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New Life, New Goals

Sunday August 1st;

After looking around since Thursday, Keiko and Saito, with their parents' help, had purchased the necessary furniture and kitchenware, which had already been delivered to their new place. They now just had to pack the personal belongings that they were going to take with them. Now it was Sunday night, and Keiko and Saito would be moving into their new place the next day.

"So you're leaving in the morning?" said Chloe during dinner that night

"Yeah. Tonight's my last night here." Keiko replied, though she didn't sound very excited

"Getting cold feet?" Nana asked, taking note of Keiko's voice

"Maybe. I guess it's like... the reality of it has finally hit me."

"I know how that feels." said Kakeru "It wasn't until the day after our wedding that the reality of being married hit me. Same with your birth. Becoming a father didn't feel real until after you were born."

"That doesn't cheer me up." Keiko then noticed that Ryo wasn't eating "You okay, little sister?"

"I still don't want you to go." Ryo replied

"Come on!" Hiroki exclaimed "This is supposed to be Nee-chan's farewell dinner. What's with all the gloom?"

"We just can't get into the mood." said Keiko as she got up from the table "Thanks for the meal."

Later in the bath;

"This is my last night here, then I'll be living with Saito from now on. Why can't I get excited?" Keiko asked herself  in thought as she washed herself. Just then, the door opened and Kakeru, with only a towel around his waist, walked in "(Eek!) Papa, you perv!" Keiko exclaimed as she covered her breasts

"Come on." said Kakeru as he closed the door "We used to take baths together all the time."

"That was years ago. I'm not a little girl anymore."

"You and Ryo take baths with the boys all the time."

"The boys are one thing. You're another."

"Come on. Tonight's your last night here. One last time, for old times' sake?"

"(sigh) Alright." Kakeru took the scrub from Keiko and started scrubbing her back, but Keiko was still reluctant to lower her arms from her front "God, what am I so nervous for?" Keiko thought "He's just my father. Is it because he's a grown man and I'm a girl?" Finally, Keiko relaxed and lowered her arms

"Finally loosening up, are ya? Your whole life changes tomorrow." said Kakeru "You must be excited."

"I should be, but I'm not." Keiko replied

"Why not? You chose this, didn't you? You two were so insistent on living together."

"I guess... I feel like I rushed into this." Keiko admitted as Kakeru poured water down Keiko's back

"Keiko.... What's important now, is that you're going to be spending your everyday life with the person you love the most. I still remember how happy I felt when your mother moved in. I was able to be with her every minute of the day. I admit you may have rushed it, but I want you to go down the path that make you happiest. It's my duty as a parent to allow that."

"I appreciate that, I really do, but I still don't feel at ease."

Keiko stood up and let Kakeru sit on the stool. Keiko then began washing Kakeru's back.

"Are you worried about Hiroki, Ryo and Koichi?" Kakeru suggested. Keiko stopped scrubbing for a moment "I thought so."

"Why didn't I realize it right away?" Keiko asked as she continued scrubbing "Of course I'm worried."

"Well... you don't need to keep worrying. Mom and I will continue watching over them until they get older. And Chloe-chan's still here as well. They're in safe hands. And one more thing."

"What's that?"

"No matter where you go, this house will always be your home."

"You're right." said Keiko, perking up at last "I grew up here. I can come back anytime." Keiko then noticed their reflections in the mirror "They don't lie."


"In the mirror. The resemblance is uncanny."

"You are my daughter."

Both of them laughed at this

Meanwhile at the Shirayukis', Saito was in the middle of packing

"Not taking your porn with you?" Michiru asked, noticed a pile of magazines next to the trash can

"Like there's any way Keiko-chan would let me keep those!" Saito replied

The next morning, Monday August 2nd;

Keiko finished last minute packing and was ready to go. Suzuka had also come by to help out a little.

"This everything?" Suzuka asked placing the last box in the back seat of her car

"Yeah. My clothes and uniforms are in my suitcase, my laptop in its case, a few other personal belongings are packed. Should be everything."

"You're not taking your bed sheets?" Chloe asked

"Saito and I got new ones when we bought that bed."

"I never realized you had so few things." said Nana

Just then, Mito's car, which was filled with Saito's things, pulled up behind Suzuka's and Mito and Saito emerged from it

"Ready to go?" Mito asked

"Just a minute." said Keiko. She then went to give her family one last hug

"Come home every so often. Please." said Nana

"I will."

"Take care of yourself." said Kakeru "You too, Saito."

Keiko then turned to the kids

"Come on you three, I'm not going to the other side of Japan."

"I still don't want you to go." said Ryo

"Come on, let's see her off with a smile." said Hiroki

"Maybe this will make it easier." Keiko pulled a silver necklace with a soccer ball pendant out of her pocket. it was the same necklace that caught her eye during that shopping trip the previous week, and she put it around Ryo's neck "I know it's not the same color, but we match."

"Kei-nee.... Arigatougozaimasu."

"Take care of each other." said Keiko as she hugged her siblings. She then turned to Chloe "Chloe.... Je te laisse ces trois-là sous ta responsabilité. [I leave these three in your care.]" Keiko told her in her best French, which she learned from Chloe

"Crème glacée et cornichons [Ice cream and pickles.]" Chloe replied with an OK sign

"Been learning French has she? Her accent could use some work though" Suzuka mumbled to herself

"Have fun." said Koichi

Goodbye's over, Keiko got in Suzuka's car, and Saito and got back in Mito's with her. Twenty minutes later, they had arrived at Sakagami Apartments.

"Here we are." said Suzuka as she turned off her car and they got out in the parking lot

"Question: How long have you been living here?" Keiko asked as they started moving their belongings out of the cars

"Ever since I started high school."

Just then, two people on a pair of motorcycles rolled into the parking lot

"Hey hey hey." Mito said cheerfully as the duo parked and turned off their bikes "Natsumi-chan, Miyuki-chan. Welcome back."

"Good to be back." said the woman named Natsumi

"How was Chūbu?" Suzuka asked

"Magnificent scenery." said the woman named Miyuki

"Um, Mito-san, who're these two women?" Saito asked

"These two biker dolls are Miyuki Tsujimoto and Natsumi Kobayakawa." Mito introduced "They live in the building too. They have a hobby in motorbikes and have been away on a motor bike tour of the Chūbu Region over the last two months."

"Yo! You two new tenants?" Natsumi asked

"Yes, we are." said Saito "I'm Saito Shirayuki, this is my girlfriend, Keiko Aizawa. Mito-san's niece. We're moving into room 301 as of today."

"Wait a minute. 'Kobayakawa'? Are you related to a boy by the name of 'Kaname Kobayakawa'?" Keiko asked

"Are you?" Miyuki asked Natsumi

"Can't say I am." Natsumi replied "I don't know of any boy in my family by the name 'Kaname'."

"Probably just a coincidence." said Mito "It's a pretty common surname after all."

"True." said Suzuka

"Want some help with that stuff?" Miyuki asked

"Please." said Keiko

As they approached the door, each of them carrying a thing or two, Haruto came out to greet them.

"Welcome back, you two." said Haruto as he handed Natsumi a set of keys

"Thanks, Haruto." Natsumi replied

"Room 301, was it?" Miyuki asked

"Yeah." said Saito as they entered the slightly cramped elevator

"Miyuki and I live on the third floor as well. 310." said Natsumi, adjusting the box so she could press the #3 button

"When you're not out roaming the country that is." said Suzuka

"Can it."

Minutes later they dropped off the first set of things in the room. Another trip later, with so many hands helping, everything had been moved in.

"That's everything." said Keiko as she set down the last box of belongings "We just need to unpack."

"In that case, we'll leave you to it." said Miyuki "Natsumi and I need to go relax."

"Those two haven't changed." said Mito after the pair left for their room down the hall

"Got everything in here?" Haruto, who just turned up, asked

"Yeah, we just need to unpack and get organized." said Saito

"Then here you are." Haruto handed Saito three identical keys "One for each of you, and a spare."

"Thanks a bunch."

"We'll leave you two alone now." said Suzuka "Oh, just for future reference, I'm in room 401."

"Yozora's right down the hall in 305." said Mito "I'm on the floor below in room 208."

"Got it." said Keiko

"And one last thing." said Haruto "All the rooms have a bath and shower, but the public ones on the first floor are open to everyone around the clock. Although we close them from 6:00-7:30 for cleaning."

"Got it." Keiko repeated, and the three of them left the room "Alone at last."

The two of them proceeded to put everything where it needed to be. About an hour later, things seemed to be in order.

"Well, it's not pretty, but at least it now looks like we live here." said Saito when they finished

"Indeed." said Keiko as she laid down on the bed to rest "This is our life from now on. Just you and me."

"As close we're gonna get anyway." said Saito, laying down with Keiko and putting a hand on her waist "The guys at school are gonna be jealous when they find out."

"Don't go bragging at the very least."

"You know me better than that."

"I know."

Keiko then kissed Saito, and he kissed her back. The passionate kiss immediately turned into making out. After going at it for ten minutes, Keiko received a text from Suzuka.

"I hope I'm not interrupting anything. Everyone wants to officially welcome you two with a pool party. Get your swimsuits on and come down to the pool behind the building. >゜))))彡"  the text said

"A fish? That girl doesn't know how to use emoticons." said Keiko

"Anyhow, they went to all the trouble, let's oblige." said Saito

The pair of them changed into their swimsuits, Keiko wearing her new bandeau, and went down the the pool behind the building. Everyone, those in the building who they already knew, was already waiting for them. Everyone was wearing swimwear as well. The pool was a rectangular 25-meter-long pool.

"A barbecue?" Keiko inquired, seeing the barbecue Haruto was operating when they arrived

"It felt appropriate." said Haruto

"We're making a hot pot too." said Natsumi "Every welcome party needs one."

"But it's summer." said Keiko

"Come on, Keiko-chan. They went to all the trouble to do this for us." said Saito

"I said it before, but I'll say it again: Welcome to Sakagami!" said Suzuka

"Hey, Mito, your brother and his woman made a very cute daughter." said Yozora, who was on a sun-lounger

"Agreed." said Akira "That figure is just what I've been trying to imagine for my manga!" Mito kicked Akira into the pool

"Keiko's body is not just for show." said Suzuka "She's one of my best players on our school team, and she's made a name for herself on the national team."

"Aren't you part of the team now too?" Akira asked

Just then, Taichi grabbed Keiko's hand "Swim with me, Onee-chan." said Taichi

"'Onee-chan'? W-w-wait, I can't swim."

"You're kidding."  said Yozora

"Now now," said Yukiho "Taichi-kun, I'll swim with you for a while."

"It's still gonna be a bit before the food is ready." said Haruto "So relax in the meantime."

Keiko laid back on the sun-lounger next to Yozora, while Saito jumped into the pool

"Must be nice to get into the water with such ease." said Keiko

"You really can't swim?" Yozora asked


"The water's pretty shallow though. You can at least play in this, can't you?"

"I can, but I don't want to. By the way, where's your husband?"

"Husband? Oh no, I've never been married. I'm a single mother."

"But... what about Taichi's father?"

"I don't know who he is. I conceived Taichi via a one-night stand. I can't remember the man's name or face." Yozora explained "I had just turned 14 a few days prior. After having a fight with my folks I spent nearly the entire night at a bar I once followed my old man to, and got acquainted with some random guy. I only drank soda but I still got thoroughly 'drunk' and slept with him in a love hotel. I never saw him again after that. Not long afterwards I learned I was pregnant. I was shocked, but I was resolved. I carried Taichi, I gave birth, I raised him, he's my whole world."

"You gave birth at 14? I imagine your family wasn't too happy." said Keiko

"They weren't. My father especially." Yozora took notice of Keiko's slim build "Seriously, your arms and legs, is it all muscle? I can't detect a trace of fat on you."

"I am an athlete."

"I'm amazed your breasts are so large due to that."

"Food's ready." Haruto called

"Nevertheless, do your best with the boy of yours."

"No need to tell me that."

Everyone began serving themselves.

"Next week is going to be a blast, isn't it?" Suzuka said to Keiko

"Yeah, about that." Keiko replied awkwardly, glancing at Saito

"You still haven't told him yet? You need to tell him that we're going to be gone all next week."

"I know, I know, I'm working on it."

"What are you two soccer gals whispering about?" Natsumi asked, her mouth full of meat

"Nothing!" the pair of them exclaimed

The pool party went on till about 7:00pm. During the event, Keiko worked up the nerve to play in the shallow pool, but only went in with Saito holding her above water. After the party, during which the only real exciting event was a wardrobe malfunction from Natsumi and Miyuki, Keiko and Saito returned to their room.

"I'm not saying I didn't have fun, but we've had too many parties in the last week." said Keiko upon returning to their room and removing their shoes

"What do you mean by that?" Saito asked as they settled down in the main room

"The day we accepted this place they threw us a small party in congratulatory. Last night my family held a small farewell party for me. Today the residents threw us a welcome party." Keiko explained "I need to text everyone and tell them not to throw us a moving in party."

"I see what you're getting at. Anyhow, let's get dressed, then I'll make dinner."

"Or, since we're finally alone again, should we just go naked the rest of the night?" Keiko mumbled to herself

"What was that? I didn't hear."

"Nothing! Nothing at all!" Keiko said hastily

After getting dressed, Saito started making dinner while Keiko did a bit of her summer homework.

"Why did I have to say something like that out loud, why?" Keiko thought as she did her assignment at the table "At least he didn't hear me. And why am I suddenly getting nervous now? We've spent nights together before." Keiko sudden caught the smell of what Saito was making "Is that curry you're making?"

"Yeah. Since it's our first night living together, it felt appropriate." said Saito

"That's debatable in my opinion."

Halfway through the meal, both of them started to feel itchy

"You okay?" Saito asked

"I'm fine, just itchy." Keiko replied "We probably should've washed off the chlorine right away."

"In that case..."

"No. You can get in the bath first."


"You know better than to argue with me."

Later Saito got in the bath, per Keiko's insistence.

"What's with that girl?" Saito asked himself in thought has he did a furo "I understand that she must be feeling nervous, but she didn't have to sound so strict."

Just then, the bathroom door opened and Keiko, with only a towel around herself, walked in

"Shall I wash your back?" said Keiko

"K-K-Keiko-chan?" said Saito as Keiko threw her towel aside and started washing his back without waiting for a reply "I thought you wanted to take our baths separately."

"I never said that. I just wanted you to get in first."

"Sneaky. This also the first time you've done something like this, even though we've been together since May, the brief breakup aside."

"Also the first time I've really tasted your cooking." said Keiko. She again noticed the burn scar on Saito's lower back and felt the urge to aplogize for it, but held it in knowing Saito wouldn't let her "It was great. Sorry I can't cook though."

"Don't worry, it's no problem." said Saito as Keiko stopped scrubbing "Why'd you stop...?"

"Don't turn around, please!" Keiko pleaded

"Wh-why not?"

"This is... this is embarrassing."

"But I've seen you naked before."

"That's not it."

"Then what?"

In answer, Keiko held Saito's shoulders for support and pressed her chest against Saito's back. She then started scrubbing Saito's back again, with her breasts. For over five minutes, Saito couldn't say anything, surprised at Keiko's boldness. Before long she started making lewd noises each time she moved.

"Keiko-chan's bolder than I thought she was." Saito thought "Scrubbing my back with her breasts? This feeling! And she's starting to make lewd noises. I knew her breasts we sensitive but this... my heart's beating so fast and I'm losing my mind. I can't take it anymore."

Saito turned his head around, once he did Keiko kissed him, which cooled his head a bit. Breaking the mouth-to-mouth after two minutes, the couple got in the tub, with Keiko sitting in Saito's lap.

"You sure are being bold tonight." said Saito as Keiko laid back against Saito's chest

"Cork it. My heart's already beating so fast. And I'm so embarrassed I could cry." said Keiko "Though Saito's is beating rather fast as well. I can feel it through my back." Keiko thought

"Strict as always. And here I was thinking you were a bit perverted yourself."

"Don't ever compare me to perverts. Wait, what are you doing?" Saito was feeling Keiko all over

"Yozora wasn't lying."

"Come again?"

"Slim as you are, you really are all muscle. Even your thighs, soft as they are, don't seem to have a trace of fat."

"First, I am an athlete. Second, you know full well that some parts aren't muscle. And third, your 'trunk' is poking me, elephant boy."

"T-th-that's beyond my control!" Saito said hastily

"Calm down. I don't dislike it." said Keiko as she took Saito's hands and placed them on her breasts

"Her breasts!" Saito thought as he felt them "They're so soft! I knew that already but... did they get softer?"

"Told you I wasn't all muscle. Play with me as much as you want. I'm all yours tonight."

Having Keiko's permission, Saito began massaging Keiko's breasts and nipples. Enjoying the feeling, Keiko soon started making noises again, especially when Saito started feeling her between her legs. Just as Saito adjusted her position to go "all the way", Keiko remembered something important.

"Hold it." said Keiko before Saito could go further "I should tell you now.... I finally got my period again this morning. Today's not a 'safe day'."

"Oh... I see." said Saito, clearly disappointed

"So... to be safe, wear two."


Both of them made their way to bed without bothering to get dressed. Saito put on two condoms like he was asked, while Keiko laid down waiting for him. After Saito pulled the sheets over them, Keiko gave Saito a passionate kiss before he went in. "Here's to our first night living together. I love you." said Keiko as they started making love.

"I love you too." said Saito

After going at it for only twenty minutes, they decided once was enough and fell asleep, Keiko resting her head on Saito's chest.

The next morning, Tuesday August 3rd;

At around 7:20, Saito was the first to wake up the next morning. He felt something heavy on his chest, and something wrapped around his leg, and realized it was Keiko, still fast asleep with her head on Saito's chest, her hand clutching Saito's opposite shoulder, and her leg wrapped around Saito's. Saito assumed that they had moved around a lot last night, since the sheets were only covering the waist area of their still nude bodies.

"Every time I see her sleeping face, I think I fell in love with an amazing girl." Saito thought "She's smart, athletic, talented, kind, beautiful, maybe a little sneaky... any guy would feel lucky to have her." all of a sudden, Keiko said "I do" in her sleep "Is she dreaming about us getting married?" Keiko then, still asleep, rolled onto her back with one arm just below her bare breasts and the pendant of her necklace lying on the mattress, releasing Saito in the process, allowing him to get up "What a girl." Saito thought as he started to get dressed as quietly as he could.

Just as Saito pulled on his last piece of clothing, Keiko, still asleep turned her head to face Saito, revealing a smile on her face. That smile gave Saito the urge to do something he'd been wanting to do for a while. Saito, quietly, got out his sketchbook and pencil, sat down, and began drawing a picture of Keiko while she still slept. Drawing was one of Saito's favorite hobbies, and he was quite good at it. Completing the drawing took Saito almost an hour and Keiko, amazingly, stayed perfectly still and didn't move a muscle.

"Finished." Saito whispered when he finished. Just as he did, Keiko finally woke up.

"Ohayou." Keiko said through a yawn as she sat up and pulled the sheets over her breasts

"Did I wake you?"

"No." after rubbing her eyes to wake herself up more, Keiko noticed that Saito was sitting on the floor holding his sketchbook "What'cha got there?"

"Oh, this!" said Saito, trying to hide it behind his back, to no avail "It's... uh...."

Keiko got out of bed and brought her face within an inch of Saito's, her bare breasts and her necklace dangling freely "Show me~." Keiko said with a smile, and Saito obliged, unable to say "no". "Is this me?"

"Uh... yeah. I drew that while you were still sleeping."

"Incredible! It looks like a black and white photo. I didn't know you were an artist." said Keiko

"Thanks. I've always been good at it, even Mom and Michiru would always praise my drawings." said Saito "I actually debated joining the Art Club during middle school, and when we started high school."

"Well, maybe you should. You're so talented, and it's a waste not to use it." Upon hearing this comment, Saito fell silent "Saito? Did I say something weird?"

"Well, no. But that's the first time anyone's told me I'm talented. I always thought I had no talent at all."

"You shouldn't sell yourself short." said Keiko as she looked at other pages. More than a few were other drawings of Keiko, others were drawings of cityscapes or landscapes, each looking like they were done by a professional "Look at these! You should pursue art seriously. You could get into a great arts university with this. I really wanna see more." all of a sudden, Saito's eyes started filling with tears. "Hey! Why're you crying? C'mon, what did I say?"

"It's nothing." said Saito, wiping his tears away "It's just... I was always praised, but... you're the first person, who's said they want to see more of my artwork. That made me really happy."

"I made you happy? That's a first."

"What's more, I was finally able to make a decision. It's something that's been on my mind for a while now. You told me before that you already chose your university, but now I have too. I'll enroll in Tokyo University of the Arts. The Yokohama campus."

"Hehehe, I thought Geidai would be your first choice. And it's not too far away from Aoba-ku either. We could commute easily." said Keiko

"Yeah, we could."

"And if you ever wanna use me as a model again, feel free to ask."

Later, after getting dressed and having breakfast, their doorbell rang for the first time since they moved in.

"Who could that be at this early hour?" Keiko asked aloud as she got up to answer it

"Probably one of the other tenants. Or your aunt." said Saito

Keiko looked thought the door's peephole before opening it. On the other side were Yuki, Ryo, Hiroki, Saki and Michiru.

"We haven't been here a full day and the first visitors we get are you five." said Keiko when she opened the door

"Disappointed?" Yuki asked

"Not at all."

"What's going on out here?" Natsumi asked as she emerged from her and Miyuki's room, looking like she just got up "Oh! Your first visitors?"


"Is she another tenant here?" Saki asked

"She is." said Saito, appearing behind Keiko "She's Natsumi Kobayakawa. No, she's not related to Kaname-senpai."

"I'm her roommate, Miyuki Tsujimoto." said Miyuki, appearing out of their room as well. She too looked like they just got up.

"I'm Yuki Nonomiya. Kei-chan's best friend." said Yuki

"These two are my younger brother and sister, Hiroki and Ryo. They're twins."

"They don't really look like you." said Natsumi

"They take after our mother. The girl next to Hiroki is his girlfriend, Saki Takasugi."

"K-kon'nichiwa." said Saki

"And this girl here is my younger sister, Michiru." said Saito

"Why am I the last to be introduced?" Michiru complained

"Anyway, what brings you guys here so early?" Keiko asked

"We were bored and had nothing planned today." said Yuki

"That sounded like a total lie." Keiko and Saito thought

"Onee-chan and Onii-chan have visitors?" said Taichi, appearing out of the Hasegawas' room

"Who's the kid?" Yuki asked

"Sorry, did my son disturb you?" Yozora asked

"Son?" Michiru inquired

"That's Taichi and Yozora Hasegawa." said Keiko "They're mother and son."

"Ohayou." said Yozora "Excuse me, I have to get ready for work. Taichi, get a bath."

"Yes, mommy." Yozora closed the door

"So.... Anything to see in this building?" Ryo asked

"Well, we haven't been here very long." said Saito

"There's a recreation room and a free-play arcade on the first floor." said Miyuki

"An arcade sounds fun." said Hiroki

"There's also a pool behind the building." said Keiko

"There's a pool?!" Saki perked up with starry eyes

The group, Natsumi and Miyuki with them, went to the pool behind the building.

"It's twenty-five meters long!" Saki exclaimed excitedly

"She really likes swimming, doesn't she?" said Natsumi

"Yeah, she's on her middle school swim team too." said Keiko

"She's also the best out of all the first years." said Michiru "I'm on the team too, so I know."

"This coming from the girl who had no interest, in any sport whatsoever, until just recently." said Saito, and Michiru stuck out her tongue at him

"Saki-chan, what're you doing!?" Hiroki asked as Saki started stripping

"Calm down, Hiroki-kun. I'm wearing a swimsuit." said Saki. Indeed, she was wearing the blue bikini she bought during the shopping trip under her clothes. Michiru took out a stopwatch as Saki set herself in a starting position at the end of the pool.

"GO!" Michiru exclaimed, and Saki dove in

"She really does love... Whoa, she's fast!" said Miyuki

"How old is she again?" Natsumi asked

"Saki-chan's twelve. Same as me and Hiroki." said Ryo

Saki turned three times, doing 100 meters, before Michiru stopped her watch.

"One minute, ten seconds." said Michiru when Saki touched the wall after 100 meters

"What? That can't be right!" said Natsumi as Saki took a breath

"It is, I swear."

"A twelve year old, with that chest, did 100 meters that fast?"

"She could compete in the Olympics if the rules allowed someone as young as her." said Miyuki

"That's Saki-chan for you." said Ryo as Saki got out of the water

"It's my first time seeing her swim like this, and even I'm impressed." said Keiko

"I can't believe I got faster!" said Saki

"You could've competed in this year's Summer Olympics if you were old enough." said Yuki

"I know. But I'm gonna try for the Stockholm 2034 Youth, and then the real thing for Casablanca 2036."

"With that much talent, you could get at least a silver." said Keiko

"Yes! It's my dream, my goal, to swim in the Olympics."

"Then we wish you luck." said Saito

"What do you think, Hiroki-kun?" Saki asked Hiroki. But Hiroki, still not used to seeing Saki in a bikini, just went red in the face and said nothing

"What's all the commotion?" said Haruto

"Haruto-san. Sorry, but my brother's girlfriend really wanted to swim." said Keiko

"Sorry for using the pool without permission." said Saki

"Don't worry, friends of those who live here are always welcome, and without restrictions." said Haruto

"Is he the landlord?" Yuki asked

"In fact." said Keiko

"In that case.... Haruto-san, was it?"


"Is there any other room still available?" Yuki asked

Everyone exchanged looks.

Later, Yuki filled out the lease for renting a room in the building, which she could easily pay with her part-time job.

Later in their room, after saying goodbye to everyone for the day.

"I can't believe Yuki's gonna live here too." said Keiko when they were alone in their room again "She must really want to get away from that uncle of hers."

"Could she have some other motive?" Saito asked as they sat down on the bed together

"Knowing her... maybe." Keiko replied

Just then, the doorbell rang again.

"Keiko, Saito-kun." called Suzuka's voice

"It's unlocked." Keiko called back

"Sorry to intrude." said Suzuka, coming in after removing her shoes "Did I interrupt anything?"

"No." Saito replied as Suzuka sat down at the table "Although we were finally alone again."

"Saito!" said Keiko

"I saw you guys by the pool from my balcony." said Suzuka

"Yeah. Yuki, Michiru, Ryo, Hiroki and Saki all came to say 'hi'. And Saki really wanted to swim once she found out about the pool." Keiko explained "She was even wearing her new bikini under her clothes."

"That girl."

"Oh, and Yuki filled out a lease to rent a room here."

"She's moving in too? Good for her." said Suzuka as she took her cigarettes out of her pocket

"Please don't smoke in here."

"You smoke?" Saito inquired

"If you wanna smoke, please do it on the balcony." said Keiko

"All right." said Suzuka, getting up from the table and moving to the balcony to smoke

"She smokes?" Saito repeated

"Leave it." said Keiko

"Gotten used to the place yet?" Suzuka asked

"Not entirely." Keiko replied

"But we'll get used to it in time." said Saito "We have all summer."

"Yeah... about that." Keiko said awkwardly as Suzuka gave her an annoyed look, her lit cigarette in her mouth

"What? Is there something wrong?" Saito asked

"Tell him, or I'll do it for you." said Suzuka

"Tell me what?"

"(sigh) Nadeshiko Japan has two games next week."


"So.... This time around... we're the ones who need to go abroad. We're going to Panama, and we leave Sunday morning."

"You're leaving the country?!"

"Just for a week! We'll be back the following Sunday. It'll go by fast." said Keiko "Look, I meant to tell you sooner, but with moving and everything, I couldn't find the right time."

"It's not your fault." said Saito, not looking at Keiko "Have to further your career since it's off to a good start."

"Look at me, will you. Look at me!" Keiko grabbed Saito's face and turned it toward her "I admit I should've told you sooner, but we don't leave until Sunday. For the remainder if the week, I'm all yours." Keiko attempted to kiss Saito, but before she could, Suzuka cleared her throat loudly, reminding them that she was there "Oh.... Uh...."

"I'm on the team too, so I'm going as well." said Suzuka, snuffing out her cigarette and walking toward the door "You kids have fun."

They heard the door open and close. They were alone again.

"I can't believe I almost forgot she was there. I'm such an idiot." said Keiko, her face blushing

"You never struck me as absent minded, Keiko-chan." said Saito

"It's unlike me, I know. And another thing."


"Would you please stop calling me '-chan'? I am your girlfriend."

"B-but I've never addressed a girl without an honorific."



"That's better."

Keiko kissed Saito at last, ending up forcing him down on the bed. The kiss immediately turned to making out. Together they would enjoy the rest of the week together before Keiko would then leave for her week-long trip with Nadeshiko Japan abroad.

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