Characters that make an appearance in The Road to the Promised Land. This page refers to characters who either did not previously appear or changed their status since the prequel story, Dream or Premonition. Most of the returning characters can be found here.

Note: The characters and incidents portrayed herein are fictional. Any similarity to the name, character or history of any actual persons living or dead, other than from the Canon Area no Kishi, is entirely coincidental and unintentional.

Manchester United F.C.

  • Andrew Butler: ♂. English. Current manager (head coach) for Manchester United, his character is strongly inspired by the no-nonsense coach who appears in The Journey story mode in video games FIFA 17, FIFA 18, and FIFA 19. -voice sample


  • Kakeru Aizawa (逢沢 駆 Aizawa Kakeru): ♂. Japanese, #10. Position: Forward.
  • Nana Mishima (美島奈々 Mishima Nana): ♀. Japanese, #19. Position: Midfielder.
  • Yusuke Saeki (佐伯 祐介 Saeki Yusuke): ♂. Japanese, #17. Position: Defensive midfielder.
  • David de Gea: ♂. Spanish, #1. Position: Goalkeeper.
  • Victor Lindelöf: ♂. Swedish, #2. Position: Centre-back.
  • Eric Bailly: ♂. Ivorian, #3. Position: Centre-back.
  • Phil Jones: ♂. English, #4. Position: Centre-back.
  • Matthias Köhler: ♂. German, #5. Position: Centre-back.
  • Paul Pogba: ♂. French. #6. Position: Midfielder.
  • Alexis Sánchez: ♂. Chilean, #7. Position: Winger.
  • Juan Mata: ♂. Spanish. #8. Position: Midfielder.
  • Romelu Lukaku: ♂. Belgian. 9. Position: Striker.
  • Anthony Martial: ♂. French. #11. Position: Forward/Winger.
  • Chris Smalling: ♂. English. #12. Position: Centre-back.
  • Lee Grant: ♂. English. #13. Position: Goalkeeper.
  • Jesse Lingard: ♂. English, #14. Position: Winger.
  • Andreas Pereira: ♂. Brazilian, #15. Position: Midfielder.
  • Marcos Rojo: ♂. Argentine, #16. Position: Centre-back.
  • Ashley Young: ♂. English. #18. Position: Winger/Left-back.
  • Diogo Dalot: ♂. Portuguese. #20. Position: Right-back/Left-back.
  • Ander Herrera: ♂. Spanish, #21. Position: Midfielder.
  • Sergio Romero: ♂. Argentine, #22. Position: Goalkeeper.
  • Luke Shaw: ♂. English. #23. Position: Left-back.
  • Timothy Fosu-Mensah: ♂. Dutch. #24. Position: Centre-back (On loan to Fulham F.C.).
  • Antonio Valencia: ♂. Ecuadorian, #25. Captain. Position: Right-back.
  • Nemanja Matić: ♂. Serbian, #31. Position: Defensive midfielder.
  • Demetri Mitchell: ♂. English, #35. Position: Left-back (On loan to Heart of Midlothian F.C.).
  • Matteo Darmian: ♂. Italian, #36. Position: Right-back/Left-back.
  • Axel Tuanzebe: ♂. English, #38. Position: Centre-back/Right-back (On loan to Aston Vila F.C.).
  • Scott McTominay: ♂. Scottish, #39. Position: Midfielder.
  • Joel Pereira: ♂. Portuguese, #40. Position: Goalkeeper (On loan to Vitória de Setúbal).

Supporting personnel

  • Michael Carrick: ♂. English. Assistant coach.
  • Kieran McKenna: ♂. Northern Irish. Assistant coach.
  • Karen Shotbolt: ♀, English. Press officer.


  • Taeko Ishiki : ♀, #23. Position: Striker. Club: Manchester United Women's F.C.

Opposition Players (Area no Kishi characters)

  • Ryuichi Araki (荒木 竜一): ♂. Japanese, #22. Position: Attacking midfielder. Club: Arsenal F.C.
  • Patrick Jenpa: ♂. Cameroonian, #99. Position: Striker. Club: Arsenal F.C.
  • Ryoma Oda(織田 涼真): ♂. Japanese, #24. Position: Defensive midfielder. Club: Arsenal F.C.
  • Akitoshi Li (a.k.a. Lee Chu-Joon): ♂. South Korean, #25. Position: Goalkeeper. Club: Celtic F.C.
  • Koichi Hibino (日比野 光一): ♂. Japanese, #23. Position: Left-back/Centre-back. Club: A.F.C. Ajax.
  • Mai Murasaki (群咲 舞衣): ♀. Japanese, #19. Position: Forward. Club: Chelsea F.C.
  • Akira Takajo (鷹匠 瑛): ♂. Japanese, #13. Position: Striker. Club: Leicester City F.C.
  • Ukyo Sera (世良 右京): ♂. Japanese, #26. Position: Attacking midfielder. Club: Leicester City F.C.
  • Takumi Emishi (蝦夷 巧): ♂. Japanese, #13. Position: Striker. Club: Liverpool F.C.
  • Toru Asuka (飛鳥 享): ♂. Japanese, #5. Position: Centre-back. Club: F.C. Bayern Munich.
  • Mina Meier: ♀. German, #20. Position: Midfielder. Club: F.C. Bayern Munich.
  • Marco Antonio: ♂. Brazilian, #39. Position: Forward. Club: Paris Saint-Germain F.C.
  • Leonardo Silva: ♂. Brazilian, #13. Position: Midfielder. Club: Paris Saint-Germain F.C.

Opposition Players (Real players - dialogue cameo)

Japan National Football Team

  • Raimond van der Meijde: ♂. Dutch. Head coach of the Samurai Blue. He is later revealed to be a former member of the Netherlands National Football Team before an injury kept him away from playing the UEFA Euro 1996.


  • Mikiya Tono: ♂. #1. Position: Goalkeeper.
  • Hiroki Sakai: ♂. #2. Position: Right-back.
  • Koichi Hibino: ♂. #3. Position: Left-back.
  • Toru Asuka: ♂. #4.Vice-captain. Position: Centre-back.
  • Yuto Nagatomo: ♂. #5. Position: Left-back.
  • Gaku Shibasaki: ♂. #6. Position: Central midfielder.
  • Haruki Onimaru: ♂. #7. Position: Right winger/Right-back.
  • Genki Haraguchi: ♂. #8. Position: Left winger.
  • Akira Takajo: ♂. #9. Position: Striker.
  • Shinji Kagawa: ♂. #10. Position: Attacking midfielder.
  • Ryuichi Araki: ♂. #11. Position: Attacking midfielder.
  • Eikichi Oba: ♂. #12. Position: Goalkeeper.
  • Yusuke Saeki: ♂. #13. Position: Defensive midfielder.
  • Takashi Inui: ♂. #14. Position: Left winger.
  • Yuya Osako: ♂. #15. Position: Striker.
  • Ryoma Oda: ♂. #16. Position: Defensive midfielder.
  • Kaoru Matoba: ♂. #17. Position: Forward.
  • Ukyo Sera: ♂. #18. Position: Attacking midfielder.
  • Kakeru Aizawa: ♂. #19. Position: Forward.
  • Michirou Takase: ♂. #20. Position: Left winger/Centre-back.
  • Ryosuke Shima: ♂. #21. Position: Centre-back.
  • Maya Yoshida: ♂. #22. Captain. Position: Centre-back.
  • Kosuke Nakamura: ♂. #23. Position: Goalkeeper.

Nadeshiko Japan

  • Asako Takakura: ♀. Head coach of Nadeshiko Japan.
  • Naomi Minaba: ♀. Assistant coach.


  • Rumi Utsugi: ♀. #2. Position: Midfielder/Defender.
  • Aya Sameshima: ♀, #3. Position: Left-back.
  • Saki Kumagai: ♀. #4. Captain, Position: Centre-back.
  • Mina Nakae : ♀, #5. Position: Centre-back.
  • Nana Mishima: ♀. #7. Position: Midfielder.
  • Mana Iwabuchi: ♀. #8. Position: Striker.
  • Mai Murasaki: ♀. #9. Position: Striker.
  • Mizuho Sakaguchi: ♀. #10. Position: Midfielder.
  • Chika Nakamura: ♀. #11. Position: Right Winger.
  • Taeko Ishiki: ♀. #13. Position: Striker.
  • Yui Hasegawa: ♀. #14. Position: Midfielder.
  • Sakura Otsuki: ♀. #15. Position: Right winger.
  • Rin Sumida: ♀. #16. Position: Midfielder.
  • Ayaka Yamashita: ♀. #18. Position: Goalkeeper.
  • Kumi Yokoyama: ♀. #20. Position: Striker/Left winger.
  • Risa Shimizu: ♀. #22. Position: Right-back..


  • Clive Tyldesley: ♂. English football commentator. Known for commentating important UEFA Champions League matches, international matches and FIFA video games, -Sample
  • Martin Tyler: ♂. English football commentator since 1974. Regarded as a broadcasting legend, he is the main commentator for Premier League matches on Sky Sports. -Sample
  • Gary Neville: ♂. English football pundit and commentator. Former right-back for Manchester United and England. He is the co-commentator in Premier League matches on Sky Sports alongside Martin Tyler. -Sample
  • Rob Hawthorne: ♂. English football commentator. After Martin Tyler, he's the main commentator for Premier League matches on Sky Sports. -Sample
  • Alan Smith: ♂. English football pundit and commentator. Former striker for Arsenal Football Club. He is the co-commentator in Premier League matches on Sky Sports alongside Rob Hawthorne. -Sample
  • Daniel Mann: ♂. Scottish football commentator. Daniel Mann works for the same broadcasting company as Martin Tyler and Rob Hawthorne. He provides English commentary for the international coverage of the Premier League on Saturdays. -Sample
  • Guy Mowbray: ♂. English football commentator. Working for the BBC, Mowbray provides match commentary in the FA Cup and for some Premier League matches. -Sample
  • Ian Crocker: ♂. English football commentator. Ian Crocker provides commentary for matches involving the Scottish national team and some Premier League matches (international coverage) on Saturdays. -Sample
  • David Stowell: ♂. English football commentator. He provides commentary in U23 matches for the Manchester United-owned television named MUTV. -Sample
  • Takumi Okada: ♂. Japanese football commentator. He's the commentator for Nadeshiko Japan matches on Japanese television. Takumi Okada is an original character.
  • Makiko Yurikawa: ♀. Japanese football pundit and commentator. Former striker for Nadeshiko Japan. She commentates Nadeshiko Japan matches alongside Takumi Okada on Japanese television. Makiko Yurikawa made an appearance in episode 18 of the anime series.
  • Tim Long: ♂. English football commentator. He provides commentary in matches involving the Manchester United Women's team on MUTV. -Sample
  • Geoff Shreeves: ♂. English reporter. He's specialized on reporting injuries, touchline updates and other sideline-based news during matches, and on interviewing players after football matches. -Sample

Other - Fictional (by order of appearance)

  • Hikaru Wakahisa: ♂, age 23. Japanese. Medical student at Tokyo Medical University.
  • Chisa Miyama: ♀, age 23. Japanese. Medical student at Tokyo Medical University.
  • Shigeru Aizawa: ♂, age 47. Japanese. Kakeru's uncle. While being the owner of the apartment building where Kakeru and Nana live in during summer, he's also a freelance writer.
  • Kaoru Matoba: ♂, age early-20s. Japanese. Forward for Urawa Red Diamonds.
  • Michirou Takase: ♂, age early-20s. Japanese. Forward for Urawa Red Diamonds.
  • Noriko Catherine Lewis: ♀, age early-20s. Half-British, half-Japanese. Kakeru and Nana's roommate and friend. Clinical apprentice in the orthopaedics department at Trafford General Hospital.
  • Sarah Davies: ♀, age 24. English. Noriko's friend since the early days in medical school. Clinical apprentice in the nephrology department at the Royal Manchester Children's Hospital.
  • Harry Lewis: ♂, age 74. English. Noriko's paternal grandfather. Retired radio host and lifelong Manchester United fan. His physical appearance and sonorous voice are reminiscent of boisterous actor Brian Blessed.
  • Emily Mallory: ♀, age 32. English. Nurse at Wythenshawe Hospital.
  • Nigel Bentley: ♂, age 21. English. Medical student at the University of Manchester.
  • Geoffrey Stephens: ♂, age 62. English. Patient in the cardiology department at Wythenshawe Hospital
  • Brendan Walker: ♂, age 11. English. One of the children who join Kakeru and Nana to play football inside Fog Lane Park, East Didsbury.
  • Claire Walker: ♀, age 10. English. Brendan's younger sister.
  • Olivia Walker: ♀, age 35. English. Brendan and Claire's mother.
  • Timothy Walker: ♂. age 36. English. Brendan and Claire's father.
  • Jonathan Montgomery: ♂, age 41. Scottish. Nephrologist at the Royal Manchester Children's Hospital.
  • Mei-Ling Chang: ♀, age 10. English (of Chinese descent). Patient in the nephrology department at the Royal Manchester Children's Hospital. Mei-Ling is also a friend of Brendan and Claire.
  • Isamu Tomonaga: ♂, age 60. Japanese. President of the Japan Football Association (JFA).
  • Keizo Takeyama: ♂, age 54. Japanese. Vice-president of the Japan Football Association (JFA).
  • Masahiro Murai: ♂, age 53. Japanese. Vice-president of the Japan Football Association (JFA).
  • Corey Dubois: ♂, age 37. English. Brand director for Adidas Football, his character is directly inspired by a minor character from FIFA 17 in the same position.
  • Teppei Iwaki: ♂. age early-30s. Teacher and coach at Enoshima High School. He's now married to Ayaka (née Mine), and they have an infant son.
  • Ayaka Iwaki: ♀. age early-30s. Psychiatrist under pay from Kamakura Central Hospital. Ayaka does online consultations from home nowadays to fit her current life as the mother of her infant son.
  • Eiichiro Maruo: ♂, age 24. Japanese. Main protagonist of Baby Steps , Natsu Takasaki's boyfriend, and professional tennis player.
  • Natsu Takasaki: ♀, age 24. Japanese. Main female protagonist of Baby Steps , Eiichiro Maruo's girlfriend, and professional tennis player.

Other - Real People (by order of appearance)

  • Adam McKola: ♂. English. Manchester United fan and reporter for FullTimeDEVILS, a Manchester United fan channel on YouTube.
  • Pete Boyle: ♂. English. TV presenter, songwriter, former DJ, and lifelong Manchester United fan. He mainly acts as the leading singing voice of the fans, especially on away matches alongside the travelling group of supporters.
  • Eva Carneiro: ♀, Gibraltarian. Sports medicine specialist, guest speaker at the Manchester Medical School, and former first-team doctor at Chelsea F.C.
  • Eric Cantona: ♂. French. Actor, retired footballer, former Manchester United player and captain. He is nicknamed by Manchester United fans as "King Eric".
  • Keira Knightley: ♀, English. Actress and West Ham United supporter. She played the role of Juliette "Jules" Paxton, who was Nana's favorite childhood character in Bend It Like Beckham.
  • Marco Dejana: ♂. Italian. Stadium public address announcer for Juventus F.C.
  • Arturo Sisó: ♂. Spanish. Stadium public address announcer for Real Madrid C.F.
  • Stephan Lehmann: ♂. German. Stadium public address announcer for F.C. Bayern Munich.
  • Prince William, Duke of Cambridge: ♂. English. Grandson of Queen Elizabeth II and second in the line of succession of the British throne. President of the Football Association (FA).
  • Michel Montana: ♂. French. Stadium public address announcer for Paris Saint-Germain F.C.