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A Summer Surprise

Wednesday July 21, the day after Enoshima lost to Aoba in the first round of Nationals. Yuki, Suzuka, Miki and Saki were making an early morning visit to the Aizawa house, now that Club Activities were suspended for the remainder of summer vacation.

"Is it really all right for me to come along?" Saki asked as they walked to the Aizawa home

"What's the matter, don't wanna see your boyfriend?" said Miki

"Let her be, Miki." said Suzuka "She's just not used to being around people so much older than her."

"What do you know about me?" Saki asked

"I know that you're a star swimmer on your school's swim team. Anyway, Yuki, is it really all right for us to just impose on Keiko like this?"

"Don't worry, Kei-chan will be happy to see us." said Yuki "Besides, I'm always welcome at the Aizawas'. It's always been like my second home."

"That's good for you, but what about us?" Miki asked as the approached the door

"Especially this early in the morning. It's not even 10:00." said Saki as Yuki rang the bell

"Don't worry about it." said Yuki earnestly

Right then, Nana opened the door.

"Yuki-chan? Girls? What are you doing here this early?" Nana

"What? Are we not allowed to visit during Summer break?" Yuki asked

"It's just rather early. You know Keiko's not a morning person when there's no school or club."

"Should we come back later?" Suzuka asked

"No no, please come in."

"Sorry for the intrusion." said the four girls

They followed Nana into the living room, where most of the Aizawas, and Chloe, were. Kakeru and Koichi were playing a soccer video game, Chloe was at the table teaching Hiroki to speak French, Keiko seemed to be sleeping at the table with her face in her arms.

"Ohayou, everyone." said Yuki, catching their attention

"Yuki-chan." Kakeru replied "Suzuka-chan, Saki-chan and...."

"Miki." Miki reminded Kakeru as Saki went to sit with Hiroki

"Sorry for dropping by so early." said Suzuka "Looks like someone's not fully awake."

"Keiko hasn't been feeling too well since yesterday." said Chloe

"This phrase, Chloe-san." said Hiroki "I come from Kamakura."

"Je viens de Kamakura [I come from Kamakura.]" Chloe translated slowly

"Kei-chan. Kei-chan." said Yuki, trying to shake Keiko awake

"Yuki?" Keiko said wearily when she woke up at last

"Geez, you really don't look good at all." said Yuki

"By the way, where's Ryo-chan?" Saki asked as the other girls sat down as well

"She had her period this morning and went to change her panties." said Nana

Upon hearing this, Keiko began counting with her fingers

"What's up?" Yuki asked when Keiko finished counting

"My period." Keiko replied

"What? Is it late?"

"'Late'? I haven't had my period since May, that's beyond late."

"It's not uncommon for a female athlete to skip a month or two with her menstrual cycle." said Nana

"My period's late too, Onee-san, so you shouldn't let it bother you." said Saki

"If you say so." Keiko replied

"By the way, is Saito-kun coming later?" Miki asked

"His mom asked him to help out at the hospital today." said Nana "Said it would teach him a bit more responsibility."

"Speaking of hosptials, how's Haruhi's shoulder?" Keiko inquired

"Is she all right?" Chloe asked

"The doctors popped her humerus it back in the shoulder socket and there was no damage to her muscles." said Miki "And even if there was, I doubt she would care. Soccer's not played with your hands anyway."

"That's good to hear." said Kakeru

"Anyway," said Suzuka, putting a box from her bag on the table "I brought some home cooked breakfast, if anyone wants some."

"Our captain's cooking?" said Yuki "How can we refuse?"

"I live alone, so I do this often. Though my sister sometimes comes around." said Suzuka

They opened the box, and Keiko got a whip of the food's smell instantly. However, the scent triggered something in her stomach and she felt the need to hurl.

"Kei-chan, are you okay?" Yuki asked, seeing Keiko's hand fly to her mouth

"I'm gonna puke!" Keiko said through her hand as she got up and ran to the bathroom, passing Ryo on her way there

"Kei-nee, what's the matter?" Ryo, who was carrying Shiro in her arms, asked as Keiko ran past her and into the bathroom

Yuki, Chloe and Nana followed Keiko into the bathroom in time to see her throw up in the toilet. Yuki bent down with her and rubbed her back. Keiko then threw up twice more.

"Do you feel any better?" Yuki asked when Keiko had finished

"What's... what's wrong with me?" Keiko replied

"Is Kei-nee sick?" Ryo asked as Yuki felt Keiko's forehead

"You have a bit of a fever." said Yuki "I just noticed that your face is pretty flushed too."

"It wasn't this bad yesterday, but when I woke up this morning, I felt like crap." said Keiko

"Is this morning sickness?" Suzuka asked herself in thought "I got pregnant myself once during my prostitute days, so I know the symptoms. But Keiko said she took every precaution with Saito-kun. How can she be pregnant? Maybe I'm overthinking it."

"Did Keiko catch a bug or a flu?" Chloe asked

"It's not really the season, Chloe-chan." said Kakeru, who just turned up behind them

"In any case, Keiko needs to rest, so we're going to have to ask you girls to go home." said Nana

After wishing Keiko to get well again, the girls left, and Keiko was escorted to bed by her parents.

Nine hours later;

At around 7:00 PM that evening, Keiko woke up for the fifth time, still feeling like she was going through a case of flu.

"What is wrong with me?" Keiko asked herself in thought "I haven't felt this way since the last time I had the flu, and that was years ago. It's not the season either, though most types of flu aren't harmful these days." Keiko then noticed a grocery bag on the top shelf of her closet, took it down and put it on her bed "I forgot about these." Keiko reached in and pulled out one of several small rectangular boxes; a bunch of home pregnancy tests that a classmate gave her out of concern about a month ago "I can't be pregnant, can I? Saito and I have been so careful. But my period, and this sickness the last day and a half." Keiko stared at the box for several minutes. The box said that nothing was more accurate. Recent developments had made home tests more and more reliable. Keiko then became aware that her other hand was on her stomach "(sigh) One can't hurt, can it? But please, please be in my imagination."

Keiko snuck out of her room and into the bathroom, pulled off her lower clothes and sat on the toilet. She took out the test and read the instructions before using it. "Please, please come out negative." Keiko said to herself. She then urinated on the test tab, capped it, and waited. Keiko waited five minutes like the instructions said, her heart beating painfully against her chest, then finally... she got the result.

"(gasp) It can't be." Keiko said to herself, her hand on her stomach again. The result window showed +. If the test was to be trusted, Keiko was pregnant.

"How could this have happened?" Keiko thought as she left the bathroom, fear and anxiety taking over her "I thought Saito and I were so careful. What do I tell him? What do I do? I'm not ready for this, I'm only in High School. This can't wait. I have to tell my parents."

Keiko went down to the living room, where Chloe, the kids, Kakeru and Nana still were.

"Keiko?" said Nana when she noticed Keiko was in there "Are you feeling better?"

"Nevertheless, you shouldn't be up." said Kakeru

"Everyone else still is." said Keiko "Chloe, could you please take Hiroki, Ryo and Koichi upstairs. I need to speak with my parents."

"What's it so important that they can't listen?" Kakeru asked

"Father, Mother, please." said Keiko, surprising everyone, since she never addressed her parents like that

"If you're gonna call us that, this must be important." said Nana "Chloe?"

"Alright you three, let's go." said Chloe, and the kids followed her out of the room and Keiko sat down at the table

"Are they still listening at the door?" Nana asked

"Knowing them, most likely." said Keiko

"Merde! [Damn!]" Chloe said behind the door

"So, what is it that you wanted to tell us?" Nana asked. Keiko opened her mouth to speak several times, but no sound came out "This can't be good news, or it wouldn't be so hard to say."

"Keiko, whatever this is, we won't get mad." said Kakeru "We're your parents, you can tell us anything."

"(sigh) A few... a few minutes ago... I found out why... I've been sick since... since yesterday." Keiko stuttered

"You did?" Nana asked curiously

"Actually... it wasn't... it wasn't that I was sick."

"Now you've got us confused." said Kakeru "What are you getting at?"

Unable to bring herself to say it, Keiko put the pregnancy test on the table in front of them, and Nana picked it up.

"A pregnancy test? Positive!?" Nana exclaimed "Keiko... you're...?"

Keiko's eyes began to tear up as as she spoke again "Mama... Papa... I'm sorry." Keiko said, her arm on her stomach again "I didn't want this. I thought... Saito and I... were so... were so careful..." Keiko began crying harder then ever and suddenly found herself in Nana's chest

"It's okay, Keiko, don't cry." Nana said soothingly as she hugged Keiko "We'll... we'll figure something out." Nana looked at Kakeru, who, like her, seemed to have a blank mind

Nana and Kakeru put Keiko, who was emotionally unstable at the moment, back in bed. Chloe and the kids, who knew everything since they had eavesdropped, went to bed as well. Kakeru and Nana continued talking in their room.

"That daughter of ours." said Nana as the two of them continued talking in their room "First, she plays in a game despite having a fever. Now, we find out she's pregnant! Just how reckless is that girl?"

"Even I'm surprised." said Kakeru "She said that she and Saito-kun were careful."

"You and I both know that there is no 100% guarantee with any contraception method. Even the more recently discovered ones have no 100% guarantee."

"Anyway, what are we gonna do?" Kakeru asked "If that test is to be trusted, she's two months along at the most. Are we gonna let her give birth, or have her have an abortion?"

"I don't know." Nana replied "But you know what my feelings are toward abortion. To just rob an innocent child of a chance at life, it's no less than murder in my opinion."

"Then what? Are you okay with us becoming grandparents at 36?"

"Keiko's only in High School, of course I'm not okay with it. And even though Saito-kun is the father, obviously, and we always approved of those two being together, I can't see either of them as parents right now. But I don't want to go against them if they decide to keep it. Also, she has a promising career as a soccer player, and she's more than proven herself to be a national level athlete, and she has the potential to play internationally at the World Cup or the Olympics. She can't pursue that if she goes through with her pregnancy."

"Even I know that. So what do you propose Keiko does?"

"I don't know, Kakeru! And how can you be so calm about this?"

"Well for one thing, Keiko came to us immediately after she took that test. That clearly took a lot of courage, and most pregnant teens don't go to their parents until it's too late because they're too scared. But Keiko came to us right away. No matter how upset I am, I can't be angry with her after that. We both need to keep our wits about us, and help her. Keiko's really unstable right now, and she needs us, Nana."

"(sigh) You're right, Kakeru. I suppose I could start by having her see a doctor tomorrow, just for an official confirmation."

"Then get some sleep. We'll figure out the rest tomorrow."

Nana woke up at around 1:20 that morning to go to the bathroom. On her way back, she noticed a faint blue light coming out of the living room and looked to see who it was. It was Keiko, sitting at the table looking at the family album, and the television screen was blue.

"Keiko?" said Nana "What are you doing up?"

"Couldn't sleep." Keiko replied "I still feel sick to my stomach."

"This won't help." said Nana referring to the glass Keiko had in front of her. Nana went to dump it in the sink, but noticed it had a strange smell, and took a sip "(larguh!) What is this?"

"I tried to make tea, but my cooking ability is so bad, I can't even make that right."

"You're unbelievable." said Nana, pouring the bad tea in the sink, then sitting at the table with Keiko "Looking at the album?"

"I suddenly got the urge to." Keiko replied as she turned a page "Some of these pictures I don't remember well."

Nana then noticed one particular photo. It was a picture of the Aizawa family, and Yuki, at a barbecue in Tokyo on the Emperor's Birthday when Keiko was ten "Ah, I remember that barbecue. Hiroki spilled the squid on the ground."

"No, that was me." Keiko confessed

"It was?"

"Hiroki took the blame so you wouldn't get mad at me. I should've spoken up, but... you let it slide."

"I guess I did." Keiko felt something in her stomach pulsate "You okay?" Nana asked, seeing Keiko's sick look on on her face and her hand go on her stomach

"I'm okay." Keiko said as the feeling subsided a bit "Is this how you felt when you had me?"

"You really believe you're pregnant?" Nana asked after a pause "If you are, are you going to keep it, or abort it?"

"Abortion is out of the question. It's unethical to just rob a child of a chance at life. No less than murder." Keiko replied

"She feels the same way I do about that." Nana thought

"As for keeping it," Keiko continued "I just can't see myself as a mother. I'm only in High School. I could put the child up for adoption, but... the very thought of that hurts my heart. A child shouldn't be separated from his or her natural parents."

"Even I can't argue that." Nana thought

"Oh, Mom, I just don't know what to do. I'm not ready for this. I'm scared out of my wits about it."

"Then here's another question; are you going to tell Saito-kun? He is the father." Nana asked

"I can't do that. If I do, his mom will find out, and what will she say?"

"She's got a point. We don't really know what Ushio-chan will say about this. But, as an Obstetrician and Gynecologist, she may help Keiko." Nana thought

"That reminds me." said Keiko


"Earlier I was watching some old home videos, and I noticed that about thirteen minutes of my birth have been cut off. What happened, Mom?"

"Calling me 'Mom' now?" Nana inquired

"I can't keep calling you 'Mama' the rest of my life. I gotta grow up." Keiko replied "Now, what happened the night I was born?"

"You're better off not knowing." Nana said simply

"Mom, please."

"(sigh) Alright, fine. But it's not something I like to remember. I told you that the night you were born was the happiest day of my life, but I wasn't entirely truthful. It almost became the worst day of my life."

"What happened?" Keiko repeated

"The misfortune of a female athlete. I gave birth to you here in this house, which I admit wasn't the smartest thing. Even with Mai-chan as my midwife, yes Mai-chan helped me give birth to you, your birth went wrong. You were coming out face-up, and that's not exactly safe. And then..." Nana's voice began to crack as she relived that memory "We discovered that... your umbilical cord... was wrapped around your neck. We couldn't get it off until you had come out of my body completely. But... you weren't breathing... and you had no pulse. I thought we'd lost you. But then..." Nana's voice returned to normal "You started moving. You were breathing on your own, your heart rate went to normal, and you cried your first cries. It was a miracle, your father and I were...." Nana stopped talking as Keiko hugged her "Keiko, what...?"

"I'm sorry." said Keiko "I'm sorry I put you through that."

"It wasn't your fault. You were only a newborn, it wasn't your fault. And that little incident, is how you earned your name. 'Keiko', for 'Lucky Child'." Nana then became aware that Keiko had fallen asleep on her shoulder "She fell asleep on me." Nana whispered to herself "Pregnancy will do that to a woman. That, and it's 1:40 in the morning."

With a plan to visit a doctor later that day, Nana returned Keiko to bed, and then went back to bed herself.

Later that day, Thursday July 22;

"Remind me again why the three of us are hanging out so early on the third day of summer break." said Miki. She, Yuki and Suzuka were at the McDonald's where Suzuka worked part-time

"What do you mean 'early'?" Yuki asked "It's 11:36."

"Since it's summer, I consider that early."

"Be glad you don't have to work." said Suzuka, who was busy serving customers. She had been working since 10:00

"Akitsuki, you go on break." the manager called

"Thanks, Boss." Suzuka finished serving a customer, sat down with them, and noticed Yuki fiddling with her phone "Still can't get a hold of Keiko?"

"Her phone's on, but she's not picking up." Yuki replied

"Maybe you should stop trying to bug her." said Miki "You've been trying to phone her all morning, and she looked really sick yesterday."

"We know you're her best friend, and you love her, but there are times when you need to give her some space." said Suzuka

"I know. But I can't help worrying about her." said Yuki. Yuki then noticed Koichi outside with two of his friends "Koichi-kun?"

"What's he doing here?" Miki wondered aloud

Yuki left the restaurant, with Miki and Suzuka behind her, to talk with Koichi.

"Koichi-kun!" Yuki called, getting Koichi's attention

"Yuki-onee-chan." Koichi replied

"You know her Koichi-kun?" one of his friends, a girl, asked

"She's Yuki. Keiko-onee-chan's best friend, Ohana-chan." Koichi introduced then addressed Yuki "What're you doing here, Yuki-onee-chan?"

"I was just hanging out with my senpais." Yuki replied

"One of us was working." Suzuka interjected, but Yuki ignored her

"Anyway, I've been trying to contact Kei-chan all morning, do you know where she is?" Yuki asked

"Mommy took Keiko-onee-chan to see a doctor." Koichi replied

"A doctor?" Miki inquired "Was it that serious?"

"Uh-uh. Keiko-onee-chan has a baby in her belly." Koichi explained, stunning the three of them

"Your big sister is gonna be a mommy?" Koichi's other friend, a boy, asked

"Seems that way, Toru-kun." Koichi replied as the three elementary schoolers took off, forgetting about Yuki, Miki and Suzuka

"Did I hear that right?" Suzuka asked with a stunned

"Did they mean Keiko-chan's...?" said Miki

"K-K-Kei-chan... s-s-s-she... WHAAAAAAT?!" Yuki yelled

Meanwhile, Keiko and Nana were walking toward Kamakura Central Hospital, Chloe and Ryo in tow.

"You two didn't have to come you know." said Keiko

"I didn't have anything better to do today." said Chloe

"I wanna know first hand if Kei-nee's really having a baby." said Ryo

"Don't get too excited." said Keiko "At my young age, it's more of a problem than a blessing. I honestly hope it's a false alarm."

"If you really feel that way, why can't you keep your hand off your stomach?" said Nana, Keiko became aware of what Nana was saying and moved her hand to her side "You've displayed all the typical symptoms, and it's been a reasonable amount of time. I'm sure this is the real thing."

All of a sudden, Keiko collapsed on a bench they were walking past

"Are you okay?" Chloe asked

"It's so hot out, and I feel so weak." Keiko replied "I can't walk anymore."

"But we're almost there." said Ryo

"(sigh) I'm so pathetic. I swore I wouldn't show any weakness in front of you."

"It's not a bad thing. You're only human."

"Ryo's right." said Nana "Being able to show weakness means you're still human. You don't need to walk, I can piggyback you the rest of the way."

"Don't." said Keiko, standing up again with Ryo's help

"Jouer les durs ne te donnera que des résultats mitigés. [Acting tough will only get you so far.]" Chloe mumbled to herself

"J'ai entendu ça! [I heard that!]" Keiko said with the French she learned from Chloe

A few minutes later, they arrived at Kamakura Central Hospital. They noticed Mai when they entered the lobby.

"Nana-chan." said Mai, getting her attention

"Mai-chan? What are you doing here?" Nana asked

"Just here for a routine checkup." said Mai "By now, I'm far enough along to know my baby's gender."

"Great, really great." Nana replied, but she sounded less than enthusiastic, and Keiko had a shrewd suspicion that Nana knew the identity of the father of Mai's baby.

Just then, Ushio appeared in the lobby and announced her presence to them

"Nana-chan! Keiko-chan!" Ushio called, and coming over to greet them "Kon'nichiwa, and what are you all doing here?"

"Mai-chan's here for a checkup." said Nana "We came to see you." This statement made a shiver run down Keiko's spine

"Why me?" Ushio asked

"Because you're the only one we could talk to."

"Um, where's Saito?" Keiko asked trying to steer out of dangerous waters

"At home resting." Ushio told them "I kinda overworked him yesterday. Been doing that a lot since I moved back into the house."

"Anyway," said Nana, undeterred by Keiko's attempt to change the subject "We need to see you in a 'doctor and patient' way."

"What happened? Did your husband impregnate you again?" Ushio asked

"Did he?" Mai asked curiously

"No, not me." said Nana

"Mom, please, don't!" Keiko thought as she felt a sharp pain go through her lower body

"The one who needs to see you is...."

Before Nana could say that Keiko was pregnant, the pain in Keiko's body got so intense so fast, that she fell to her knees clutching her abdomen in pain.

"Kei-nee? Kei-nee, what's wrong!?" Ryo asked with a sense of worry in her voice

"It... hurts...." Keiko moaned

Nana then noticed something red trickling down Keiko's legs and making a small puddle on the floor. It was blood.

"There's blood!" Nana exclaimed "Ushio-chan!"

"I get it, I got it! You three, please stay here." said Ushio, picking up Keiko in her arms and carrying her to an ultrasound room. Along the way, they met Ayaka Mine and she came along with them. When they got to the room, Ushio placed Keiko in the gynecology chair and removed Keiko's bloodstained jorts and panties. "Okay, let's see what's wrong here." Ushio turned on an ultrasound tool (the ones used in the 2030s looked like a metal lipstick, were wireless, and didn't require the gel) and began going over the area where Keiko's reproductive system was with it, while keeping her eyes on the tablet, which showed images of Keiko's body what the tool detected. It would also check for life signs as well. "Am I to understand that Keiko-chan is pregnant?"

"Keiko-chan's pregnant?" Ayaka asked, who had taken a seat near the door with Nana

"That's what the test she took last night indicated." said Nana "She's two months along at the most. Keiko's been displaying typical early symptoms since Tuesday afternoon, but what happened in the lobby was a first."

"I see." said Ushio "Am I right to say that Saito is the father was well? Keiko-chan?"

"Uh-huh. Ushio-san, I'm sorry." said Keiko "I didn't want you to find out like this."

"Don't worry about it." Ushio moved over the area with Keiko's right fallopian tube "Ah-ha."

"What?" Nana asked

"Well, it's official: Keiko-chan was pregnant."

"Past tense?" Ayaka asked curiously

"Exactly." Ushio confirmed, saving the image on the tablet "Keiko-chan was pregnant, but what happened in the lobby was a clear and obvious sign of a miscarriage. And this examination confirms it: the embryo is dead, no signs of life."

"I see." said Nana

"Tell me, did you experience any signs of a miscarriage in the weeks prior? Menstrual-like cramps or vaginal bleeding? Anything you may have mistook for your period." Ushio asked

"No, not that I noticed. I was too focused on nationals." Keiko replied "As far as I can tell, this was without warning. I only learned I was pregnant last night."

"So this is a missed miscarriage. And in this particular case, it might be a good thing that she miscarried."

"Excuse me?"

"For one thing, she and Saito are only in High School. Not that I'm one to talk, since I gave birth to Sanae at seventeen."

"Ushio-chan." said Ayaka Mine

"(sigh) Do you want something on the fly, or the full?" Ushio asked

"This is my eldest daughter." said Nana "I want the full."

"Okay then." Ushio turned on the monitor, which was linked to her tablet by signal, and the screen displayed what was on the tablet. What they saw surprised the three of them: The embryo was in Keiko's Fallopian tube, not her womb. "Keiko-chan has what's called an Ectopic pregnancy." Ushio explained "Meaning that the fertilized zygote embedded itself in the wall of someplace other than Keiko-chan's uterus. In this case, her Fallopian tube, the most common place for an ectopic pregnancy."

"My lord." said Ayaka

"Now do you see why I said it was a good thing Keiko-chan miscarried?" Ushio asked "The Fallopian tube is not meant to expand like the uterus. I won't lie to you; If Keiko-chan had carried this pregnancy to term, her life, and the baby's, could've been at serious risk."

A long silence followed this explanation, until Keiko finally broke it.

"So... I guess that's it." said Keiko "I'll admit I'm a little disappointed that this kid didn't have a chance at life... but, at least both of us were spared the hardship of going through such a dangerous pregnancy."

"Not so fast," said Ushio "You're not out of the woods yet, Keiko-chan."


"Miscarriages of normal first trimester pregnancies will normally cause the body to expel the dead embryo on it's own, and second or third trimester miscarriages normally require surgical intervention to remove the deceased fetus." Ushio explained "But this isn't a normal one. The deceased embryo is stuck in your Fallopian tube, and you're at risk of infection so long as it stays there, so it requires intervention."

"She needs surgery?" Nana asked

"Don't worry, I won't need to use a scalpel. Rather, I'd like to try a new method." said Ushio, then calling for the other nurse that was in next room "Kana-chan! Could you bring them out, dear."

"Right away, Sensei!" Kana called back

"What are you gonna do?" Nana asked as Ushio started going through some files in a nearby drawer

"Have you hear of those newly patented items, the 'Obstetrics Drone', or, as the public calls it, the 'Womb-Bot'?"

"I have heard of it." Nana replied as Kana came into the room, carefully carrying a small box

"Thank you dear. Could you please program three to retrieve a dead embryo from the right fallopian tube." Ushio asked Kana as she pulled out a form from the drawer

"Yes, Sensei." Kana took out three small robots, no larger than peas, and began programing them with the computer

"Kana Tsuda (香奈 津田), one of my interns."  Ushio introduced as Kana began carrying out her task. "Now, a Womb-Bot, as it's commonly called, is for internally monitoring the growth and development of a fetus close up. If desired so by the expectant mother, they're placed in the womb early during pregnancy and monitor and record the growth of fetus from the time they're placed in the uterus, to the time the child is born. They've revolutionized the study of human reproduction. 7-8 months of pregnancy right there on video, and can be viewed in a matter of hours. But certain models also serve another purpose."

"They can also be used for miscarriage treatment and early abortion." said Ayaka

"Exactly. But first..." Ushio placed the form in front of Nana "Since Keiko-chan's still a minor, I need you to sign or seal this acceptance form for consent."

Nana did as asked just as Kana announced that she had finished the programming. Ushio then put on some medical gloves and got her tools ready.

"Alright, Keiko-chan. I'm going to open your uterus so the drones can get to the dead embryo." Ushio told Keiko "You may feel a bit of pain, and the movement of the drones inside you, but please bear with it."

"Want me to hold your hand?" Nana asked

"No, mom. I'll be fine." Keiko replied

Ushio then began the procedure.

The operation was painful, but Keiko bore with it and didn't let a sound escape her lips. After the three drones were placed in her, she felt them move around uncomfortably. The entire process took at least over an hour, but finally the drones emerged from Keiko's body with the dead embryo.

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