After 3 years of high school filled with success in high school competitions, time for graduation for both Kakeru and Nana was coming near. In the last night preceding Graduation Day, Kakeru finds himself thrown into a dream in which he is training alongside Nana, only the two of them on the pitch of a mythical stadium nicknamed as The Theatre of Dreams. However, is this just a mere dream or is there more to it?


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"After 3 years in high school in which I have won a good share of titles with Enoshima High School, time has come for Seven and I to follow the next path for our careers. Following the footsteps of the legendary Sócrates to become qualified doctors while playing our favorite game at the top level, we are looking at offers from various clubs hoping one or two of them would allow us to play at a professional level and let us pursuing our medical studies without separating us too far away from each other." - Kakeru Aizawa


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  1. Looking for New Challenges
  2. The Theatre of Dreams
  3. Life of a Professional
  4. A Link to the Past (Part 1)
  5. A Link to the Past (Part 2)
  6. Feeling Pressure
  7. Support from Far and Wide
  8. Family Reunion
  9. Match Day, An Old Enemy
  10. Manchester Derby - First Half
  11. The Will to Win, Halftime Talk
  12. First-Team Debut
  13. Setback, Keeping Hope Alive
  14. Rendezvous with Immortality
  15. Awakening, Graduation Day
  16. An Unexpected Encounter
  17. Noriko, The Decision
  18. Farewell, Only a Beginning
  19. Epilogue - The Proposal

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"This is the One" (Chapter 8). Written by Ian Brown and John Squire. Performed by The Stone Roses.

"Written in the Stars" (Chapter 9). Written by Eshraque Mughal, Patrick Okogwu, Eric Turner and Charlie Bernardo. Performed by Tinie Tempah and Eric Turner.

"Fanfare for Rocky - Players' entrance" (Chapter 10). Written by Bill Conti.

"We Are the Champions" (Chapter 14). Written by Freddy Mercury. Performed by Queen.

"Glory Glory Man United" (Chapter 14). Written by Frank Renshaw. Performed by the 1983 Manchester United team.

"Hotaru no Hikari (Glow of the Fireflies)" (Chapter 15). Written by Chikai Inagaki (lyrics) and an unknown Scottish composer (melody for Auld Lang Syne).

"You Raise Me Up" (Chapter 17). Written by Rolf Løvland and Brendan Graham.

"The Impossible Dream (The Quest)" (Chapter 18). Written by Mitch Leigh and Joe Darion. Performed by Andy Williams.

"Ain't No Mountain High Enough" (Chapter 19). Written by Nickolas Ashford and Valerie Simpson. Performed by Marvin Gaye and Tammi Terrell.


This is purely a work of fan-made fiction. The characters and incidents portrayed herein are fictional. Any similarity to the name, character or history of any actual persons living or dead, other than from the Canon Area no Kishi, is entirely coincidental and unintentional.

May 8, 2013: I read the news from today about Sir Alex Ferguson retiring at the end of the season and I am really sad to see him go since I became a fan of the team knowing only Sir Alex at the helm. As far as the story goes, it will then become in part my own tribute to a brilliant managerial career.

Languages/Narration Style

  • Although the text is in English, normal font is used when people are speaking in Japanese while purely English dialogue will be written in Italics. Meanwhile, dialogue using Spanish and Serbian words are respectively written with normal and Cyrillic alphabets then followed by the English translation between parentheses.
  • Since the story is set in an European setting, "football" is the term used to name soccer in the whole story unless when part of the story is set in Japan, where "soccer" is used.
  • In Britain, the title of manager belongs to the person who assumes of directing a football/soccer team (as head coach and general manager at the same time); it is completely different from the position Nana assumed for the Enoshima High team.
  • To give you the feeling of watching the broadcast of a match or an interview on television, the commentary will be standing out as each commentary line will be preceded by the name of the person speaking in bold and italics.
  • Sometimes, lyrics from various songs will appear aligned on the center. I usually try to give a musical ambiance with a selection of songs in each fanfic I write under this username (or as KiraYamatoFan on


February 22, 2014: The sequel will finally be titled The Road to the Promised Land. The setting will be the season following the epilogue of Dream or Premonition. Kakeru and Nana will help Manchester United competing for the big trophies, especially the biggest prize of all club trophies: the UEFA Champions League (or the European Champion Clubs' Cup). However, former teammates and former opponents from the original Area no Kishi manga series will stand as obstacles in the way. Will Kakeru and Nana overcome them? Prologue and Chapter 1 will come soon, but the following chapters will only start arriving after next summer.Toukairin2012 (talk) 00:50, February 23, 2014 (UTC)