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This is the place where you can ask all kinds of questions about Dream or Premonition; it could be about the general concept or about certain details you are not sure of. Nevertheless, I'd be glad to answer to you in the best way I can. See yourself as someone interviewing an author, but remember to leave your signature, people.

How did you come up with such idea?

Where to start? Well, I must admit that the whole idea behind the story came from several sources at different times, but it only came together since the last month of April (2013). A couple of years ago, someone told me that I should write a fanfic since I used to draw several fanarts related to Captain Tsubasa. However, I was not confident enough to write a fanfic focused on football/soccer and I also felt there was something missing in order to make it more interesting.

Then Area no Kishi came and I was attracted by Kakeru's story how he started from a very low point in his life before he overcame the tragedy and pushed on to become his own kind of player rather than relying too much on his brother's skills. At the same time, the fact that Nana was introduced in the first chapter of that manga/anime series and then was later shown to be a very skillful player was a big plus. I always wanted to have a female player with an important role in the story since she would be in a much better position to understand what Kakeru has to go through.

What gave you the idea to write a story based around a "dream"?

All players dream of playing on the big stage alongside some of the best athletes in the game. Most important though, I remembered watching a movie titled The Family Man around 12 years ago and I really loved the concept of the protagonist living in a dream for some time in order to appreciate everything good such life might bring to him despite the initial shock of finding himself in an alternate reality. The only difference is that Kakeru would never expect the dream to end at any moment, thus making it more vivid to him by the time he wakes up. So when I read about Suguru's possible ability to have premonitions before the accident, I saw it as a great idea for Kakeru to see through a dream what kind of life he would eventually have as a professional player.

To be honest, I also have a lot of sources of inspiration that led to this story. The "life in a dream sequence" from The Family Man was only one of them.

Given recent developments, are we looking at major reconstruction of parts of the story?

Not at all. Fortunately, the only major changes would only be made in the epilogue while the other chapters remain the same since the main story happens when Sir Alex was there. At the most, a few more names might be changed in the epilogue depending of the situation to come, but the chapter was well written overall to accept a few changes. If I am to write a sequel in the future, we could have a flashback scene in which the association between Kakeru/Nana and United almost ended on bad terms because of David Moyes' behavior towards them and several other players. Then Paul would convince them to stay just before Moyes gets fired (which I believe will happen in real life; it's a matter of time now) shortly later. That flashback scene would be the place where current events (in date of February 2014) could be part of the sequel.

What gave you the idea to have Kakeru and Nana pursue medical careers?

Many factors, to be honest. First of all, I was fascinated by the story of former Brazilian superstar Sócrates. Before he passed away in 2011, Socrates was a legend of the game, not only for his achievements on the pitch, but also because he managed to earn his medical degree while he was an active player as well as being an activist. In my opinion, there are too few soccer players in the world who pursue something useful of a secondary career unlike people practicing other college sports in the United States and Canada.

Since Kakeru had a big share of contact with medicine because of his accident (and the aftermath) and was also active as a club manager, he looked to me as the kind of person who would like to give something back to other people through sports medicine. On the other end, Nana always looked like a real genius girl who can do anything while being very understanding of others. Although both want to specialize in sports medicine, the Japanese curriculum allows them to know a vast array of terms and medical conditions; Kakeru also has an eye on anything related to cardiology.