Characters that make an appearance in Dream or Premonition. For the characters appearing mainly in the sequel, either new or with a different status, you can find them here.

Note: The characters and incidents portrayed herein are fictional. Any similarity to the name, character or history of any actual persons living or dead, other than from the Canon Area no Kishi, is entirely coincidental and unintentional.


  • Kakeru Aizawa (逢沢 駆 Aizawa Kakeru): ♂, age 18. Main protagonist and graduate of Enoshima High School. Professional player for Manchester United (#9) and Japan's National Football Team. Position: Forward.
  • Nana Mishima (美島奈々 Mishima Nana): ♀, age 18. Kakeru's girlfriend, teammate and co-graduate of Enoshima High School. Professional player for Manchester United (#32), Manchester United Reserves (#7) and Nadeshiko Japan. Position: Midfielder.


  • Noriko Catherine Lewis (ルイス 典子 キャサリン Ruisu Noriko Kyasarin): ♀, age 18. Half-British, half-Japanese. Kakeru and Nana's roommate, newly accepted medical student at the University of Manchester. She shares some past history with Suguru Aizawa, which explains her career choice.
  • Mai Murasaki (群咲 舞衣 Murasaki Mai): ♀, age 19. Nana's friend and former romantic rival. Former student at Tokyo Shuukyu Academy High. Professional player for INAC Kobe Leonessa  in the Nadeshiko League and for Nadeshiko Japan (#9). Position: Forward/Midfielder.
  • Ryuichi Araki (荒木 竜一 Araki Ryuuichi): ♂. age 19. Kakeru's friend and former teammate at Enoshima High School. Professional player in the J-League and for the Japanese National Football Team. Position: Midfielder.
  • Teppei Iwaki (岩城 鉄平 Iwaki Teppei): ♂. age 28. Kakeru's 3rd year homeroom teacher and coach of Enoshima High School's football team.
  • Kaoru Matoba (的場 薫 Matoba Kaoru): ♂, age 18. Kakeru's friend and co-graduate of Enoshima High School. Position: Forward.
  • Kouta Nakatsuka (中塚 公太 Nakatsuka Kouta): ♂, age 18. Kakeru's friend and co-graduate of Enoshima High School. Position: Winger.
  • Michirou Takase (高瀬 道朗 Takase Michirou): ♂, age 18. Kakeru's friend and co-graduate of Enoshima High School. Position: Forward.

Family and Relatives

  • Mito Aizawa (逢沢 美都): ♀, age 15. Kakeru's younger sister. Student at Enoshima High School and, formerly, Kamakura Middle School.
  • Mrs. Aizawa (逢沢 母): ♀, age early-40s. Kakeru's mother.
  • M. Aizawa (逢沢 父): ♂, age mid-40s. Kakeru's father.
  • Mrs. Mishima (美島 母): ♀, age early-40s. Nana's mother
  • M. Mishima (美島 父): ♂, age mid-40s. Nana's father.
  • Sayuri Lewis (ルイス サユリ Ruisu Sayuri): ♀, age 44. Noriko's mother and Taeko's maternal aunt. Registered nurse, lecturer at the School of Nursing at the University of Manchester, and Manchester United supporter.
  • Robert George Lewis: ♂, age 46, Noriko's father. Successful businessman formerly attached to the British Chamber of Commerce in Japan (BCCJ) and lifelong Manchester United supporter. He was named after Sir Robert "Bobby" Charlton and George Best.
  • Taeko Ishiki (一色 妙子): ♀, age 28. Noriko's cousin. Professional player for INAC Kobe Leonessa in the Nadeshiko League and Captain for Nadeshiko Japan (#10). Position: Forward.


  • Ricardo "Ricky" Vernardi: ♂. age 19. Former student at Tokyo Shuukyu Academy High. Professional player for Manchester City (#15) and Argentina. Position: Left-back/Centre-back. Because of his past matches against both Aizawa brothers, Ricardo despises Kakeru and vows to defeat him at all costs in the Manchester derby.


  • Miwa Shibata (柴田 美和 Shibata Miwa): ♀, age late-20s. Football player agent. Originally introduced in chapter 324 of the original manga series, Miwa currently is Kakeru and Nana's professional agent.
  • Kenji Sawada (研二 沢田 Sawada Kenji): ♂, age 55. General Secretary of the Japan Football Association (JFA).

Manchester United F.C.

  • Sir Alex Ferguson: ♂. Scottish. Long-serving successful manager (head coach) for Manchester United.
  • Daniel A. Gill: ♂. English. Chief Executive of Manchester United and vice-chairman of the English Football Association. Fictional character loosely based on David Gill.
  • Alan Keegan: ♂. English. Stadium public address announcer referred as the "Voice of Old Trafford".

Players (final match squad)

Supporting personnel

  • Paul Scholes: ♂. English. Injured midfielder (#22). Nicknamed "Satnav" and "Ginger Prince", he currently works as a member of the coaching staff for Manchester United and as a mentor for Nana during training.
  • René Meulensteen: ♂. Dutch. First team coach.
  • Mike Phelan: ♂. English. Assistant manager.
  • Tony Strudwick: ♂. English. Fitness coach.
  • Rob Swire: ♂. English. Chief physiotherapist.
  • Steve McNally: ♂. English. Club doctor.

Manchester City F.C.

Players (final match squad)


  • Martin Tyler: ♂. English football commentator since 1974. Regarded as a broadcasting legend. -Sample 1, Sample 2
  • Gary Neville: ♂. English football pundit and commentator. Former right-back for Manchester United and England. -Sample
  • Geoff Shreeves: ♂. English reporter. He's specialized on reporting injuries, touchline updates and other sideline-based news during matches, and on interviewing players after football matches. -Sample