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Birthdays, Valentines &... a Wedding?

January had gone in the blink of an eye. Sanae, having turned 20 in April of the previous year, had gone to the Coming of Age Ceremony, at her mother's insistence, accompanied by her family, and a few of the Aizawas. She had a difficult time with it, as she couldn't see any of her fellow new adults. Nevertheless, everyone made sure he had a good time.

It was now February, and part of it had gone by. And this was a month of celebration for Keiko and her three eldest younger siblings.

Thursday February 10th, 2033, after school, Keiko's 16th birthday.

"Happy Birthday, Keiko!" everyone gathered at the Aizawa house exclaimed before Keiko blew out the candles. Gathered were all the Aizawas minus Kakeru and Nana's parents, the Shirayukis, Yuki and Tariq, Mai and Yusha, Chloe and Saki. "Thanks everyone." Keiko replied

After the cake, everyone who managed to bring a present began passing it to Keiko.

"By the way, Hiroki-kun." said Saki as Keiko unwrapped Michiru's present to her, which turned out be an assortment of hairclips

"Yeah?" Hiroki replied

"Isn't your birthday in a few days?"

"He and Ryo were born on Valentine's Day." said Kakeru

"You can expect something special!" Saki told Hiroki earnestly

"Y-yeah." Hiroki said, his face red again "But... um... when's your birthday?"

"March 3rd." Saki replied

"It took Hiroki that long to ask?" Keiko whispered to Mai as the latter handed her present to her

"That boy." Mai replied

Later, Keiko helped Nana clean up after the party

"I can't tell you how much I look forward to your birthdays." said Nana as she and Keiko did the dishes "You don't have to help you know."

"C'mon, Mom, loosen up will ya." Keiko replied "It's my birthday, I'll do what I want. That reminds me."


"You know how I always give store chocolate to Papa and the boys on Valentine's Day, in addition to Hiroki and Ryo's birthday gifts?"


"Well... this year...."

"This year, you have a special someone to give chocolate to and you don't want to half-ass it." Nana deduced, and Keiko's face went red "Bull's-eye."

"Could you please teach me to make homemade chocolate? Please?"

"Hehehe, don't worry, I'll help." Nana assured "The technique is so easy, even you can't mess it up."

"With my ability, I doubt that."

"Hey, Keiko-chan." said Mito, who just turned up behind them "I know it's your birthday, but can I ask a favor?"

"My answer will depend on what it is." Keiko replied

"On Valentine's day, my friend is supposed to hold a bridal fair and mock wedding to show off some new wedding dress designs. The couple that was supposed to do it suddenly canceled, so would you and Saito be up to...."

"NO! Absolutely and unequivocally, NO!" Keiko replied sternly

"Eeeeeeehhhhhhh?! Why not?"

"Even if it's just for show, I'm not putting Saito through something that embarrassing. Furthermore, we've had it up to here with everyone calling us a married couple. If people we know see us in those pictures, it will just make it worse."

"But I don't know anybody else who can do it! Hiroki-kun and Saki-chan are far too young, and Kake-nii and Nana-nee are too old."

"Old?!" Nana exclaimed with all her dignity "We're still young."

"For the moment." said Keiko, before turning back to Mito "The answer is still no." Keiko went back to washing the dishes before an idea popped into her head "Wait a minute. I think I know a couple who can do it. When's the deadline for a replacement couple?"

"The mock wedding starts at 4:00pm on Valentine's Day, so about 3:00pm."

"Don't worry. I got you covered."

"You better come through." said Mito

"What is this girl up to?" Nana thought

Monday February 14th, Valentine's Day, and Hiroki and Ryo's 13th birthday;

"I don't know about this." said Saito as he, Keiko, Chloe and Yuki walked past the school gates "Do you think they'll agree?"

"Don't worry. I happened to run into the guy a while back and discovered something pretty unbelievable." Keiko told them "Contrary to how he usually acts so indifferent, he actually has a thing for her."

"I hope you're right, Kei-chan." said Yuki "Because if this goes wrong, Mito-san's gonna let you have it."

"Trust me." said Keiko

"Je ne pense vraiment pas qu'ils seront d'accord. [I really don't think they'll agree.]" Chloe muttered to herself

After changing their shoes the three of them went to the third year's wing and found Suzuka and Miki outside class 3-D, Yamato's class, and Suzuka, holding a box of chocolate in front of her, was acting more than a little jittery

"Will you stop being so jittery!" Miki told her best friend "Just go in there and give it to him."

"After how badly I failed at Christmas?! I can't even look him in the eye anymore! How can I give him this?!" Suzuka wailed

"Oh, for God's sake!"

"What's going on here?" Keiko asked

"Hey, you four." said Miki "Can you talk some sense into this girl?"

"Don't bring our kohais into this!" said Suzuka

"She made this chocolate with all her feelings, but she's getting cold feet at the last second." Miki continued

"Don't tell them that!"

"We heard something about not being able to look him in the eye after failing at Christmas. What happened back then?" Yuki inquired

"Would you believe it? This girl brought Yamato-kun to her room, stripped naked in front of him, and confessed her feelings. Only to be rejected with a simple 'sorry'. She didn't come out of her room for a week." Suzuka's face went red as Miki explained the events

"That was too bold." said Chloe

"I don't want hear that from you." Suzuka replied

"Anyway, Suzuka, would you be willing to help my aunt with something?" Keiko asked

"Sure. What for?" Suzuka asked, confused

"You'll see." Keiko handed her a little note with an address on it "Go to this address by 3:00. And just stick that in his locker for now." Keiko went into the classroom

"What was that about?" Suzuka asked

"If we tell you now, she'll kill us." said Yuki, and Chloe and Saito nodded "By the way, how did your entrance exams go?"

"Oh they were a breeze." said Miki "We're going to different colleges though. Suzuka's going to Nittaidai, I'm going to Jindai."

"I guess it's true that you go separate ways after graduation." said Chloe, just as Keiko emerged from the room

"Success!" she exclaimed

"What for?" Suzuka asked

"You'll see. Just come to that address by 3:00."

Meanwhile at Kamakura Middle;

"Happy birthday, Hiroki-kun!" Saki exclaimed, holding out two gifts - her chocolate in one hand and her birthday gift to Hiroki in the other. Hiroki put his face in his sleeve to hide his tears of joy

"Honestly, that boy." said Ryo, sitting at her desk with Rika and Hikaru on either side of her

"Jealous that you don't have someone, Ryo-chan?" Hikaru asked

"Not hardly." Ryo replied as Hidehiko came up next to them

"What do you want?"

"Well... I... um.... Happy Birthday, Aizawa-san." Hidehiko stammered, holding out his gift to Ryo

"Um... Arigato." Ryo replied, taking the gift from him and pulling a small bag form her desk "Here. I'll expect another gift on White Day."

"Arigato." Hidehiko replied, walking away as tears started to leak from his eyes

"Finally giving him a chance?" Rika asked

"Shut up."

Later that day;

Suzuka and Miki were walking to the address Keiko had shown them

"What do you think this was about?" Miki asked just before they arrived "And what did she say to Yamato-kun? He was looking tense when I saw him."

"How should I know?"

"And why did you accept whatever Keiko wanted so fast?"

"I've given her a bit of trouble this past year. The least I could do is doing her a favor, no questions asked."

"There is such as a thing as 'too honorable' ya know." said Miki as they arrived at their destination, which appeared to be a church "Isn't this a church?"

"There you are!" said Keiko, running out of the building wearing a formal dress, with two female employees with her "Thanks for this."

"Are you Akitsuki-san?" one of the employees asked

"Yeah? Keiko, what's this about?" Suzuka inquired

"You'll see. Now let's get you changed."


Before Suzuka could say another word, Keiko snapped her fingers and the two employees dragged her to a dressing room, Keiko and Miki following. Within minutes, they forced Suzuka out of her uniform and into a white wedding dress, and applied wedding make-up.

"Suzuka, you look gorgeous!" said Keiko as the employees finished dressing her and handed her a bouquet

"Do you plan on giving me an explanation or not!?" Suzuka asked angrily "Why am I in a wedding dress?!"

"Let's just say, you're getting married." Mito, also wearing formal attire, said simply

"M-m-ma-married!" Miki stammered

"But I don't even have a boyfriend!" Suzuka exclaimed

"It's just a mock wedding. Pretend. No legal significance. Just to show off that dress designed by my friend." said Mito

"That aside, who's my partner?" Suzuka asked

Right on queue; Saito walked in wearing a black suit "Why do I have to do this?" Saito asked, trying to loosen the bow

"Are you kidding me?!"

"Saito's just walking you down the aisle." said Keiko "Your real partner is already waiting at the altar."

"If I didn't owe you any favors." said Suzuka, irritably

Keiko and Miki joined Yuki and Chloe in the gathered audience, which included Suzuka's sister, Hibiki, who was well aware of this, while Saito and Suzuka got in position behind the doors to the main room.

"I can't believe Keiko's making me do this." Suzuka complained just as the doors were to open

"Quit complaining." Saito replied "If all goes well, you'll have your wish come true when this is over."

"What does that mean?"

"You'll see."

The doors opened and Saito began escorting Suzuka to the altar. It wasn't until they were halfway there that the man playing the groom turned around for them to see. Seeing who it was nearly made Suzuka's heart jump out of her chest. It was Yamato Koishikawa. Suzuka's surprise was evident on her face, but she held herself back until Saito let her go at the altar.

"What are you doing here?" Suzuka asked Yamato in a whisper out of the corner of her mouth as the priest started

"Doing as I'm told." Yamato replied "We'll talk later, just play along for now."

"I can't believe you talked Yamato-senpai into doing this." Yuki whispered to Keiko "How did you do it?"

"I've been wondering that myself." said Hibiki

"It's a secret." Keiko replied as she recalled how she learned of Yamato's true feelings


Saturday January 22nd;

"Why did Nadeshiko have to have a game today?!" Keiko asked herself irritably as she walked home from a game with Nadeshiko Japan against South Africa (aka Banyana Banyana), which ended in a 3-3 draw "I wanted to spend the whole day alone with Saito." Just as she was about to board the train back to Kamakura, she noticed Yamato, looking disgruntled. After they boarded the train, she went over to greet him. "Ya-ho, Senpai!" Keiko exclaimed when she got near him

"What are you doing here, Aizawa?" Yamato asked

"Nadeshiko had a match against South Africa today. But I could ask you the same question." Keiko replied

"I actually saw that match. Pathetic."

"You have no right to criticize us!"

"Anyway," Yamato continued as if Keiko had never replied "I was scouted by the National Men's Team. I came to watch their practice."

"You were scouted! That's great!"

"They also recommended me for Nippon Sport Science University."

"Nittaidai? I'll be applying there too."

"Good for you." Yamato replied dully

A few minutes of silence passed. Keiko having no idea what else to say. Finally, Suzuka popped into her head. "How did things go with, Suzuka?" Keiko asked, and Yamato flinched "What happened?"

"(sigh) I just have no idea what that girl is thinking." Yamato replied

"What happened?" Keiko repeated

"She confessed to me at Christmas."

"And? How did you reply?"

"I said 'sorry'."

"You what?! Do you have any idea how she feels about you?!" Keiko asked furiously

"All too well."

"Do you have any idea what she's done to make you notice her?!"

"Like pushing your team to be successful, or making sure my boys stayed in line? How could I not notice?"

"Then why...?"

"I just couldn't say yes. I can't make her happy."

"You mean you don't feel the same way about her?" Keiko inquired, but Yamato never replied.

A half-hour later, the train arrived in Kamakura, and there was a rush to get out. In the confusion, Yamato dropped his bag, and Keiko, who had lagged behind to avoid the clutter, picked it up.

"Here." said Keiko, holding out his bag after she made it onto the platform

"Thanks." Yamato replied, reaching out to take his bag back. But before he could grab the strap, Keiko noticed that it was open and something strange was sticking out of his student handbook, and pulled it out. "Hey! Don't go through other people's things!"

"Oh, come off it!" Keiko replied as she flapped open, and out fell several pictures of Suzuka "And what are these?" Keiko asked happily as she gathered them up before Yamato could

"Give me those!" Yamato demanded, trying to snatch them back, but Keiko held them out of reach

"You like her! Admit it, you like her!"

Yamato recognized defeat and backed off. "Yes. I like... no... I love her. I always have." Yamato admitted "She looks like she's glowing when she's playing. I fell for her at once when I saw her play for the first time. After all she's done for her team, and for me, since we met... how could I not. But I can't make her happy. I'm not good enough for her. She deserves better than me."

"Inferiority complex much." said Keiko, as she held out the pictures, which Yamato snatched back "You know she loves you too. It doesn't matter what you can or can't do for someone. What matters most is...."


"Figure it out yourself."


"There's no meaning to it if you can't figure out what matters most on your own." Yamato looked slightly uncomfortable at this "Anyway, stop lying to her and yourself and admit how you truly feel. Sure you might not be able to make her happy now, but as both of you work together and build a relationship, your whole world and perspective will change. Trust me."

"Speaking from experience?" Yamato inquired

"Oh yeah." Keiko confirmed

Flashback end;

"Yamato-senpai actually reminds me of myself." Keiko thought as the priest neared the end "It was a long time before I could honestly express how I truly felt about Saito."

"You may now kiss the bride." the priest said at last "Just pretending is fine." he added in a whisper

"Why do I wish this were real?" Suzuka asked herself in thought as they faced each other

"Suzuka." Yamato whispered as their faces neared

"Yes?" Suzuka whispered back

"I love you." Yamato then grabbed Suzuka's shoulders and kissed her for real, to everyone's surprise

"Is this a dream?!" Suzuka asked herself in thought, flabbergasted. Feeling Yamato's lips against her own, she closed her eyes. "If it is, I don't wanna wake up."

"I guess I can expect a brother-in-law before long." said Hibiki as Yamato and Suzuka drew away from each other at last, and the others nodded

After the mock ceremony, a photo shoot for the "Bride and Groom" took place, Suzuka and Yamato holding hands throughout the whole thing. After the shoot, Mito's friend thanked them for standing in for the original couple and paid them for the trouble.

With the sun now going down, everyone then went home.

"That was some wedding." said Saito, holding hands with Keiko, as the group walked back to Sakagami after parting ways with Chloe and Hibiki "But don't ever make me do that again."

"No promises." Keiko replied "You're my property after all."

"Since when?"

"Since we got back together months ago."

"Hai, hai, enough you two." said Mito, still wearing what looked like a jealous smile, and admitting an aura that clearly said "Happy couples explode!"

"Uh, Mito-san.... Is anything wrong?" Yuki asked nervously

"Who, me? What could be wrong?" Mito replied in a dangerously sweet voice

"You lost your latest boyfriend, didn't you?" Keiko asked slyly, and Mito snapped

"Last Friday. And what do you mean 'LOST HIM'?! HE WAS ALREADY MARRIED! He was cheating on his wife! Just using me as a substitute for her. All happy couples should just explode!"

"That was technically six weeks." said Saito "What do we do about our bet?"

"You already lost once the three week mark passed." Keiko replied, and Saito handed her ¥6000 in defeat "Arigato."

"That was scary." said Yuki

"Is everyone at your apartment building like this?" Yamato asked Suzuka, holding hands with her

"Only those I know." Suzuka replied

"By the way, Suzuka." said Keiko


"I organized that to help you. If I don't get good news tomorrow, you're gonna get it."

"I know, I know. I owe you big time." Suzuka replied

They arrived at Sakagami soon after that, and everyone went to their rooms.

In Suzuka's room;

"You really shocked me earlier." said Suzuka after they removed their shoes "After you rejected me at Christmas, I thought...."

Yamato kissed her again before she could say anymore "As I said earlier; I love you. I've always loved you. And I regret hurting you." Yamato told her after breaking the kiss "I was just... awkward about it. I thought I was... unworthy of you."

"Unworthy?" Suzuka repeated with a slight laugh "If you were unworthy of me, I would've given up on you long ago." Suzuka stood on her toes and kissed him again "Keiko tells me that you're not only going to Nittaidai, same as me, but you've been scouted by the Men's National Team. Congratulations."

"It's not official yet." Yamato added modestly before they kissed once more

All the past distance between them forgotten, the new lovers lost themselves as they started stripping together. In the process, Yamato and Suzuka ended up somehow on the veranda. Once they were both fully nude, they slowly lowered to the floor as Suzuka lost her strength with Yamato feeling and kissing her all over before he went went down on her. After a few minutes with Yamato doing all the foreplay and taking the young woman to a climax, Suzuka felt it was time to return the favor

"Hey. Let me make you feel good." Suzuka said

"OK." Yamato replied

With Yamato sitting firmly on the floor, Suzuka shifted her gaze on his lower body. Then Suzuka moved down and closer to the object of her fantasies for the last few years. After one quick look into Yamato's eyes, Suzuka went down on the man

"Oh my... You're full of surprises." Yamato gasped as he enjoyed this warm sensation for the first time "Have you ever done this before?"

"Only on bananas and cucumbers for personal practice of this 'art'."

"You're kidding, right?" asked Yamato

"Nope, it's true. My only problem is that bananas and cucumbers melt quickly in my mouth." Suzuka replied before she and Yamato let themselves laugh

Then Suzuka continued with the foreplay by massaging Yamato's most intimate parts in more ways than one. However, the inexperienced Yamato was quickly feeling overwhelmed by the amount of stimulation he had to deal with. After a couple of minutes, he began to twitch

"Su-Suzuka... Something's coming up... Please... stop." Yamato gasped.

Suzuka's first intention was to go all the way with the foreplay. However, she chose to stop it, allowing Yamato to do everything to prevent an early climax at that moment

"Breathe. Just breathe... relax." Suzuka said.

Yamato complied, and that allowed him to tone down his excitement. However, Yusuke felt a little disappointed that he got so close to a climax so soon

"I'm sorry, Suzuka. I wanted to last longer, but I was so close to..."

"It's OK, Yamato. You held it in time. I read that it happens on a boy's first time." Suzuka said before she gave Yamato a little kiss. "It is your first time, right?"

"Well... Yeah, it is." Yamato replied

"It makes me happy. Just take a couple of minutes." Suzuka smiled

Only a minute later though, Suzuka and Yamato started hearing Keiko's gasps from the apartment below. Surprised and embarrassed at first to hear the sound of Keiko and Saito's lovemaking, Suzuka and Yamato were quickly getting aroused again. In no time at all, both Suzuka and Yamato were ready to take the next step

"Want to have more now?" Suzuka asked

"I really want it... I need it." Yamato replied.

"Hold it." Suzuka said before Yamato could go any further. She reached for one of her dresser drawers and pulled a condom out of a small box "That time of the month for me."

"Of course." Yamato replied

"Let me show you what I also learned doing with bananas." Suzuka said with a smile

Then Suzuka applied the condom with her mouth, and teased Yamato for a few more seconds. Finally, Suzuka sat on the drawer with her legs wide open before Yamato moved closer to her. Right after Suzuka gave the nod of approval, Yamato entered her. Almost immediately as the two new lovers joined together, Yamato noticed a certain lack of anatomical resistance

"You're not a virgin? There's no..." said Yamato

"It's a long story, but you're the first one... I'm doing this with out of love. If I could roll back a few years, I still wouldn't have had my first time with anybody else but you." Suzuka replied

"I'm glad you said it. You're truly honest."

"I love you, Yamato." Suzuka gasped as Yamato started pushing back and forth

"I love you too." Yamato replied

Although Yamato was getting quite excited, Suzuka made sure that her new boyfriend would start slowly and then move increasingly faster. As each thrust went deeper, Yamato's groans and Suzuka's moans got louder as well. After a few minutes of lovemaking in a standing position, Yamato took Suzuka to the bed before they carried on for a few more minutes with Yamato being the one on top

"Suzuka, you're so tight... I'm going to... Ohh."

Knowing what was coming up, Suzuka wrapped her legs around Yamato's lower back to tell him what she wanted

"Me too, Yamato... Let's *** together... inside."

Then Yamato went faster and Suzuka loudly moaned in pure ecstasy as they climaxed together. Both lovers then laid one beside the other a few minutes to catch their breaths

"That was great." said Yamato as he peeled the condom off

"That was amazing." Suzuka replied before she grabbed a few tissues to clean up her new boyfriend

"I can do this with you everyday if you want to, Suzuka."

"I would love it." said Suzuka before she and Yamato kissed

"It's still hard to believe that I finally fulfilled this dream I had for so many nights about the two of us." said Yamato

"Have you ever dreamed of having me on top of you?" asked Suzuka

"It has been my wildest fantasy for years."

"I can make this fantasy become a reality right now. You look ready." Suzuka grabbed another condom

"Batter up." Yamato seductively replied

On the floor below;

"Sounds like... those two... hit off round 2... pretty quick." Keiko gasped, also making love with Saito, hearing Suzuka's gasps from the floor above "Not that we're... ones to... talk." Keiko was riding on top of Saito's waist and doing most of the work. A first for them.

"You started this time... right as we got home. When did you become... such a perverted girl?" Saito groaned as Keiko moved back and forth, going faster with each second

"I blame... you." Keiko replied, with gasps and a slight groan "You turned me... into a pervert."

"You think their relationship... will last?" Saito asked

"I'm sure... it will.... They're a lot... like us... after all.... Saito... I'm gonna..."

"Me too..."

The two of them climaxed together.

"Happy Valentine's Day." they said together before kissing passionately

It was a slightly warm, yet still chilly, evening. Spring was fast approaching.

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