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Suguru's Reincarnation?

Sunday May 23rd;

Just a few days passed since Keiko's debut match with Nadeshiko Japan. Already she had received large media attention and had a hard time getting to and out from school. She was also getting a lot of attention from peers at school. If it weren't for her team's help, she probably wouldn't even be able to go anywhere. Now, it was a warm Sunday, and she was taking a well deserved break at home with her siblings while their parents were out for the day.

"This is too hot for May." said Ryo, who had her face in front of a fan in the living room

"Quit complaining." said Keiko as she fanned herself with a paper fan "2029 was a lot hotter than this."

"Juice everybody." said Hiroki as he walked into the room carrying a tray of drinks

"Thanks, little brother." said Keiko as she took one of the glasses

"Must be nice to finally get some r&r after being swarmed for the last few days."

"I don't recall you trying to help me."

"We had our own problems." Ryo said turning her face away from the fan "Reporters were questioning us just because we're your siblings."

"What about you, Koichi?"

"Mommy and Daddy always managed to get me away from school before they started swarming." Koichi replied "Speaking of which, are there any out there now?"

"No, no one's here today." Hiroki answered just before the doorbell rang "I spoke too soon."

"I'll see who it is." Keiko answered. She got up and went to the front door. She looked through the eye-hole before answering, and saw that it was just Saito, Yuki, Suzuka and Miki "It's just you four. What?"

"Nothing." said Suzuka "It's just... I know we've seen in you in a swimsuit, but I've never seen you wearing such revealing casual wear."

"A short tube-top and jorts." said Miki "You're even wearing your hair up. Really emphasizes your breasts too."

"Well, excuse me! What would you expect? It's very hot today." said Keiko

"Speaking of the heat, that's why we're here today." said Saito

"What are you doing here in the first place?"

"What's with the attitude?"

"Why didn't you show up at my match with Greece? What kind of a boyfriend misses something that important to his girlfriend?"

"I had something important to take care of."

"More important than me?"

"Not 'more important', but important. Like you, I also have siblings to take care of."

"(sigh) I guess family does come first." Keiko, recognizing defeat at that comment, replied

"Anyway," said Suzuka "the reason were here today was to invite you to come with us to the water park."

"The water park? I can't."

"I tried to tell them you wouldn't agree." said Yuki

"Come on," said Miki "You don't wanna stay home and sweat all day, do you?"

"I can't. My parents aren't home today, and I need to watch by siblings." Keiko told them, thankful this was a legitimate excuse.

"Then we'll bring them with us." said Suzuka "The more the merrier right?"

"Did someone say water park?" Ryo asked appearing next to Keiko along with Hiroki

"Can we come too?" Hiroki asked

"That's what we were just asking your sister." said Suzuka

"And Koichi-kun?" said Miki

"He won't say no." Ryo assured her

Left with no excuse not to go, Keiko packed their swimsuits in her bag and went with them.

At the water park later;

"Nee-chan, Ryo and the others are sure taking a long time." said Hiroki as he, Koichi and Saito waited for the girls outside the changing rooms. The three of them already changed into their swim trunks, though for some reason, Saito was wearing a Hawaiian shirt.

"Just wait until you're married kid." said Saito "Girls can somehow take hours doing things guys do in minutes."

"I'm never getting married!" Hiroki said defiantly

"You say that now, but wait until you hit your teens."

"Sorry for the wait." Yuki said happily as the girls exited the rooms. All of them were wearing bikinis. Ryo was wearing a black one while the other girls wore their usuals.

"I-I-I know I've seen you wear those at practice," said Saito "but here at a water park...."

"I told you the scenery makes the difference." said Suzuka

"NO hitting on my boyfriend!" Keiko told them

"Don't worry, we're not." Miki assured them

"How do I look, Hiroki?" Ryo asked her bother

Hiroki took a look at Ryo's chest and said "I know your breasts were already as big as Nee-chan's, but that swimsuit makes them look too big for your body."

Ryo smacked Hiroki across the face at this comment "Well, excuse me for having oversized breasts!" she said angrily

"Now now, you two." said Keiko

"Let's go check out the water slides first." said Miki

"You guys go." said Keiko "I'm gonna go reserve us a table for lunch later."

"Keiko, if you're worried about attracting attention due to your new fame, don't be." said Suzuka "This place is huge, and there's like a thousand people here. No one's gonna look twice at you."

"That's not it." said Yuki "Kei-chan just doesn't want to swim because she...."

"One more word, and you're gonna regret it." Keiko told Yuki, pinching her arm to stop her from talking.

The rest of the party was curious of this, but didn't press the matter. After the water slides, which Keiko refused to ride, the group went to the wave pool, while Keiko still remained on the sidelines.

After lunch, Keiko and Saito broke from the group to find some sunloungers to sunbathe on. After lying on one for a while, Keiko fell asleep, but was abruptly woken by Hiroki.

"Nee-chan? Nee-chan!" Hiroki said as he and Koichi shook Keiko awake

"What is it, Hiroki?"

"Ryo and I broke from the group to go on the slides again, but we got separated. I told the girls and we went looking for her, but we can't find her anywhere."

"I told you to stay with Yuki, Suzuka and Miki!" Keiko said as she started shaking Saito awake "Saito, wake up!" she said smacking his butt to wake him up


"Ryo's lost and we have to find her."

Saito went with Hiroki and Koichi while Keiko went looking on her own. After ten minutes of looking, Keiko spotted Ryo with her back against a building wall. She was being hit on by some guys no older than Keiko was

"Come on cutie." said one of the boys "Come play with us."

"No, please." Ryo replied "I'm just looking for...."

"Leave my sister alone, creeps." Keiko said to the boys

"You're this kid's elder sister?" said another of the boys

"I am. Now beat it!" and the boys left, clearly deciding it was best not to argue "Ryo Aizawa, I told you and the boys to stay with the group young lady." Keiko told her sister as she took hold of Ryo's hand

"Sorry, Kei-nee."

"Keiko! Ryo-chan!" Suzuka called running up to them "I see you found her."

"Yes, now we can rejoin the others and tell them she's safe."

"Not just yet. Look where we are." said Ryo, who was pointing to the large water slide they were next too "You haven't been in the water at all today. You should at least get wet before we rejoin the others."

"Agreed." said Suzuka

Before Keiko could protest, Suzuka and Ryo dragged her up to the starting level of the slide, and was put in a slide raft with Ryo in her lap, and Suzuka sat behind her. Keiko screamed loudly as the raft went down the slide, and she ended up falling out when they landed.

"That was fun!" said Ryo as she and Suzuka surfaced, both of them having fallen out as well


"Ryo-chan! Suzuka-senpai!" Yuki yelled upon seeing them "I see Ryo-chan's alright, but where's Kei-chan?"

"We brought her down the slide with us." Suzuka called back "But wait, where is she?" Suzuka then noticed a stream of bubbles coming from beneath the water

"You idiot!" Yuki yelled as she ran in to the water "She can't swim!"

Realizing what she had done, Suzuka dived under, pulled Keiko above water again and dragged her to the dry area. By then, Miki and the boys had rejoined them.

"Why didn't you tell us you couldn't swim?" Miki demanded as Keiko coughed some water out of her system

"It's not her fault, but she's never been able to swim." said Yuki "Why do you think she was hesitant to come with us today? Why do you think she never went near the water?"

"So that's what you were trying to say before Keiko-chan shut you up." said Saito "Why didn't you tell us? We would've never made you come if we had known."

"It was just too embarrassing, okay?" said Keiko

"But we never even knew." said Hiroki "Why didn't you at least tell us?"

"You're guys are too young to understand." said Yuki "Now no more of this. Now that the cat's out of the bag, we should probably just go home.

"It is starting to get late." Saito said checking his waterproof watch, which now displayed 5:30.

"Everyone." said Keiko as she got to her feet again "To make up for this, why don't we all get together at the park later for some soccer practice?"

Everyone agreed

At the park later that evening;

"It's been a while since we practiced out here." said Yuki as she bounced the ball on her forehead

"I don't like coming out here too often." said Keiko

"And it looks like it's just the four of us tonight." said Suzuka as Yuki headed the ball to her feet "Shame Saito and the kids had to cancel on us."

"Well, Saito doesn't really play soccer anymore." said Yuki "Shame. He was so talented. If only 'that' hadn't happened."

"What do you mean?" Miki asked as Suzuka passed the ball to her.

"Late in our second year of middle school, Saito injured his hip in a match." Keiko explained as she received the ball from Miki "He had to quit as a result."

"Hip injury usually means retirement." said Suzuka

"Ain't that the truth." said Miki as Keiko passed the ball the Suzuka. But before Suzuka could receive it, a man jumped out of nowhere and took it.

He dribbled it several paces before stopping and turning around. Nobody had any trouble recognizing him: It was Leonardo Silva.

"Leonardo Silva?!" Yuki said shocked

"The Leonardo Silva?" Suzuka inquired

"In the flesh." said Leo as he looked over at Keiko, who was still standing in silence. She had heard of Leonardo from Kakeru and seen pictures of him, but this was the first time she saw him in person. "You look strikingly like your father, Keiko."

"H-h-how do you know my name?" Keiko asked

"Why wouldn't I? Half of Japan knows who you are by now, and I was an old friend of your parents. I must say, you look a bit like your uncle too."

"Why would I look anything like him? He died over twenty years ago."

"He's not as gone as most people think."

"What do you mean by that?" Miki asked

"Enough talk!" said Leo "You want your ball back, come and get it!"

"If that's the way you want it...." said Keiko, and she made a charge for Leo. But, before she took more than five steps, Kakeru's voice rang out

"Don't even start!" he said, and Keiko stopped and turned around to see her parents. Yuki, Suzuka and Miki spotted them as well.

"Mama? Papa?"

"Kakeru, Mishima-san. Long time no see." said Leo

"You know full well it's not 'Mishima' anymore, Silva." said Nana

"I know. I'm just messing with you."

Nana made a face that clearly showed anger, then addressed her daughter "Keiko, get away from him!"

Keiko was taken aback, as she had never heard Nana talk like that to her "Mama, Papa, is something wrong?"

"Keiko Aizawa, you get over here this instant young lady!" Kakeru told her while pointing to the ground in front of him.

Feeling confused, Keiko did as she was told, and the rest of the girls felt it best to back away from Silva as well

"You're so stingy, Kakeru." said Silva

"You stay away from my children!" Kakeru told him

"Don't think I don't know about her debut match with Nadeshiko Japan against Greece."

"What about it?" Nana asked

"What do you think? I know you two didn't teach her those moves she used in the second half. Those were her uncle's moves, without a doubt. And since you didn't teach them to her, and Suguru never lived to know her, then, why, there's only one clear conclusion; Your eldest daughter, is your brother, Suguru Aizawa, reincarnated."

Everyone was shocked at this declaration.

"Me? Uncle Suguru's reincarnation? Impossible!" Keiko thought

Kakeru was the first to speak "I always knew you were obsessed with my brother." said Kakeru "I thought you were just crazy, with your ideas of him living on inside my chest. But now you say that my eldest daughter is the reincarnation of him. It is official; YOU'VE LOST YOUR SANITY!"

"I thought you might say that." said Silva "But have you ever stopped to consider the possibility?"

"There is no possibility, Silva! This is the last I want to hear of this. And stay away from my children!" Kakeru than grabbed Keiko by the upper arm and dragged her away from the park. Nana and the girls followed, and Silva returned Keiko's ball to Yuki with a high kick.

"Papa, will you let go already, that hurts!" said Keiko when they arrived at the house "Really, Papa, I'm losing circulation." Kakeru relaxed his grip, and Keiko pulled her arm out of his hand.

"What was that all about?" Suzuka asked

"Yeah?" said Miki

"(sigh) Look, girls, I'm sorry you had to see us like that." said Kakeru "It's just that, Silva and I had different views about my brother. Eventually he became obsessed with him and I was forced to distance myself. But what happened tonight was too much."

"Agreed." said Nana "Calling our eldest daughter Suguru-san's reincarnation? How crazy can you get?"

"Actually, it might not be as crazy as it sounds." said Keiko

"What do you mean?" Yuki asked

"During my match with Greece, right before the second-half kickoff, the weirdest thing happened to me. My heart started beating in an abnormal way, and, I know this gonna sound crazy, but, I heard Uncle Suguru's voice."

"You what?" said Kakeru

"At least I think it was his voice, I don't know what he used to sound like. And that's when I started using 'Uncle Suguru's moves'. Mama, Papa, what if he was right. What if I am..."

"No! Keiko, you listen to me and you listen good;" Kakeru put his hands on Keiko's shoulders "You are not your uncle. You are Keiko Aizawa, our daughter. Don't listen to anything Silva says. Just stay away from him, promise me that you will. Promise me!"

"You have my word."

"And you three as well." said Nana, and Suzuka, Miki and Yuki nodded

Yuki returned Keiko her ball and left for her own home. Suzuka and Miki did likewise. Keiko went inside with her parents and straight to bed. After only an hour of sleep, Keiko got up to go to the bathroom, but on her way back she saw the dining room light on and heard her parents' and aunt's voices coming from it.

"Are really sure about this?" said Mito

"I am." said Kakeru

"Her promise really isn't enough for you?" Nana asked

"You know Silva as well as I do."

"I guess you're right."

"I understand your reasoning for this," said Mito "but really, sending Keiko abroad?"

Keiko was shocked by what she heard her father intended to do.

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