This story takes place 20 years after the original Knight in the Area. It follows Keiko Aizawa as she goes through life hoping to follow in her parents' footsteps in winning the World Cup.


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"My name is Keiko Aizawa. I'm the eldest of four kids. When I was a child, my parents, Kakeru and Nana, told me how they led respectively the Japan U-20 Soccer Team and Nadeshiko Japan to victory at the World Cup. Growing up on their stories and teachings, and inheriting their talents, along with my own natural talent, I took to soccer myself at a young age, and sought to follow in their footsteps. I am a Striker like my father, and I hold true to his motto: 'Have fun playing Soccer'. One day, I will hold the title of 'The Next Knight in the Area'." - Keiko Aizawa


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  1. The Confidence of a Striker
  2. Enoshima High Girls Soccer Team
  3. New Soccer & Old Soccer
  4. The Bet of a Game
  5. First Game
  6. Saito & Keiko
  7. The Recommendation
  8. World Stage Debut
  9. Japan vs Greece, 2nd Half
  10. Suguru's Reincarnation?
  11. Bad Sister?
  12. Training Camp, A Captain's Past
  13. Hiroki & Ryo
  14. Japan vs France, A New Friend & Couple
  15. I-H Qualifiers; Enoshima vs Yokohama
  16. Enoshima High vs Kisaragi Girls High
  17. Inter-High Intermission, part 1
  18. Inter-High Intermission, part 2
  19. Inter-High Intermission, part 3
  20. Inter-High; Enoshima vs Kamakura
  21. Heart Wrenching Summer Festival
  22. Nana's Return, Japan vs Egypt
  23. Inter-High Finals
  24. Keiko's Heart
  25. Torched Past; Rekindled Feelings
  26. Nationals
  27. A Summer Surprise
  28. A Little Sister's Feelings
  29. Day on the Town
  30. A New Home
  31. New Life, New Goals
  32. Going Abroad, First Day in Panama
  33. Japan vs Panama
  34. Japan vs Costa Rica
  35. Home Again
  36. Aunt Mito's Omiai
  37. A Model?
  38. School Cultural Festival
  39. The Winter Tournament Qualifiers
  40. The Price of Ignorance
  41. Bonds
  42. Hospital Life
  43. Two Old Friends
  44. Christmas
  45. New Year's
  46. Birthdays, Valentines &... a Wedding?
  47. 3rd Year's Graduations
  48. New 1st Years
  49. Tsujido 1st Years vs. Enoshima 1st Years
  50. Never Say Die
  51. Miracles


Innocence: 2nd verse

♫ I'll listen to my heart whenever I'm in doubt ♫
♫ since it's never skipped a beat. ♫
♫ While searching for our dreams, ♫
♫ I'll never miss a step because you're guiding my feet. ♫
♫ Tonight the light that's shining in the night sky, ♫
♫ fills me with pain because I know I can't fly, ♫
♫ but even so I'm still yearning from the depths of my heart. ♫

♫ The world that was so dark around me ♫
♫ has been transformed by pure blinding light. ♫
♫ Always and forever shining on me! ♫
♫ You need a dreamers heart in order to find the sky that's waiting for you. ♫
♫ And when the doubt inside is fading away, ♫
♫ The sky will open for you.... ♫

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  • This is purely a work of fan-made fiction. Any resemblance to real people, organizations, or other works of fiction (e.g. character names), other than from the Canon Area no Kishi, unless purposely named, are purely coincidental.
  • Chapter 1 takes place in late-Autumn 2031, while the rest of the story takes place in 2032-33.


  • Though the text is in English, to the characters of the story almost everyone is speaking in Japanese
    • Quotes when someone is speaking in English will be in bold.
    • Quotes when someone is speaking in a language, other than English or Japanese, will be in one of these two formats: