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Bad Sister?

"Really, Kake-nii? Sending Keiko abroad?" said Mito as Keiko continued to eavesdrop.

"I understand your concern over my decision." said Kakeru "She's terrible with foreign languages, and can barely do English, but this is the most effective way to keep Silva away now that he has his sights on Keiko."

"Do we really need to go this far?" Nana asked

"You know what Silva's like. He's always been obsessed with my brother, and now that he has this crazy idea about him in his head, he won't give up. So the most effective method to hide Keiko from him is to send her out of the country."

"My promise really wasn't enough for him?" Keiko thought

"Say, for a minute, I approve of this," said Nana "Where would we send her?"

"Even though she's bad with English, she still knows it best. Therefore, an English speaking country would be the most logical place to send her. And I have a few contacts who could set her up in either America or England." Kakeru explained

"He's thought all of that?"

"Okay, so you have that worked out." said Mito "But what about Hiroki, Ryo and Koichi? How would they react to this?"

"They're big kids. I'm sure they'd understand that we're just trying to protect Keiko." said Kakeru

"But they're so close to her! If we were sending Keiko away just until this thing with Silva blew over, she'd have to be away for two years at the minimum. Could they really stand being away from her that long?"

"Then there's her new-found career with Nadeshiko Japan." said Nana "It's one thing if she goes abroad with the team on tour, but if we send her abroad for an extended period, she'll have to quit the team."

"Don't think I haven't considered either of those things." said Kakeru "As far as soccer goes, she can join a new team in the country we send her to. Hiroki, Ryo and Koichi will also understand what we have to do for Keiko's sake."

There was a pause, then "(sigh) You know what," said Mito "why don't we stop beating around the bush, and ask Keiko what she thinks."

"Right now?" said Nana "How can we ask her?"

"Because... she's been eavesdropping on us for the last ten minutes."

Realizing that they knew, Keiko hurried away from the door. But, instead of returning to her room, she slipped on her shoes, bolted out the front door, hopped on her bike and rode off. She was running away, not wanting to face her family over what she just heard. Not really knowing where she was going, she headed straight for the first place that came to her head; Saito Shirayuki.

Within ten minutes she was on the doorstep of Saito's home. Saito answered the door after Keiko had rang the bell for the third time.

"Keiko-chan?" said Saito after seeing her on his doorstep "What are you doing here so late at night?"

"S-Saito!" Keiko wailed grabbing the front of his clothes and crying into his chest

"Keiko-chan? What is it? What happened?" Saito asked, but Keiko wouldn't answer. Saito then brought Keiko inside to the living room.

"Saito, who was it?" said a girl who was in the living room sitting in a wheel-chair. She greatly resembled Saito. "Who was it?" Sanae asked as if she couldn't see Keiko

"This my girlfriend, Keiko Aizawa." said Saito as he sat Keiko down on the couch "She just showed up out of the blue and won't tell me why."

"Aizawa-san?" said the girl as she felt the air before putting her hand on Keiko's shoulder

"Who are you?" Keiko asked

"I'm Sanae, Saito's older sister." said Sanae

"I-I'm Keiko. I... you're blind!" said Keiko, noticing that Sanae's pupils were milky white.

"Good observation. And I'd rather be blind than go through all that risky and costly surgery that would give me my sight back. Same for my useless legs."

"Now," said Saito "What are you doing here? From the sound of your voice, something bad just happened."

"I'd rather not talk about it. But, I will say this, I just couldn't stay in that house." Keiko told them "So forgive the intrusion."

"No intrusion at all." said Sanae "As my brother's girlfriend, you're welcome here anytime."

"Thanks. So, and I know I might be asking a lot, but, would it be alright if I stayed here for a few days?"

Saito and Sanae, though Sanae couldn't see anything, exchanged looks

"You don't want to go home, do you?" said Sanae

"I don't mind talking to your parents first."

"Actually," said Saito awkwardly "We have the house to ourselves. Mom's a doctor and lives in an apartment, since she works an eighteen hour shift until at least 11:00. Dad, on the other hand, abandoned us before Michiru was born. We don't know where he is and he could be dead for all we know."


"Onii-chan! Who was at the door?" a female voice with a higher pitch called. Just then, a younger girl who, like Sanae, resembled Saito, walked in. Keiko assumed that this was Michiru, and noticed one other thing: Other than the fact that Michiru was the only one of the three Skirayukis with long hair, she was completely nude. "Oooooh. It was a girl, was it?" Michiru said with a sly face upon seeing Keiko

"Michiru, I told you to put on some clothes!" said Saito

"Don't wanna."

"Can't you see we have a guest?"

"It's another girl."

"That's not the issue!"

"Come on, don't you like seeing your cute little sister's cute little body?"

"Go to your room!" said Sanae

"Onee-chan, you killjoy." said Michiru as she left

"Saito," said Keiko once Michiru was out of the room "What was that all about? And why was she naked?"

"It's a funny story actually."

"Funny?! Have you been passing your perversions onto your little sister?"

"Michiru's a nudist." Sanae said bluntly


"A nudist, as in going around the house, doing everything, naked. It was our mother's doing. She's a 3rd generation nudist, which makes Michiru, who's currently in middle school, 4th generation, and that was how the three of us were brought up after father left. Saito and I managed to kick the habit a few years ago, but Michiru didn't. She's a full-fledged nudist and seems to be proud of it."

"That's partially why we don't bring people around here often." said Saito "Though she, thankfully, has more than enough sense not to go outside naked. Though we still have trouble getting her to wear panties."

That was the end of that discussion, as a yawn from Keiko told them that it was time for bed. Saito took Sanae, who slept on the ground floor, to her room, then showed Keiko, who was sleeping in Saito's room, to his on the second floor.

"Sorry the room's a mess." said Saito when they got to his room

"What's this?" Keiko asked picking up a magazine. Saito instantly recognized it as one of his porn mags and snatched it away, but Keiko had already seen. "Pervert."

"I can explain."

"Don't. Knowing you, you must've had a few of those. And another thing."

"Yes?" Saito asked

"If you were thinking of having sex with me, forget it." said Keiko as she got into Saito's bed

"I wasn't planning on it." said Saito as he got into bed with Keiko and pulled the covers over them "But do you plan on telling me why you showed up here tonight?"

"Not tonight." said Keiko as she turned over to face Saito "You better not be getting any ideas."

"I told you I have no intention of doing anything." Saito retorted "But you seemed to be pretty upset. If it would've made you feel any better...."

Keiko considered him, and how she was feeling, for a moment. "Wear a condom."

"As you wish, m'lady."

"Then go ahead. Before I change my mind."

After Saito turned out the lights, he gave Keiko a kiss to start with. Keiko then felt Saito pull her pajama bottoms and panties down and off her legs. After Saito did the same, Keiko spent a few minutes "getting ready" with Saito. Once Saito out one on, Keiko spread her legs for Saito and was making love with him for the second time in her life. Unbelievably, once they were done, Keiko did feel better.

The next morning, Monday May 24th;

When Keiko woke up the next morning, Saito had already gone downstairs. When she pulled her pajamas back on she went to to join the three Shirayukis, who were already in the middle of breakfast.

"Ohayōgozaimasu." said Keiko through a yawn as she joined them at the table. She then noticed that Michiru was wearing the girls uniform for Kamakura Middle School. Saito was right when he said that Michiru had more than enough sense not to go outside naked.

"You slept late." said Saito as he put some rice and chop-sticks in front of Keiko

"Sorry. I'm just so tired."

"Well, we don't have to leave for school for a while, so it's fine."

"Did you guys do anything last night?" Michiru asked, and Saito gave her a karate chop on the head

"You moron."

"To think Saito has a little sister like you." said Keiko as she started on her breakfast

"What do you know about relations with younger sisters?" Michiru asked as she rubbed her head

"She knows plenty." said Saito as he handed Sanae her food "Keiko-chan's the eldest of four. One younger sister, and two younger brothers."

"Really." said Sanae "They go to Kamakura middle?"

"Two of them." said Keiko "First years."

"So they're a year behind me huh?" said Michiru

"And speaking of your family," said Saito as he sat himself down at last "I called them as soon as I woke up this morning to let them know you were here. They were really worried, and are waiting for you to come home."

"Then they're gonna be waiting a while." said Keiko

"Care to tell us what happened?" Michiru asked

"No! It's a family matter, so stay out of it."

"Aren't I your family too?" Saito asked putting a hand on Keiko's shoulder, which Keiko swatted away.

"You're not my husband, so don't act like it. But maybe I'll explain a little when we get to scho- Oh no."

"What?" said Sanae

"My uniform, bag, swimwear, and phone. They're still at the house."

Since Keiko was unwilling to go near the house at the moment, Keiko waited in the nearby park while Saito retrieved them.

"Is this everything?" Saito asked when he turned up after making Keiko wait for ten minutes.

"It is." said Keiko after she looked through it "I'll change in that restroom over there. We'll head to school when I'm done."

"What about your pajamas?"

"I'll put them in the locker room when we get to school."

"And why did I have to do this? Couldn't you get them yourself?"

"I'm not going near that house for now." said Keiko as she left to change. "And no peeking!"

"But we just did it last night. What's going on with that girl? What happened with her family?" Saito thought to himself

In class later;

"Hey, Kei-chan!" said Yuki as they sat down in class "Coming to school with your boyfriend now?"

"That's unusual." said Yuzuki

"Leave it be, girls." Keiko replied "I'm not in the mood."

"Did your dad say anything more after what happened last night?" Yuki asked

"You might say that." said Keiko, and Miho and Yuzuki exchanged confused looks

"That's enough, class." Mai called "The bell has rung." She waited for the class to settle down before continuing "Now, before we begin, I have two announcements to make. One of which I have been sitting on for some time. First of which, I'm telling you all due to (ahem) pressure from my colleagues. This October, I will no longer be able to be your homeroom teacher, or the coach for the girls soccer team."

All in the class who were on the team exchanged startled looks while the class murmured

"The reason for this is," Mai began once the class had settled down again "I will be going on maternity leave. I'm having a baby, and I'm almost three months along." The entire class burst into cheers at this announcement. A couple of girls even ran up to Mai to hug her in congratulations. "Now now, that's enough. I have one more announcement to make, but I don't think this one will be so welcome." The class quieted down almost instantly. "The second thing is; this summer, at the end of the semester, our friend, and most admired soccer player, Keiko Aizawa, will be leaving to study abroad."

Keiko went into shock. She instantly realized that Kakeru had told her about what had happened the night before, and now Mai had told the class, and effectively the entire school.

"STUDY ABROAD!?" Yuki yelled as the entire class murmured again "Murasaki-sensei, what's this all about?"

"I don't know the circumstances, but this is something that has been decided." Mai answered "The best that can be said is that she will still be here for the summer tournament."

"Keiko-chan?" Saito whispered to Keiko, who was still in a state of shock

Meanwhile, elsewhere in Kamakura, Kakeru and Nana were walking to a meeting place that had been arranged after Keiko had left the night before.

"You've both got some guts to show up here." said Silva in a strange voice when they had arrived at the spot near the beach "I didn't think you'd both...."

"Get to the point, Silva." said Kakeru

"You're no fun at all, Aizawa." said Silva in his normal voice

"And you haven't changed a bit these last twenty years." said Nana

"What's wrong with that?"

"Nothing," said Kakeru "Except you're still obsessing over my brother. Calling our eldest his reincarnation? Insane."

"You can't pretend that there were similarities of how she played in that match with Greece to Suguru. " said Silva "She's a lot like him in her own way though."

"NO! She's nothing like Suguru-san!" said Nana "And it's because of your obsession that we have to send her out of the country."

"Abroad? Must you go that far?"

"I can't take any chances with you." said Kakeru

"You make it sound like I'm going to stalk her."

"You just want to use her as a replacement for Suguru, just like you did with me!"

"No, you're dead wrong." said Silva "All I wanted was to prove my theory, or at least try to. Further, I know enough about you guys to know that you care about her happiness. Would sending her abroad, away from her friends, family, boyfriend and career, really make her happy?" Silva left without another word


practice time at Enoshima High. Beach Soccer again.

"The nerve of your father." said Yuki as they arrived at the beach "Doing this to his own daughter."

"Give it a rest, Yuki." said Suzuka

"Keiko, are you alright?" Haruhi asked

"I'm fine." Keiko replied weakly

"I have a surprise for you all." said Mai as she turned up behind them

"By now we all know you're pregnant." said Tsukasa

"So who's the father?" Moka asked

"First of all; I don't know and I don't care. Second; after successful negotiations with Coach Hyodo, today will be a coed practice."

Just then, the boys team, with their four female managers, and Mako, turned up.

"Woah! A lot of hot babes here." said one of the boys, who then received an elbow to the stomach by Yamato

"Don't mess around." said Yamato

"Aizawa." said one of the boys who approached Keiko "Name's Takashi Hamura. You've got a sister who goes to Kamakura Middle don't you? First year, light brown hair, brown eyes, has a twin bother?"

"Uh, yeah." Keiko replied awkwardly

"Good." said Takashi. He then walked away.

"Got a bad vibe as well?" Keiko asked Yuki

"Oh yeah." Yuki replied

"Now then, one more announcement before we begin." said Mai

"From Wednesday to Saturday, both teams will be going to the traditional Enoshima Soccer Club Training Camp in Shizuoka." said Mako "Rest well for it, because none of you will have much time to rest while there."

"Yes Sir!" everybody from both teams cried

Later, as Keiko and her friends were heading home, they were stopped at the school gate after changing in the locker rooms

"Kei-nee/Nee-chan!" Hiroki and Ryo cried as they ran up to them

"Hiroki-kun? Ryo-chan?" said Yuki

"What are you two doing here?" Suzuka asked

"Nee-chan wasn't at home this morning." said Hiroki

"We were concerned, so we came to walk home with her." said Ryo

"I appreciate your concerns, both of you." said Keiko "But, I'm not coming home tonight, or tomorrow. In fact, I won't be home all week since our teams are going to training camp on Wednesday."

"But why aren't you coming home tonight?" Ryo asked

"I'm sorry. But I can't go home for now. So just head home without me." Keiko walked away with Saito toward his house before anyone could stop them.

Later at Saito's place;

"I get why you don't want to go home, but must you avoid even your own siblings?" Saito asked when they walked in the door "And what's with your dad sending you abroad anyway?"

"None of your business." said Keiko as she walked right up the stairs, leaving Saito behind on the ground floor.

"Keiko-chan?!" Saito called in desperation, but Keiko just ignored him

"What was that all about?" Sanae asked from her chair in the living room

"There's no point explaining." Saito replied

"Stingy." said Michiru

A few of hours later, as per her habit, Keiko was taking a bath to ease her depressed state.

"It feels odd to be taking a bath in my boyfriend's home." Keiko thought to herself as she layed in the warm water in the tub "Having a bath when I'm upset or depressed. When did I get into this habit of mine? Was it in Elementary? I don't remember. (sigh) Why does Papa have to go to such lengths? I understand his concerns, but I can take care of myself."

There was a knock on the door

"Go away, I wanna be alone." Keiko called, but still the door opened and Michiru, fully naked again, walked in and closed the door behind her. "I said I wanted to be alone."

"I just wanted to get to know my brother's girlfriend." said Michiru

"How nice." Keiko replied, then Michiru, without invitation, got in the tub with Keiko, and was laying over her "W-what are you doing?"

"I said I wanted to get to know you better. Starting with this body of yours."


"I can see why Onii-chan fell for you. A cute face, a great figure..., and such nice big boobs!" Michiru then started rubbing Keiko's breasts enthusiastically, much to Keiko's discomfort. "To think Onii-chan gets to rub these things so freely!"

"W-w-what?" Keiko said as Michiru buried her face in Keiko's chest

"Don't think I don't know what you two've done."

"M-Michiru, you." Keiko started as she became aware that Michiru was rubbing her between her legs "What are you doing? Don't touch me there!"

"You gave your virginity to Onii-chan, didn't you?" Michiru said as Saito's hand came out of nowhere and hit her on the head

"That's enough of that, Michiru!" said Saito as he pulled Michiru off of Keiko and out of the tub

"Onii-chan, you're no fun at all." said Michiru, upset that her fun was over

"Go to bed!" Saito yelled as he threw Michiru out of the bathroom and closed the door "I apologize for that."

"Thirteen years old, at least, and she's already doing those things?" Keiko inquired

"Again, I apologize for my sister." Saito replied as he keeled down and leaned on the tub "I don't know where she got that from, but it wasn't me, I swear."

"Don't worry about it." said Keiko. she then looked Saito in the eye for a couple of minutes "Um... one more time tonight?" Taking the hint, Saito kissed Keiko in answer

Meanwhile, Yuki, Miki and Yuzuki were shopping together in town

"Remind me again why the two of us are hanging out with you this late in the evening." said Miki as they walked into a convenience store

"Because I didn't want to wander around alone, just because I couldn't sit still at home." Yuki replied as she examined a magazine

"You realize, it's almost 10:00." said Yuzuki, who was examining sweets

"So what? None of us have curfews." said Yuki

"Admit it," said Miki "You wanted to talk about Keiko."

"Bullseye." Yuzuki said under her breath

"What are you, a mind reader?" Yuki asked "Alright I did."

"You may as well drop it." said Miki as she chose a drink out of a fridge "If her parents are sending her abroad, there's nothing we can do."

"But why are they sending her abroad?" Yuzuki asked

"Likely because of Silva." Yuki answered


"Never you mind." said Miki

"Miki? Yuki? Yuzuki?" said Suzuka, who just walked in with Yamato at her heels "What are you three doing hanging out?"

"Just girl talk." Miki replied

"Never mind us." said Yuki, stunned by Yamato's mere presence "What are you doing here with Yamato-senpai?"

"I finally got Yamato to ask me out." Suzuka proclaimed proudly

"You didn't really give me a choice." said Yamato

"Don't say it like that!"

Yuki looked out the stores window and noticed Ryo right across the street.

"Ryo-chan?" Yuki said, catching everyone else's attention

"Keiko's little sister?" said Yuzuki as they noticed Ryo too

"What's she doing out here this late?" Suzuka asked

"And without Hiroki-kun too." said Yuki "If she's not with Keiko, she's usually with him. It's rare to see one of them without the other."

"Is that a fact." said Yamato

They then watched as Ryo walked near a small alleyway. She appeared to be reading off a small bit of paper. She was only visible for another second as she walked down it.

"I got a bad feeling about this." said Yuki about a minute after Ryo appeared to have vanished

"So do I." said Suzuka

They watched the alley entrance for another 6 minutes for Ryo to reemerge but she never did.

"She's been down there to long," said Yuki "I know for a fact that it's a dead end."

"Let's check it out," said Yuzuki "make sure she's all right."

"Agreed." said Miki

Suzuka, Yamato, Miki, Yuzuki and Yuki then walked out of the store without buying anything. Within seconds of exiting the store, they heard Ryo screaming and a went to investigate.

Back at the Shirayukis';

"Ow! Saito, you're hurting me!" said Keiko. She and Saito were in Saito's room, and in the middle of making love again for second night in a row.

"Sorry." said Saito as he stopped moving "I'm just a little..."

"I know you're happy, but you're getting too excited." said Keiko "This happened the last two times as well. You got too excited and made me feel more pain then necessary."

"But, despite that, you did enjoy it, right?"

"(sigh) Yes. Continue, but go slow."

They were at it again for two minutes when Keiko's phone suddenly rang.

"You should probably answer it." said Saito

"You're right." said Keiko, and she picked up her phone. It was Yuki "Yuki? I'm a little busy right now."


"Yuki! Slow down and calm down. What happened to Ryo? WHAT? What do you mean Ryo was raped?"

Yuki told Keiko that they had followed Ryo, who had been following directions from a "confession letter", down the alleyway and discovered that she was being Gang Raped by at least six men. By the time they managed to save Ryo from them, she had already been penetrated by one of the men. They had then taken her to Kamakura Central Hospital, where Yuki had called Keiko from.

After getting dressed, Keiko borrowing some clothes from Sanae, she and Saito, with Michiru in tow, set off for Kamakura Central Hospital as fast as they could.

"My sister, Ryo Aizawa, was brought in earlier!" Keiko told the nurse at the desk frantically "Where was she taken?!"

"Calm down, miss. This is a hospital." said the nurse

"Kei-chan! Saito-kun!" Yuki called form the end of the hall "Ryo-chan's this way!"

"Never mind." Keiko told the nurse. She then followed Yuki with Michiru at her heels

"My apologies." Saito told the nurse with a slight bow as he set off after them

They followed Yuki to right outside the room where Ryo currently was. Kakeru and Nana, along with Miki, Suzuka, Yamato and Yuzuki were there as well.

"Mama, Papa, how's Ryo?" Keiko asked

"The doctors are still examining and treating her." said Nana "We won't be allowed in until they're done."

"Since Ryo's Menstrual Cycle kicked in last year, they also need to ensure that she can't get pregnant from this." said Kakeru

"I can't believe Ryo was raped!" Keiko cried as she collapsed against the wall, tears filling her eyes "I should've been there! I should've just gone home! If I had, this wouldn't have... I could've protected her!"

"Keiko, this wasn't your fault, don't blame yourself." said Suzuka as she keeled down next to Keiko and put a hand on her shoulder

"Yeah, the guy who sent that phoney confession letter, and did that to her, is to blame!" said Yuzuki "And don't you worry, we got him good."

"We're grateful to all of you." said Kakeru "You prevented any more harm from coming to Ryo."

"We're in your debts." said Nana

"Don't worry about it, Aizawa-san." said Miki "Keiko's our teammate, and our friend. That makes Ryo our friend too."

"But I'm still curious." said Saito "Who raped Ryo-chan?"

"Yeah! Did you get a look at their face?" Michiru asked

"We did, but, we'd rather not go into details right now." said Suzuka as she looked at Yamato, who had his face in his hand

"Where are Hiroki and Koichi?" Keiko asked

"Still at home asleep." said Nana "They still don't know about this. We'll wait 'till morning to tell them."

Just then, Ayaka Mine emerged from the room

"Ryo-chan's all right." said Ayaka "And there's no chance of her getting pregnant either. We made sure of it."

"Thank heavens." said Yuki, who finally relaxed

"She can go home tonight as well. And Kakeru-kun."


"This experience seems to have left her traumatized. She may even develop Androphobia. If it's alright with you, I'd like her to come in for some private counseling at least twice a week for a while."

"Very well, Mine-sensei." said Kakeru "You've always been good to our family, and you helped me a lot when I was a boy. I have no reason to doubt you now."

"One more thing. She had this in her bag." Ayaka held up a small snow white kitten that appeared to be no more than two months old "She said she found it near an adult cat that had died recently. It's a boy, and she was wondering if she could keep it."

"Has she given him a name?" Nana asked

"She said she named him 'Shiro'. For his white fur."

"Welcome to the family, Shiro." Nana told the kitten, who meowed in response

With Ryo's first session with Ayaka scheduled for Thursday, Keiko and her parents took Ryo, and their new kitten, Shiro, home, while everyone else went home themselves. After putting Ryo in bed, Keiko joined her parents, and aunt Mito, in the living room for a small talk, and walked into an awkward silence.

"Mama, Papa, Aunt Mito, I'm sorry." said Keiko "I'm sorry I ran away. It's just... after hearing all that, that you wanted to send me abroad... I didn't know how to face you. I just... I...."

"Keiko," said Kakeru as he pulled Keiko into a hug "You don't need to apologize for anything. I was the one who was being selfish."

"Ain't that the truth." said Mito

"Mito-chan!" said Nana

"No, no, she's right." said Kakeru "Keiko, the reason I wanted to send you out of the country, was to keep Silva away from you. I overreacted to his presence, I should've trusted that you would keep your promise no matter what. You don't need to be so upset."

"That's only half of it." said Keiko "I'm also upset over what happened to Ryo tonight. This is the third time this year. One of my siblings was in trouble, and I was powerless to do anything. I'm such a terrible sister to them."

"Keiko," said Nana as she embraced Keiko as well "You're not a bad sister to them. You're a great sister. They say so themselves."

"They're proud to have you as they're big sister." said Mito, coming into the hug as well "These things were just beyond your control."

"But if I hadn't run away...." said Keiko, but Kakeru interrupted

"I told you already, that was mostly my fault." said Kakeru as they let go of Keiko "You've done nothing to be ashamed about, and Ryo and the boys won't feel any ill toward you. No matter what happens, you're their sister, and an Aizawa, and that's something to be proud of."

"Now that's enough talk." said Nana "Off to bed with you. You still have school tomorrow, and then training camp the following day. You need your rest."

"Yes, Mama." said Keiko. She got up to leave, than stopped at the door for a moment "And, Papa."


"You're not gonna send me abroad?"

"No. But if Silva does something that makes me suspicious, I may change my mind. Understand?"


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