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The Price of Ignorance

Tuesday October 19th;

Four days had passed since Keiko and Saito fought and Keiko returned to her family home. Since neither was talking to the other, the rumors had finally reached first and second year ears by Monday afternoon. Now early Tuesday, Kazuto was getting ready for another day as principal when he suddenly received a visitor.

"A guest for you, Kazuto-san." said Ryoko

"Thank you, Ryoko." Kazuto replied, sealing his briefcase as Leon walked past Ryoko "Lafayette-san. What can I do for you?"

"You know very well what." Leon replied "I'm still waiting for you to uphold your end of the deal."


"I managed to get those rumors started and my associate, Yuri Takanashi, came between them. They're now living apart. You got what you wanted, so where's my sister's transfer back to France?"

"I don't know what your talking about." Kazuto replied with a sly smile

"We had a deal!"

"You're right about one thing, I got what I wanted. I don't need you anymore."

"You- you slimy little-"

"Show him out, Ryoko."

"You'll regret this! You have no idea what I can do to you! Je vous ferai payer pour ça! [I'll make you pay for this!]" Leon called back as Ryoko forced him out the door

"Oh, I don't think you can do anything at all."

Later at school;

"Isn't that Keiko Aizawa?" Someone whispered in the hall as Keiko walked by

"I hear that she and Shirayuki have been cheating on each other for some time." said another person "I even saw this weird girl hanging around him the other day."

"But they seemed so lovey-dovey." said another person

"Are you three going to keep gossiping about something that isn't even true!?" Yuki yelled at the three of them, causing the three of them to disperse "You'd think people had better things to talk about." said Yuki as they entered their classroom

"Leave it, Yuki." said Keiko as they took their seats

"Kei-chan, if we let this be it's going to severely effect your reputation."

"I don't give a damn."

At that moment Saito took his seat and Keiko looked away.

"How's Kei-chan at home?" Yuki asked Chloe in a whisper

"She seems normal around the family, but she spends half the night crying, according to Ryo." Chloe whispered back

"That explains why her eyes are so red every day."

"Alright class. Settle down and take your seats." said their substitute teacher

School had become an uncomfortable time for Keiko. Everywhere in the halls and classrooms there was muttering of the rumors. It was to the point that she skipped a few periods on Monday, and was now skipping third period today.

"You don't have to be up here with me." said Keiko as she, Yuki and Chloe skipped third period on the roof "You should just go to class."

"And leave you alone while you're like this?" said Yuki "No way."

"Why do you always try to push us away when we try to help?" Chloe asked, a stick of Pocky in her mouth

"Leave me alone." Keiko replied

"Jouer les durs ne fera que te blesser plus tard. [Acting tough will only make you hurt later.]"

"Talk normal, will ya!"

"Stop it! Both of you." said Yuki "Kei-chan, I know things haven't been going that well for you for the last month, but don't take it out on others, or push us away when we want to help."

"You can't help unless I let you." Keiko replied "But you don't understand anything in the first place."

"Then help us to."

"Keiko, mon amie, you helped me when I was in trouble, but let me help you this time." said Chloe

"Didn't you hear me? I said you don't understand anything!"

"Kei-chan, I swear, in the decade I've known you, you haven't changed a bit!" said Yuki


"You're just too good a person! You always, always, do whatever you can to help when we're in need, but when you need help you just bottle it up. I thought your brief breakup with Saito months back would've taught you to be more open with others about how you're feeling, I can see I was wrong!"

"I just don't want to burden you with my problems."

"Oh, so it's okay for us to burden you with our problems, but not the other way around?"


"C'est vraiment tordu. [That's really messed up.]" said Chloe

"I told you to talk normal!" Keiko exclaimed

"There you are." said Suzuka, who just emerged form the door "What's all the yelling about?"

"Go back to class." said the three first years

"That's my line. Third period's over anyway, but it will reflect poorly on the team if three members of the girls' soccer team from the same class skip too many periods."

Recognizing defeat, the three first years got up and made for fourth period. Halfway there, Keiko got a text from Kazuto.

"My employee will pick you up at the station after school." the text said

"I'm not in the mood." Keiko replied back

"Come anyway!" Kazuto replied

"Who was that from?" Yuki asked when Keiko put her phone away

"None of your business." Keiko replied

"Was it Saito?" Chloe asked

"No, and I said it was none of your business."

"That's what I was talking about earlier." said Yuki

"Just drop it! And, Suzuka."


"I won't be at practice today." Keiko told her

"Again?! I was lenient enough to let yesterday slide, but you're skipping again?!" Suzuka exclaimed "You'll never get back on the starters if you keep this up."

"I'm not likely to get a spot again anyway." Keiko replied then went ahead of them without another word

"Don't say stuff like that. Keiko! Geez."

"Cette fille se prend beaucoup trop au sérieux. [That girl takes herself way too seriously.]" said Chloe

"Will you stop that?" Yuki asked annoyed

Keiko called home to tell her family that she would be out late and went to the station as instructed. She waited nearly an hour before Ryoko arrived for her.

"Aizawa-san?" said Ryoko

"Making me wait an hour? Honestly." Keiko replied as she got in the car

"You're not really in any position to complain."

"I just wanna get this over with and go home." said Keiko as Ryoko began driving

"Kazuto-sama will be busy for a while longer. You're to wait for him until he returns."

"(sigh) Fine."

Ryoko brought Keiko to a hotel that Kazuto had rented for the night and gave Keiko a keycard. Once in the room, Keiko took a shower, put on a robe, and waited.

"It's nearly 6:30!" Keiko thought after waiting for some time "I get that he's the principal of our school, and this is Kazuto's price for Papa getting that surgery, but he should at least be punctual with a girl." images of the fight with Saito flashed through Keiko's mind "I'm sorry, Saito. There's no way I could explain this to you." Just then, the room door opened and Kazuto walked in "It's rude to keep a lady waiting for so long!"

"You're not in any position to complain, unless you want your father to die of that cancer." Kazuto replied, and that shut Keiko up "You know the drill." Kazuto poured a glass of water and put a powder into it, then went to take a shower himself.

Once Kazuto was out of the room, Keiko did as she was told. Once again the effect was almost immediate. Kazuto always made Keiko drink that strange cocktail before they did it. After drinking it, Keiko's body got all hot and sensitive like it would if she were aroused, Except that she wasn't. By the time Kazuto got out of the shower, Keiko was starting to sweat.

Kazuto tore the robe off of Keiko and got down to it before Keiko could prepare herself. Kazuto entered Keiko from behind like usual, but because Keiko was still dry, and Kazuto never seemed to make any attempt to rectify it, it hurt Keiko so bad she felt like screaming. But Keiko never let a sound escape her lips, she wasn't going to give Kazuto the satisfaction of knowing he made her let her voice out.

"He's in his fifties at least! Just how potent is this guy?!" Keiko thought as Kazuto climaxed for the third time in forty minutes "It hurts so much...."

"I'm still okay after this. What about you? Feel like letting your voice out?" asked Kazuto, but Keiko didn't respond "No? Then here we go again." Kazuto began again, but way harder than usual

"I feel like I'm gonna break in two!" Keiko thought as Kazuto thrust harder and harder "Please stop! Just STOP!" Keiko finally let out a cry of pain as Kazuto thrust one final time. It was pain beyond anything she'd experienced thus far.

"So you finally let your voice out huh?" said Kazuto as Keiko's arms collapsed "I guess that's enough. Huh?" Kazuto tried to pull himself out, but found himself "stuck". "What the hell? Is your p***y tightening on me or something? Let me go!"

"I... don't know... what you're saying." Keiko replied weakly

"Damn bitch." Kazuto tried to forcefully pull himself out, but this only caused Keiko more pain, and he continued despite Keiko's pleas to stop. Finally, Kazuto got himself out, and Keiko, her mind blank from the pain, just collapsed. A small stream of blood was issuing from her vagina "I don't know what happened, but it looks like you're just damaged goods now." said Kazuto as he put a robe on and lit a cigarette "What's the matter? Got nothing to say?" Suddenly there was a banging on the door. "We don't need room service." Kazuto called, but the door just burst open and three police officers barged in, one of which was a female "What the devil-"

"Kazuto Shirayuki, principal of Enoshima High and candidate for election to the house?" one of the officers asked

"Yes. What of it?"

"We're acting on a tipoff. You're under arrest for paying an underage prostitute to have sex."

"What do you-"

"Spare us!" said the female, who had a faint trace of a Hiroshima accent, as she grabbed the front of his robe "Remember me?"

"I'm afraid I... Nao Goto." Kazuto replied

"The same." as Nao let him go, allowing one of her fellow officers to handcuff Kazuto

"You know him, Goto-keiji?" one of the officers asked

"We have a history, Sana-kun." Nao replied as she went over to Keiko "Oi, kiddo." Nao said as she shook Keiko's shoulder, her colleagues already left the room with Kazuto "C'mon, getup! You're in trouble too." Nao rolled Keiko onto her side an noticed tears streaming from Keiko's eyes "Kiddo?" Keiko seemed to have lost all sense of herself. Within a few moments of seeing Nao's face, she started screaming out lout in pain. "Oi, Kiddo, what wrong?!"


"OI, kiddo, calm down!"


"Calm down, kiddo." said Nao as she embraced Keiko gently, causing Keiko to calm down a bit "It's alright. It's over." With that, Keiko lost consciousness.

Nao noticed the trickle of blood running down Keiko's legs and realized that the tipoff was partially false, yet she was glad of an excuse to arrest Kazuto. "That old son of a bitch... Same thing as he did to me all those years ago." she mumbled before cringing her teeth in anger. She wrapped Keiko in her trench coat and carried her out of the room in her arms. Several people who heard Keiko scream had come out to see what it was, but Nao just told them to make way.

"What kept ya?" Sana asked Nao, as he put Kazuto in his car

"I just found out we acted on a bad tip." Nao replied

"What?" the third officer asked as he opened the back door of Nao's car for her

"This girl's no prostitute, she's a victim. Her reaction, and the blood I saw, when you two left the room proved that." said Nao as she put Keiko in the back of her car, buckled the seatbelt, then closed the door

"So now what?" Sana asked

"You two book him. I'm taking this kid to the hospital." Nao got in the driver's seat of her car and left without another word

"Where... am I?" Keiko asked weakly when she woke up on the way to the hospital

"In my car, kiddo." Nao replied as she turned a corner "I'm taking you to the hospital. Feel up to answering a few questions on the way?"

"Ask... anything." Keiko replied

"First off, what's your name?"

"Keiko... Aizawa."

"What's your relationship with Kazuto Shirayuki?"

"He said... he would arrange... a lifesaving... surgery... for my dad... if I did... as he asked.... Ooww."

"I know it hurts, but try to keep yourself still. As for Kazuto's promise... he was lying. He was never going to arrange such a thing. Years ago I had a brief affair with him, so I know. Take my word for it."

"I know.... I knew he was lying... but I still believed him... despite my better judge... ment...." Keiko put her arms around her stomach "Ow, it hurts so bad!"

"Hang in there, kiddo."

By the time Nao rolled up to Kamakura Central Hospital's front entrance, Keiko had passed out again.

"(Brrrr) Nights are getting cold again." Nao mumbled as she got out of her car and into the cold evening. She picked up Keiko in her arms again and brought her inside the lobby "Kamakura PD! I need a doctor for this girl!" Nao announced getting everyone's attention

"Nao-chan?" said Ushio, who was also in the lobby

"Ushicchi?" Nao replied, making Ushio flinch

"That's me. I wish you'd stop calling..." Ushio noticed that the girl in Nao's arms was Keiko "Is that Keiko-chan?!"

"You know her?"

"Follow me." Nao did as asked and walked with Ushio "What happened?"

"I got a tip that your ex-husband, who's currently aspirant to be elected to the House of Reps, was paying an underage prostitute to have sex. It turned out to be partially false."

"But how's Keiko-chan involved?" Ushio asked as the arrived in an examination room

"I'll answer that once you tell me how you know her." said Nao as she out Keiko down on the table and took her trench coat away.

"She's my son's girlfriend."

"Okay, good enough for me." Nao explained to Ushio what Keiko had told her on the way. Kana Tsuda and a couple of other doctors, including Ayaka, arrived as she explained

"Of all the rotten... that man pisses me off to no end!" Ushio exclaimed as she and her fellow doctors started examining Keiko "Kana-chan, take a blood sample for analysis

"Right away, Shirayuki-sensei." Kana replied

"Should I inform the family?" Ayaka asked

"Please do." Ushio replied as she observed the inside of Keiko's vagina with a light "No point keeping it from them when they're probably worried. Damn, he did a number on her."

Ayaka told the Aizawas, the Aizawas told Saito, and Saito told Yuki. Kakeru, Nana, Mito, Saito and Yuki arrived within minutes of being informed, but it was more than an hour before Ushio emerged from the examination room to tell them anything.

Finally, Ushio emerged from the room.

"What's the verdict, Ushicchi?" Nao asked

"I wish you'd stop calling me that." Ushio replied as she removed her procedure mask

"You two know each other?" Ayaka asked

"We were friends in high school." Ushio replied before turning to Kakeru and Nana "Kakeru-kun... Nana-chan..."

"I told them all of Keiko's story when they got here." said Nao, but Ushio put up a hand to silence her

"That simplifies things, but please stay out of this, Nao-chan."

"I can't believe that Keiko went through all of that... through hell just to try to help me." said Kakeru

"And I'm a failure as a friend for not noticing the root of all this." said Yuki

"How is Keiko?" Nana asked

Ushio hesitated before answering "Keiko's not in good condition." Ushio told them "The inside of her vagina is red and inflamed, and there are multiple lacerations as well. Some of them might me infected. A sample of her blood is being analyzed for such things, as well as any possible STDs. Then there's her cervix. Tonight's little session seemed to have forced her cervix open more than it should me, to at least half an inch. It should go back to normal over time, but as long as it stays open like that she's at risk of further infections. She'll also have to endure a lot of pain. This is enough to put her in this hospital for a month."

"My god." said Mito

"Another thing. She's developed a very high fever. It just shot up all of a sudden just as we started examining her. She's probably been fighting it for some time and has now succumbed to it."

Just then, Kana came from the room with a sheet of paper in her hand

"This is the result of the analysis, Shirayuki-sensei." said Kana

Ushio took it from Kana and read through it. "Is this right?" Ushio asked

"I swear on the Lord."

"Don't go Catholic on me little lady."

"What does it say?!" Kakeru demanded

"(sigh) Multiple infections, like I thought, but she's clean of any STDs. But it also seems there's an illegal drug in her blood stream."

"What kind?" Nao asked as she jumped to her feet


"You mean MDMA?" Ayaka asked

"Exactly. Ecstasy, as it's commonly called, is a recreational drug under strict control by the UN Convention on Psychotropic Substances and other international agreements, although exceptions exist for research and limited medical use." Ushio explained

"He illegally used a drug on my daughter?!" Kakeru exclaimed

"Looks that way. In general, the unlicensed use, sale or manufacture of MDMA are all criminal offenses, and Japan is no exception. And this is even more reasonable to hospitalize Keiko-chan for the time being."

"And if I can prove that he used the drug unlicensed, this is also another perfect charge to put him behind bars for years." said Nao

"Hold off on that. I want to have a word with him." said Kakeru

"Save some for me. There are things I should have said to him since September." said Saito, speaking for the first time

Nao brought Kakeru and Saito to the interrogation room at the station Kazuto was being held at.

"Well well well, if it ain't my son, that whore's old man, and my ex-girl." said Kazuto, his arms cuffed to the table

"I regret ever having anything to do with you." Nao said shortly "You nearly ruined me."

"And now you've ruined yourself." Kakeru said to Kazuto

"Whatcha gonna do about it?" Kazuto asked, more to Saito than to Kakeru. The look on Saito's face was beyond anger, it was pure hatred.

"You toyed with the girl I love."

"Well, you've got lousy taste in women." Kazuto replied "Girls with father complexes like her are easy to win over."

"You're a horrible person, you know that! I'm ashamed at the thought that I share even a drop of blood with you."

"Who knows if you're even my son to begin with."

"A DNA comparison will prove that I am. Not that I care anymore."

"And what are women to you anyway? Sex objects?" Kakeru asked

"Exactly. All women are good for are satisfying a man's needs and taking care of the house. Children get in the way of that."

"So my daughter was another one of your 'sex objects', and you indirectly used me to get to her?"

"Yes, I admit that you were ever so useful." Kazuto admitted

"Goto-san?" said Kakeru

"Be my guest."


Both Kakeru and Saito raised their fists and punched Kazuto in the face at the same time.

"Are you okay?" Saito asked as he and Nao helped Kakeru out of the doors of the station

"I'm alright." Kakeru replied "The doctors told me not to get worked up, but it's hard not to in this scenario."

"I hear ya." said Nao "I nearly lost myself when I learned I got a chance to lock this animal away."

Back at the hospital;

"How long will Keiko need to be hospitalized?" Nana asked in a lounge area after filling out the forms to admit Keiko

"I can't say." Ushio replied as she handed Nana and Yuki coffee "There's no sign of a miscarried embryo. Thank God, since I can't stand the thought of Kazuto being the father of her child, though he probably made sure she couldn't conceive one anyway. However, depending on her rate of recovery, it could be as little as a month, or as many as three."

"At least we can say that she'll have no visible scars." said Ayaka "Personally, I'm more worried about the mental scars. I'm even more worried about possible PTSD, which could only delay her healing."

"I should've forced her to tell me the truth." said Yuki "I don't know what I could've done, but I could have tried anything if only I'd made her tell me."

"No thing of this is your fault, don't blame yourself." said Nana

Keiko was moved into the ICU the next morning and would remain unconscious for several days, and would be hospitalized for some time. Whether or not she would make a full physical and mental recovery, no one could say at this point.

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