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Enoshima High Girls Soccer Team

Thursday April 1st 2032;

Spring Break had come and gone. Keiko woke up early on the first day of school to find Ryo, who she shared a room with, in her bed hugging her with her face in Keiko's chest. Ryo had a habit of sneaking into Keiko's bed at night.

"Oh, Ryo." Keiko said while stroking Ryo's hair a few times, then shaking her awake "Rise and shine sleepyhead."

"Ohayou, Kei-nee." Ryo said sleepily through a yawn, while releasing Keiko

"You need to stop sneaking into my bed." Keiko told her as she got out of bed, though she was not reprimanding her sister

"I can't help it." said Ryo, still in Keiko's bed "Your breasts are so soft, they're much better than my pillow."

"Your own breasts are starting to get really soft too." said Keiko as she put her new Enoshima High School girls uniform on her bed and started to pull off her pajama shirt "Not to mention big. Even though you're three years younger, you're the same size as me." she took off her pajama bottoms and put on her bra "Now you may want to get dressed. Today's the first day of school."

Ryo suddenly looked wide awake and said "Today! I completely forgot!" Ryo pulled off her own pajamas, put on her own bra, and looked around for her own uniform "Oh no, we got Hiroki his new uniform, but we never got mine!"

"Because we didn't need to." Keiko said calmly as she fastened her skirt


Keiko walked over to the closet and took out her old Middle School uniform and handed it to Ryo, who's face lit with joy at the knowledge of having something of her sister's for herself, now that Keiko no longer needed it.

Within another five minutes, both Keiko and Ryo were fully dressed in their new uniforms and went down to breakfast, where they found the rest of the family, including Mito, who dropped in on them, at the table.

"Ohayou, you two." said Nana as they walked in. Koichi and Kakeru were on either side of her, while Mito was at the end of the table

"Ohayou, Mama!" Keiko and Ryo said together as they sat down on either side of Hiroki, who was wearing his new boys uniform for Kamakura Middle

"Hey, Ryo," said Hiroki, who was halfway through a bowl of rice "that uniform looks worn. In fact, where did you get it? I don't recall us ever getting you one."

"That's because it's Kei-nee's." Ryo explained as she started on her own breakfast

"So that's why you two didn't get her a new one." said Mito "You knew Keiko was already planning to give Ryo hers."

"That's correct." said Kakeru "No need to waste our time getting a new one when we already have one ready."

"Thanks again, Kei-nee." Ryo told her sister

"Don't mention it." Keiko replied taking a bite of rice "And good luck on the soccer team this year."

"You too!"

"What about me?" Hiroki asked

"You'll be a great Keeper." Keiko replied ruffling her brother's hair

When they finished their breakfast and were about to leave...

"Could you four stand in a line for a second?" Nana asked as she held up a camera. They did as asked and stood in a line, oldest to youngest, and Nana took the picture to commemorate this special day.

Just then, the doorbell rang, "Ojamashimasu!" they heard Yuki Nonomiya's voice say. Yuki herself then walked into the room "Ojamashimasu." Yuki repeated, she too was wearing the girls uniform for Enoshima High.

"No intrusion at all," said Kakeru "Your timing's perfect actually."

"It is?" Keiko inquired

"Yes," said Nana "We wanted to give you both something before you left." she reached under the table and pulled out two clear plastic packages and handed them to Keiko and Yuki.

"Swimsuits?" Yuki inquired, noticing that they were both two-piece swimsuits. Keiko's was a light-orange bikini with a large Tiger lily, Keiko's favorite flower, on the left breast. Yuki's was a short yellow tube-top and bikini-bottom patterned with white daises, Yuki's favorite flower."

"You'll need them for later." Nana told them

"You'll both look really cute in them too." Mito commented

"Too true." said Ryo

"Why would we need swimsuits?" Keiko asked as she and Yuki put them in their bags "We're joining the Girls Soccer Team, not the Swim Team."

"We know." said Kakeru


"Trust us." said Kakeru, giving them a wink

The five of them walked out of the house, got on their bikes, and took off in two different directions. Ryo and Hiroki were dropping Koichi off at Kamakura Elementary before heading to Kamakura Middle, while Keiko and Yuki headed straight for Enoshima.

"I still can't believe we're finally High School students." said Yuki as they rode over a bridge on the way to the school

"Believe it." said Keiko as they stopped at a red light

"Ohayou, girls!" said a male voice behind them. Keiko and Yuki looked around the see who it was. It was a boy named Saito Shirayuki. After getting a glimpse, Keiko looked away in distaste. Saito was a ladies man, and a pervert, by her experience with him.

"Ohayou, Saito-kun." Yuki replied as Saito stopped right next to Keiko

"Hey, Keiko-chan, I said 'Ohayou'."

"I heard you, but I don't have to reply." Keiko said coldly

"Ooh, she's being cold. Is that any way to talk to your boyfriend?"

"Since when are you my boyfriend?" Keiko asked angrily, looking at Saito at last "I thought I told you 'no' already."

"Okay, okay." Saito replied "By the way, I saw your sister a few minutes ago. For a 12-year-old, she looks pretty mature already, especially with that rack of hers. Since I can't have you, mind setting us up?"

"No way!" Keiko replied with an even angrier tone "Stay away from Ryo, that's where I draw the line!"

"Okay, okay. I was just kidding. I dig women my own age or older. If you ask me, maturity is sexier than anything else. Speaking of which, I have to say that mother of yours quite the bombshell."

At this, Keiko kicked Saito's bike and caused him to fall into the empty street.

"I don't care." Keiko said before she took off past the now green light

"You really are too confident, you know that." said Yuki, and she took off after Keiko

Within the next ten minutes, Keiko and Yuki had arrived at the gates of Enoshima High. They locked up their bikes and proceeded to the area where the club recruitment was taking place.

"Where do you think the Soccer teams are?" Yuki asked as they walked past the crowded stalls

"I don't know, let's keep looking." said Keiko

"Did I hear you two say soccer teams?" said a voice behind them

Keiko and Yuki turned around to see two third-year girls, one had blue hair and the other was brunette.

"Yes, that's right." Keiko responded

"Then follow us ladies." said the girl with blue hair

Keiko and Yuki followed the girls down to the rear of the school

"By the way, we still haven't introduced ourselves," said the blue haired girl as they walked, "I'm Suzuka Akitsuki, captain of the girls soccer team, and a third year. This is Miki Hattori, my best friend, also a third year, and one of my sub-captains."

"Who's the other sub-captain, Akitsuki-senpai?" Yuki asked as they arrived at the clubroom of the Enoshima High Girls Soccer Team

"A second year named Yukari Hayakawa." Suzuka told them

"And please, use our first names." Miki told them

"Well you don't need to worry about me, I'm not the formal type." said Keiko "I'm Keiko Aizawa, this is Yuki Nonomiya. How many second and third years are on the team?"

"There are four third years, including me and Miki." said Suzuka "The rest of those from our year quit at the end of last year to 'focus on their futures'. The second years make up the majority with nine."

"That makes only thirteen players." Yuki noticed

"Yeah, well, the girls team is not as popular as the boys team." said Miki "But if you two join, it will make fifteen."

"Seventeen!" said a voice behind them. Keiko and Yuki turned around while Suzuka and Miki looked past them, to see a green-haired girl with her hands on the shoulders of two timid-looking first years

"More first years, Amuro?" Suzuka asked

"Yes, senpai." Amuro replied "Meet Yuzuki Kirishima, and Sachiko Komatsu."

"Excellent!" said Miki "You two joining?"

"Yes, senpai!" the two girls said nervously

"No need to be so nervous." said Suzuka as she handed Keiko a clipboard with a sign-up sheet on it "Put down your name, class, phone number, and E-mail." Keiko did as instructed and passed the clipboard to Yuki

"When's the first practice, Suzuka-senpai?" Keiko asked as Yuki passed the clipboard to Yuzuki

"School isn't a full day today so... 1:00. All practice after today will begin at 3:00."

When Sachiko had put her info down the four first years started making their way to their class

"You think at least three more will sign up before school ends for today?" Amuro asked when first years were gone

"I don't know," Suzuka replied "But at least we can now make substitutions in matches."

"Hey you three." called a woman with blond hair the just appeared from around the corner. It was Mai Murasaki "Get any new recruits yet?"

"Four first years so far, Coach Murasaki." Miki said as Suzuka handed Mai the clipboard

"Keiko Aizawa?" said Mai when she saw the list

"You know her?" Amuro asked

"Not really. But, it can't be."

Meanwhile, Keiko and Yuki had found their class. They were in Class 1-C.

"Look at the chart," said Keiko, "I'm in the back next to the window, and you're right in front of me."

"What luck." said Yuki "And there's Kirishima-san, diagonal from your seat." they went over to greet Yuzuki properly "We weren't properly introduced earlier, I'm Yuki, this is Keiko."

"Nice to meet you both." Yuzuki responded shaking their hands "I'm Yuzuki Kirishima. Just call me Yuzuki."

"As you say, Yuzuki-chan." said male voice right next to them. It was Saito again

"Saito?!" Keiko and Yuki said together

"You know this boy?" Yuzuki asked

"What are you doing here?" Keiko demanded

"What do you mean? I go here." Saito told them

"No you don't!" Keiko said furiously, as if merely saying it could make it true

"Uh, Kei-chan." Yuki said pointing to Saito's uniform. Keiko looked down and saw what she didn't notice earlier; Saito was wearing the Enoshima High boys uniform

"But, when...?"

"The instant I found out that you were going to Enoshima High, I decided to enroll here." Saito told them "And what luck, not only are we in the same class, but I'm right next to you."

"I don't believe this." Keiko muttered to herself with a hand on her face

"She doesn't like this guy, does she?" Yuzuki asked Yuki

"No she doesn't." Yuki confirmed

"Alright class," called their homeroom teacher who just walked in. It was Mai again "Everybody in your seats. The bell just rang." Everyone did as they were told and got to their seats. Saito really was sitting next to Keiko, much to her disgust "Alright, I'm Mai Murasaki, I'll be your homeroom teacher, as well as your English and Math teacher. Before we begin, I'm going to take roll-call. Please say 'here' when I call your name." she held up her clipboard so she could see it "Aizawa Keiko?"

"Here!" Keiko answered, when she did, Mai paused for a second to get a look at who had answered and noticed Keiko in the back row

"So she's in my class?" Mai thought to herself "She looks just like him."

"Something wrong, Murasaki-sensei?" a boy in the front row asked

"No, nothing." She shook her head and returned to taking roll-call. When she was finished, she directed everyone down to the gymnasium. It was time for the Entrance Ceremony.

"To our new students; Welcome! To our old hands; Welcome Back!" said the principal after everyone had gathered in the gymnasium "The Cherry Blossoms have bloomed once again, and another year of education awaits you. I hope that our new batch of students will find our clubs most enjoyable. And I hope you all can wish our formal school teams the best of luck in the many tournaments and competitions that will take place this year. And now we will have a word from the Freshman representative."

"That Aizawa girl who just joined the team," a third year on the girls soccer team, named Nagisa Okazaki, whispered to the rest of her fellow third years while eying Keiko nearby "Do you think she could be related to the famous Kakeru Aizawa?"

"Please," Suzuka whispered back as the freshman rep. stepped up to the mic."I've met Kakeru once before, but I've heard nothing of the great Kakeru having any kids. They probably just have the same surname."

"Maybe." Miki whispered uncertainly "What do you think, Tsukasa?"

"I know I haven't seen her play yet," said the third year girl named Tsukasa "But I can tell just by looking at her, she's got talent. That's no ordinary player we've got."

When the assembly was finished, everyone returned to classes, and the short day passed by without incident. Before Keiko knew it, it was time for her first practice session.

"Our first practice session, at last." said Keiko as they made their way down to the soccer field

"Do you think anyone else joined yet?" Yuki asked

"No idea."

"Keiko-san, Yuki-san!" said Yuzuki coming up behind them with Sachiko

"Yuzuki, Sachiko." Keiko replied as the pair caught up with them "Heading down to practice as well?"

"We are," said Sachiko "We best not be late."

By the time they got there, they noticed that three more first years had indeed joined the team. One of them was another classmate of Keiko's called, Miho Kusakabe. The other two, who were called Aoi Hanabishi and Yui Ichinose, were from 1-B. This brought the total number of players to twenty.

"Looks like we got a full house at last." said Keiko as they joined the group, which included the other nine second years. Out of the second years, Keiko recognized Asuka Ayuzawa, who had graduated from Kamakura Middle the previous year.

"Alright girls." said Mai, appearing close by with the third years

"So she's our coach too?" Yuzuki whispered to Yuki

"Looks like it." Yuki replied

"Miss Aizawa?" Mai said to Keiko

"Yes?" said Keiko, thinking she must have done something wrong

"I've been needing to ask, and I'm sure everyone here's curious, are by any chance related to Kakeru Aizawa?" Suzuka rolled her eyes at this

"I am. He's my father."

"WHAT?!" the entire group, except for Yuki, exclaimed

"Told you so." Nagisa said to Suzuka

"I knew it!" Mai thought to herself "Now that I see her up close, there's no doubt in my mind she was the baby Nana-chan gave birth to that night. Fifteen years since I last saw her. She's grown so much."

"Am I late?" Saito asked appearing out of nowhere

"What are you doing here?" Keiko asked

"I'm going to be the team manager." Saito told them, sending Keiko in real shock this time

"It's true, girls." said Mai "He's already filled out the application. This boy's going to be our new manager. Now listen up, we're not using the field today. Instead, we're going to have some fun." all the second and third years shouted cheers at this point, but Keiko and the other first years were confused. "Head to the locker room and change. If you don't have your own swimsuit, there should be some school ones available."

Keiko, Yuki, and the other first years exchanged looks of confusion at this

Fifteen minutes later, after everyone had changed, they were at Higashihama beach. It was the area where the Enoshima Soccer Teams practiced Beach Soccer. The Boys team was already practicing elsewhere

"Yeah, Beach Soccer, Beach Soccer." several second years chanted as they ran out onto the sand

"So this is why Mama and Papa said we would need swimsuits for later." Keiko said to Yuki, both of them were in their new swimsuits

"Yeah." Yuki replied, apparently too surprised to say much

Keiko looked around at what everyone else was wearing. Even Mai was wearing a pink two-piece bikini. Almost everyone else, and apparently no one needed to borrow a school one, was wearing two-pieces bikinis as well, some of which looked expensive. But only Amuro Okiura, who was setting up to be the Goalkeeper, and a second year, whom Keiko was sure she was called Moka Aono, were wearing a one-piece.

"Don't be so reserved you two." said Suzuka, who was wearing a black and white plant themed bikini, pushing Keiko and Yuki onto the sand. The sand felt really warm beneath Keiko's feet.

"But we've never played Beach Soccer Before." said Keiko

"Then prepare to try something new." said Miki, who was wearing a camouflage themed bikini "The rules are a bit different here." the rest of the first years listened in as well "We do five vs five with sub-ins now and again. There's only one goal, and Amuro's the Goalkeeper. Everyone else plays every other position, 'Total soccer' if you will. One side attacks, the other defends, and if the defending team kicks the ball into the water, we switch and restart. And halves only last fifteen minutes instead of thirty"

"Team A will wear jerseys and start as defenders. Team B won't wear jerseys" said Mai " Team A will start with, Miki Hattori, Tsukasa Tachibana, Yuki Nonomiya, Momoko Ninagawa and Sachiko Komatsu. Team B will start with Suzuka Akitsuki, Nagisa Okazaki, Moka Aono, Keiko Aizawa and Yuzuki Kirishima."

Those selected for Team A got on white jerseys and took their place as defenders. Keiko got with the starting Team B and prepared to kick-off with Suzuka.

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