas mal de sang frais qu'on a là cette année. [That's quite a bit of fresh blood we got here this year.]" said Chloe

"Tu l'as dit. [You said it.]" said Keiko

"Aizawa-senpai speaks French too?" Rikka asked starry-eyed "Another reason I idol you!"

"What are we gonna do with this one?" Haruhi asked Yukari

"Just leave her alone." Yukari replied

"Alright girls." said Mai "We're taking a break from tradition this year and calling it a day today. But tomorrow we start. We'll have morning practice off since it'll be too cold, but be at Higashihama Beach after school at 3:30pm sharp. First years, be sure to bring your best swimsuit, those who don't have one can borrow from the club room."

Most of the first years exchanged confused looks

"Did we have those same looks on our faces last year?" Keiko asked Yukari

"Oh yeah." Yukari replied

Later that evening, Keiko, Saito, Mai and Yusha joined her family for dinner.

"What a day." Keiko said exhaustedly at the dinner table "We were nearly late, and we got twenty new first years, one of which is really taken with me."

"I don't know what you're complaining about." said Ryo as she scratched a purring Shiro behind the ears "We didn't even get half that this year. We're fortunate that there are a still a decent number of second and third years."

"High school is something else, isn't it?"

"It's your second year and it took you that long to realize?" Hiroki asked


"I hope Yusha wasn't too much trouble." said Mai, who had Yusha in her lap playing with a few hand-me-down toys from his elder siblings, which Ryo had dug out of the closet days prior

"I keep telling you it's no trouble." Nana, who was putting the finishing touches on dinner, told her for the fifth time "I'm more than happy to look after him."

"And thanks again for the toys, you four." Mai told the Aizawa siblings

"It's no biggie. We outgrew them years ago." said Keiko

"And we don't see mom giving us anymore siblings anytime soon." said Hiroki, which Nana gave a sarcastic hallow laugh in reply

"What's eating you, Ryo-chan?" Saito asked, noticing Ryo looked unhappy

"Kido-kun joined the girls team as a manager." Hiroki told them for her

"I swear, he's stalking me. He's been getting cocky since white day. Honestly, boys are just pervs." Ryo complained, giving Hiroki a weird look

"What are you looking at me for?"

"Enough you two." said Saito "And don't include all boys in that category. Especially Hiroki-kun, who doesn't have the guts to touch a girl."

"That's right. Your Onii-chan is such a wuss, isn't he?" Mai asked giggling Yusha in a cooing voice

"So I'm still a little embarrassed!" Hiroki exclaimed before addressing Saito "And what do you mean 'touch a girl', Saito-nii?"

"Nothing important!" said Keiko, grabbing Saito's ear to keep him from replying, then whispering into it "All Hiroki knows about sex is what he learned about reproduction in sex education classes. He's ignorant about everything else. I want to keep it that way for now, since he's still young."

"But doesn't Ryo-chan-"

"She knows everything already, only because of what happened to her last year. Hiroki doesn't truly understand what rape is anyway." Keiko released Saito's ear and turned to Ryo "I thought you were giving Hidehiko-kun a chance?" said Keiko

"Not if he keeps pushing his luck." said Ryo

"Enough, all of you." said Nana, serving dinner at last "You just started the first trimester. Have some patience."

"Where's Kakeru-san?" Saito asked, noticing Kakeru still wasn't at the table

"He's resting in our room." said Nana "I'll bring him his dinner later."

"Daddy's not feeling well?" Koichi asked

"He's just tired." Nana then noticed that Keiko looked extremely downhearted at this "(sigh) I guess it's time we told you."

"Told us what?" Keiko asked

"A life-saving surgery for your father had been scheduled." said Mai

"What?! When?! How?!" Keiko stammered

"We don't know all the details, but a famous surgeon got wind of you father's condition and volunteered to help him, via a new method that can remove the cancer without fatal effects, and free of charge." Mai explained "We don't know what exactly the procedure is, so don't ask us. After various negotiations and agreements, it's been set for this June, at Charité Hospital, Berlin, Germany."

"Papa has to go to Europe to get it?" Ryo asked, oblivious to the fact that Shiro had lept to safety since she was choking him

"It's the only place they can do it." Nana told them "This particular procedure has never been done on a human being before, and no hospital in Japan had the equipment to do it. Everything's already been set, so all we can do now is wait for the appointed day. And as it so happens, Nadeshiko Japan has a planned trip abroad at the same time as the surgery. We'll be able to be there with him." Keiko was still numb with shock from the possibility of Kakeru being saved that she would've fallen over if Saito weren't supporting her. "Anyway, don't fret over it any longer, your father will make it. So just go on with your normal school lives for the time being. Kakeru won't like it if he sees you worrying."

"And we have to start breaking in our new first years tomorrow." said Mai "Don't want them to see that expression on your face.

At this, Keiko slapped her cheeks and pulled herself together.

After dinner, Keiko and Saito went back to Sakagami. Too tired from the day, and still shaken from Nana and Mai's revelation, they just went to bed together wearing only underwear

"So Papa can be saved? He'll live to see me graduate and go to college?" Keiko thought as she rested her head on Saito's bare chest "If the surgery succeeds, Yusha will be able to know him? I can't keep thinking of this! I have to start breaking in the first years tomorrow."

It was midnight before Keiko finally fell asleep. After school, which was a half-day, it was time for the first beach soccer session of the new school year.

Tuesday April 5th, After School

"Yay! Beach Soccer, Beach Soccer!" a few of Keiko's fellow second years exclaimed, running onto the sand. Everyone was wearing their swimwear

"So this is what they were talking about." said a first year, stepping onto the warm sand cautiously

"Don't be so reserved." said Yui and Momoko, pushing two first years onto the sand

"Beach soccer should be fun." said the triplets in sync, jumping onto the sand hand-in-hand

"Aizawa-senpai, you look so sexy in that!" Rikka exclaimed to Keiko, admiring her in her swimsuit

"Uh... Ari... gato? You look good too." said Keiko.

"You think so?" asked Rikka, who was wearing a blue and green string bikini "My boobs aren't as big as yours, though."

"You didn't seem very surprised." a first year said to Noriko

"That's because I practiced with them like this once last year." Noriko, who was wearing a dark green bikini, replied

"Enough everyone. Let's start." said Yukari

"You're really into this." said Mai

"I haven't even started." Yukari replied before turning back to the team "We're gonna try something new today. But first I should tell you that we've arranged for a practice game one week from today with Tsujido High's Girls team."

"Already? That was quick." several first years muttered

"Anyway, that's next week." Yukari continued "For now let's practice. We're going to break in the first years  by seeing what they can do. First years vs. upperclassmen, five on five. I've gonna have Momoko be keeper against the underclass, So I want any first years hoping for the keeper spot wanna volunteer to keep against the senpais." Six first years made their intentions known and Yukari picked one to start, then turned to announce the first two teams "First five first years, Noriko, Rikka, and the triplets. The first upperclass team, Keiko, Chloe, Moka, Sachiko, and Kiyomi."

Keiko and Chloe got in forwards position while Moka, Sachiko, and Kiyomi arranged themselves behind them, and Momoko set up to Keep. Keiko kicked off with Chloe at Mai's whistle, but found herself distracted. Juliet, also wearing a bikini, was trying to jet chummy with Saito and hug his arm, trying to put it between her breasts.

"That little- Hey!" Keiko exclaimed. Noriko had taken the ball from Keiko

"Don't let yourself get distracted!" Noriko called back, just before Kiyomi slid in and took the ball back

"Neither should you, rookie." said Kiyomi as she passed to Sachiko

"I'm no rookie!"

Sachiko brought the ball close to the water, only to be blocked by all three triplets. Identical to the last detail and wearing matching swimsuits, Sachiko found herself confused as they moved around and lost the ball to them "Wh-who's who?!" Sachiko exclaimed as the triplets broke away with the ball

"I guess those three will come in handy after all." said Keiko, standing idle near the goal with Chloe

"Certainement! [Definitely!]" Chloe replied as the triplets drew closer

Keiko and Chloe blocked Hibiki and Fujiko, but Mikiri went closer to the goal, only stopped in time by the return of Moka, who sent the ball back towards the water with a high kick. At this, Keiko broke away from her charge and made to intercept, but Rikka ran for it too.

"I got it!" Rikka exclaimed

"No, you don't!" Keiko got the ball first and made it past Rikka using the Phi Trick, leaving Rikka confused as Keiko kicked the ball into the water.

"(Peep) Nice one, change!" said Yukari once she blew her whistle

Keiko and her fellow upperclassmen switched to offense, the first years to defense, and the first year keeper switched with Momoko

"You girls aren't bad." Sachiko said to the first years

"Just watch us!" Noriko exclaimed

The exchange went one for another ten minutes, both teams having scored a single goal, before Yukari ordered the teams to be changed

"Fifteen minutes of running on the sand and we're already tired." the triplets said in sync

"That's beach soccer for ya." said Yuki as she joined the next upperclass team

"You girls have done good so far." said Keiko

"Compliment from Aizawa-senpai!" Rikka exclaimed, starry-eyed

"Don't let it go to your head." said Keiko as she turned her attention to the current practice teams. The current first years were easily getting the edge over the upperclasswomen."Those five aren't too bad either."

"Maybe winning the Summer Nationals isn't out of reach this year." said Miho

After a fulfilling first practice, the team returned to Enoshima for a shower before going home

"That was a great first practice!" Yukari exclaimed as she dried her hair "All of the first years gave a much better impression than they did yesterday."

"Thanks for the compliment." said the triplets, who were washing each other in the same stall

"Maybe we'll have a much easier time in the Inter-High this year." said Keiko, still in another stall. All of a sudden, two first years slipped into Keiko's stall "Uh... Chisa Yuki and Yuko Minami, right?"

"Uh-huh. Aizawa-senpai, tell us," said Chisa holding up and imaginary mic "What's the secret to being the best female player in Kanagawa?"

"Or rather... what's the secret to your bangin', smokin' hot, body?" said Yuko, as she and Chisa both grabbed one of Keiko's breasts "So soft!"

"Keep your hands to yourself!" Keiko exclaimed as the two rubbed her all over

"Are they this soft because Shirayuki-senpai rubs them every night?" Chisa asked, now feeling Keiko's butt

"Not every night! Now let go of me you two!" but they didn't let go

"Keiko è ​​così popolare, anche con giovanes. [Keiko's so popular, even with juniors.]" said Juliet

"Speak Japanese with them, or don't speak at all." Chloe told her

"Several of us enrolled in this school just to be on the same team as her." said a first year as Rikka joined Chisa and Yuko

"If you knew what she was like in Kamakura Middle, you'd say different." said Noriko

"Ask us if we care." said another first year

"Nevertheless, we won't let you down, senpai!" said Chisa, still feeling Keiko

"Will you three let go of me!?" Keiko exclaimed

"That's enough." said Yukari as she, Moka and Amuro pulled them off Keiko "Keiko-chan's body belongs to Saito-kun."

"Yukari, don't tell them that!"

"But it's true." said Yuki

"Listen up." said Mai, now drying her own hair "No matter how much talent you girls have, you won't get a spot on the starting lineup, or the bench, unless you earn it. Now that we have thirty-five players total, I hardly need to tell you that fifteen won't be on either this summer. So you best work hard."

"Yes, Coach!" the team chorused

"Nevertheless, have fun."

"Yes, Coach!" the team chorused again

"This is gonna be another long year." Keiko said to Yuki

"You said it." Yuki replied

The following week, the girls team played their first practice game against Tsujido High.

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