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School Cultural Festival

Wednesday September 8th;

"Alright everyone." said the class rep during homeroom that day "The School Festival is just over two weeks away, so we need to decide what our class is going to do now. Any suggestions?"

"Maid Café, Haunted House, Takoyaki Stand!" several people exclaimed

"Those are all typical ideas. How 'bout something new?" said Yuzuki

"Here's one!" said a boy in the front row

"Let's hear it, Eikichi-kun." said the Class rep

"A National Soccer Team Café. We'll serve customers wearing the uniforms of both the Men and Women's National Soccer Teams."

"I like that!" said Mai

"Me too. Especially since we have a member, and a former member, here in our class."

"I knew it was gonna come to that." Keiko whispered to Yuki before addressing the class "As for the uniforms, I might be able to persuade Ishiki-san to lend us some womens' uniforms for the girls. I don't know about the boys though."

"I'm sure Ishiki-san could ask Mina-san to talk to the director of the men's team to lend us some uniforms." said Mai

"And if that doesn't work out?" the class rep asked

"I could ask my uncle." Saito spoke up "His company makes sportswear, including uniforms for both teams. I'm sure he'd be more than happy to help."

"Then call him later. As for who'll join the festival preparation committee, naturally, I'll be one but... any volunteers?" no one spoke up "Really, guys?"

"If nobody's gonna volunteer to help Fuyutsuki-kun, then I'll just pick." said Mai "Moritaka-chan, you'll join Fuyutsuki-kun."

"What!?" the girl called Moritaka exclaimed

"None of that."

"Poor Moritaka." Yuki whispered to Chloe "What what most people don't know is how much of a pervert Fuyutsuki-kun is. He's worse than Saito-kun." Yuki felt Keiko tap her shoulder

"Saito and I can hear every word you're saying."


Later at lunch;

"What did Soji-san say?" Keiko asked Saito when he returned from the roof to call his uncle

"He'll have seventeen men's uniforms and thirteen women's uniforms by next week, free of charge." said Saito as he sat down with them

"That's one generous uncle you have." said Miho

"I'll say." said Yuzuki

"He's even agreed to pay for college for the two of us." said Keiko

"Then your lives are set for now." said Chloe "I need to hurry and set my own straight."

".نعم، لا تمزح [n'em, la tmzh./Yeah, no kidding.]" Yuki said in Arabic

"Pourriez-vous pas le faire? [Could you not do that?]" said Chloe

"Enough with the foreign languages you two!" Keiko exclaimed

"Aizawa?" said President Hinako Tsukahara

"Can I help you?"

"I'm just passing along a message. The principal wants to see you."

"Tell him I didn't come to school today."

"He has copies of today's attendance records, he knows you're here."

"Then make something up, I don't care what you tell him!"

"You can't disobey the principal. Are you going to come quietly, or do I have to drag you there?"

Left with no alternative, Keiko got up from her seat

"Keiko?" Saito said worriedly

"I'll be back shortly." Keiko told Saito before taking off with Hinako "This had better be important." Keiko told Hinako

"Why do I get the feeling you don't like Shirayuki-kouchou?" Hinako asked

"Because I don't. You don't know him like I do. And you know he's Saito's father, right?"

"I'm sure the whole school knows by now."

"Shirayuki-kouchou abandoned his wife and children before Saito's little sister, Michiru, was even born, just because they existed. He's a horrible person."

"Be that as it may he's still our principal." They arrived at Kazuto's office "We'll part ways here. I have a lunch meeting with the council."

Keiko bowed respectfully to Hinako as she left, then went into Kazuto's office.

"Ah, Keiko, welcome." said Kazuto as Keiko closed the door behind her "Sorry to pull you out of lunch. I must say you look as radiant in that uniform as you were at the omiai."

"Cut the garbage and get to the point." said Keiko as she stood in front of Kazuto's desk

"Now now, that won't do. I'm your principal now so you need to be polite."

"(sigh) What can I do for you, Kouchou-sensei?" Keiko replied, as politely as she could

"That's better. I only wanted to talk to you alone. Sit down." Feeling it best to obey, Keiko sat in one of the armchairs "First off, I hear you're dating my son."

"So you recognize that Saito's your son?" Keiko asked spitefully

"Manners. I only hope, as the school principal, that your relationship is appropriate for students. No improper nighttime affairs?"

"I don't see how what we do outside school is any of your concern."

"Yet I hear you're living together. That's hardly proper for high school students."

"Well you're too old fashioned!" Keiko snapped, her anger rising by the second "Now unless you called me here for a school-related reason, I'm leaving."

"What's wrong with wanting to know my potential daughter-in-law."

"I believe I told you to cut the garbage."

"And I told you to mind your manners. Another thing."


"I also hear that you're father's been released from the hospital, though on medication."

"Th-tha-that's none of your concern either!" Keiko exclaimed, jumping to her feet

"He's got liver cancer and might not live till September next year."

"I'm going back to class." Keiko started marching toward the door

"At least listen to what I have to say." said Kazuto, getting up from his seat

"Nothing you say will swing me." Keiko replied, her hand on the door handle

"What if I told you...." Kazuto whispered the rest of his sentence in her ear "I can save your father."

Keiko felt her whole mind go blank at these words.

"You're... you're lying." Keiko stuttered

"I'm not. I've been all over the world these last several years and know a great number of people. Including doctors that can perform surgeries that can remove liver cancer without any fatal effects." Kazuto put his hands on Keiko's shoulders "Just do as I say, and I'll make it happen. Do you really want to have to say goodbye to your father?" Keiko's hand slid off the door handle "I have her. She's mine."

"I'll do anything you ask." Keiko said weakly as Kazuto steered her back into the armchair

"That's a good girl." Kazuto pulled Keiko's panties off her "Just do as I say every so often, and your father will be just fine."

Keiko heard Kazuto unzip his pants and knew what was coming. Keiko braced herself for it, but... when Kazuto entered her, Keiko felt extreme pain. Nothing she'd ever felt before, but Keiko didn't let a sound escape her lips. Kazuto kept it up for ten minutes before climaxing, Keiko felt she was gonna split in two the entire time.

"Sorry about the mess." said Kazuto as he cleaned up the messy aftermath "I'm sure no one will notice if you're careful. Just come to me when I call you from now on, and I'll arrange for your old man to have that life-saving surgery. You can go now." Keiko, barely able to walk after that, got up and left the room "She must really love her old man if she's naïve enough to believe what I say. I have her in my pocket now."

Meanwhile, Keiko had made her way to the end of a hall.

"It still hurts." Keiko though as she collapsed on the wall "Is that what being raped feels like? Can he really arrange for a surgery to save Papa?"

The two weeks for preparing for the festival went by fast, and Soji had come through with the uniforms Keiko and Saito had asked him for. Every so often Keiko was secretly called out by Kazuto, each time experiencing extreme pain. Keiko felt beyond guilty about having sex with someone other than Saito, much less his own father, but couldn't help trusting that Kazuto would help Kakeru if she cooperated.

Now it was the day of the festival.

Saturday September 25;

"Why do I have to hand out autographs while I serve customers?!" Keiko complained as she took her break in the back

"It draws in more customers." said the class rep.

"You're pretty much the reason almost everyone's coming here." said Yuki "I need two orders of Omelet Rice."

"Coming right up." said Saito, who was helping with the cooking

"Why does everyone insist on putting me on display?" Keiko asked "It took everything I had not to get involved with the Miss Enoshima Contest, which someone tried to put me in without my permission."

"Sumimasen." said Yuzuki as Yuki received the order from Saito

"By the way. Your mothers and Sanae-san just arrived." said Yuki

"What?!" Keiko and Saito exclaimed. They looked beyond the curtain and saw that Nana, Ushio and Sanae were at a table

"What are they doing here?" Saito asked out loud

"Shirayuki!" exclaimed Eikichi grabbing Saito's front "Who is that beauty sitting with your mom and Aizawa's mom?"

"That's my older sister, Sanae."

"Sanaeeee!" said Eikichi with starry eyes as Saito removed his hands

"We've lost him." said Miho, who just came around with dirty dishes "But really, your sister is cute."

"Leave it, will you? I'll make this clear, she's off limits." said Saito

"(sigh) I'll end my break early and go serve them." said Keiko. Keiko went over to them "Thanks for coming."

"Keiko-chan, your uniform has a stain on it." said Sanae

"A stain? Wher- Oh ha-ha, very funny." said Keiko as Sanae briefly waved her hand in front of her own eyes

"Sorry. Couldn't resist."

"This is a nice café you have here." said Ushio

"Don't the kids also have festivals going on?" Keiko inquired

"They don't have theirs until cultural day this November, remember?" said Nana

"That's right."

"They'll be along when their Saturday lessons finish." said Ushio

"And Papa apologizes for not being able to come." said Nana

"Tell him not to worry." said Keiko "So, what'll it be?"

"I'll have an omelet rice." said Sanae

"Make that three." said Ushio

When the three of them finished eating, Keiko got someone to cover for her and took them on a tour around the festival.

"Enoshima hasn't changed much since my days here." said Nana

"It hasn't? I didn't go here, so I can't comment." said Ushio, who was pushing Sanae's chair

"I just barely managed to finish high school at all." said Sanae

"In my opinion, the only thing that's changed since mom and Papa's days is the advancement in tech." said Keiko

"I did notice that." said Nana "Oh look, the art club is holding a display."

"Saito joined the art club himself and submitted something." said Keiko

"Then let's take a look." said Sanae

It didn't take them long to find Saito's work. In a corner was a painting of Keiko standing on a pitch with one foot on a soccer ball while wearing her Nadeshiko uniform.

"It says it's titled... L'imperatrice di Kanagawa [The Empress of Kanagawa]." said Ushio

"I never knew Saito was so talented." said Nana

"I allow him to draw pictures of me on a regular basis." said Keiko

"Naked?" Sanae asked slyly

"Sanae! Anyway, I was the one who convinced him to aim for Tokyo University of the Arts. But the title of this painting... I'm gonna have a word with him."

"He's just showing his love." said Nana

"In an embarrassing way!"

"I think it's sweet." said Suzuka, who was observing another painting close by, a happy look on her face

"Suzuka-chan. Didn't see you there." said Nana

"You seem happy about something." said Keiko

"I managed to get Yamato to dance with me at the after party!" Suzuka told them gleefully

"Good for you!"

"Who's Yamato?" Ushio asked Nana

"The captain of the boys' team." Nana replied as Keiko answered her phone that just started ringing


"PUT YOUR BOYFRIEND ON THE PHONE!" yelled a voice that she recognized anywhere

"Saito's not with me right now, old man!" Keiko shouted back into the phone before hanging up "Grandpa Aizawa." Keiko replied to their curious faces "He got my number somehow."

"I knew it. Father-in-law can't stand the thought of his eldest granddaughter having a man." said Nana

"That reminds me. Can I borrow Keiko for a few minutes?" Suzuka asked, but she pulled Keiko into the hallway without waiting for a reply

"What's this about?" Keiko asked curiously

"For a while now there's been a weird rumor going around the third years." Suzuka replied

"What kind of rumor?"

"That you and Saito-kun have been cheating on each other."


"Relax. I know you and Saito aren't that kind of people, so I told everyone I know to keep their mouths shut and ignore the rumor, even the student council is trying to quash it, but it's still going around. It doesn't seem to have reached any first or second year ears, that I know of anyway, but I thought I should let you know."

"How did this rumor get started?" Keiko asked

"I don't know the origin, but it seemed to have started around the day you were called to Shirayuki-kouchou's office." This made Keiko flinch "What? Do you know something?"

"N-n-nothing! Nothing at all!" Keiko said hastily, then going back to Nana and the Shirayukis

"Suspicious." Suzuka thought

Later, the middle schoolers and Koichi with a few of his friends came to the festival. Yuki's father also came along. Keiko showed her siblings and their friends around Enoshima while Yuki toured with Tariq. All of the middle schoolers expressed interest in coming to Enoshima for High School, while Koichi and his friends remained uncertain.

"Daddy was real interested in this school." said Yuki as she Keiko and Chloe walked back to 1-C that evening

"I bet he was." said Chloe "How was the tour you gave to the kids?"

"It went well." said Keiko "Hiroki, Ryo, Saki and Michiru are coming to Enoshima for sure. Saki was staring starry eyed at the pool when I showed it to her. She would've stripped down and jumped in if Ryo hadn't stopped her."

"That sounds just like her." said Yuki "The swim team will have two great new recruits, and the same can be said for both soccer teams."

"D'accord! [Agreed!]" said Chloe "By the way, what are we going back to the classroom for when everyone's at the after party

"We just need to pick up our bags, and I need to find Saito too." said Keiko as they opened the classroom door, but what they saw when they did nearly made Keiko's heart stop. On top of one of the desks was Saito, being kissed by a half-naked girl that none of them knew.

"K-K-Keiko!" Saito exclaimed when he finally broke the kiss

"That your girlfriend?" the girl asked

"S-Saito-kun, what..." Yuki stammered

"Je n'ai jamais su que tu étais ce genre d'homme! [I never knew you were this kind of man!]" Chloe exclaimed

"The rumor was true, wasn't it?" Keiko asked through tears

"W-what rumor? I don't even know this girl!" Saito pleaded, but Keiko, not listening, just ran off down the hall, Yuki running after her

"J'espère que, pour ton bien, tu dis la vérité. [I hope, for your sake, you were telling the truth.]" said Chloe as the girl started dressing herself

I don't speak French!" Saito exclaimed

Yuki had caught up with Keiko at the end of the hallway

"Kei-chan... come on, you know Saito-kun isn't the kind of boy that would cheat on anyone." said Yuki when they stopped running "At least give him the benefit of a doubt."

"But there's been a rumor going around the upperclassmen that Saito and I have been cheating. What if it was true."

"What did I just say!? Saito-kun's not like that! Are you going to believe these rumors, or him?"

"(Sigh) I'll believe Saito for now, but can I stay in your room for a few days?"

"Alright. But be sure to talk to Saito-kun."

Keiko spent a few days with Yuki before going back to Saito, but neither of them said much to the other. With no sign of that girl, things seemed back to normal for the time being, but Keiko couldn't help feeling uneasy. September ended and October came. It was now almost time for the Winter Tournament.

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