This page is about the various locations that are commonly used as settings in more than one Area no Kishi fanfiction story.

Note: most of the locations in this page are part of the Area no Kishi canon universe.

The Aizawas' House

Aizawa House (Day)

The Aizawas' House

This family house in Kamakura is where the Aizawa family lives. Built with 2 floors, the house has 4 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, a kitchen with a dining room, and a living room. Since the accident, Suguru's room was preserved up to this day in the original story as well as in both Dream or Premonition and The Road to the Promised Land. In The Next Knight in the Area, the house is where Kakeru and Nana live since their marriage. Suguru's altar was taken from the house by Kakeru's parents when they moved out. Suguru's old room now serves as a guest room.

Enoshima High School

Enoshima High School (Bird's view)

Bird's eye view of Enoshima High School

Enoshima High School (design)

Official art design of Enoshima High School

The upper secondary academic institution where Kakeru and Nana attended in Dream and Premonition, and where Keiko is a part of in The Next Knight in the Area. Once beyond the main gate to the West of the compound, the visitor would stand in front of the main building where classrooms, administration and teacher offices are located. Within the main academic building's blocks, there's a small outdoor central plaza with bushes and a few trees.

The main outdoor gym is located by the Western gate. South of the main academic building, there's an outdoor clay soccer field. However, the outdoor training ground mostly serves for gym classes as Enoshima High School soccer teams also train on the nearby beach. The shack that once served as Enoshima FC's clubroom faces the main building's Northern side. Shower and changing rooms are located immediately to the East of the main building. Tennis courts and a swimming pool are also located by the changing rooms. Finally, a baseball field takes the entire space at the Northwest of the compound. The rest of the compound is covered by a green area filled with trees.

The Aizawa Family Grave

Aizawa Family Grave

The Aizawa Family Grave

Located in a cemetary in Kamakura, the Aizawa Family grave is the place where Kakeru, Nana and others come to pay their respects to Suguru. The grave is also the place where Kakeru or Keiko comes asking for Suguru's help whenever either of them goes through uncertain times.

Kamakura General Hospital

Kamakura Hospital

Kamakura General Hospital

Kamakura hospital real

Shonan Kamakura General Hospital

Kamakura General Hospital (鎌倉中央病院) is the main local hospital in Kamakura. It is where Kakeru recovered after the accident, and has since been the first hospital the Aizawa Family goes to when something is wrong. In The Next Knight in the Area, for one reason or another, checkups or emergencies, the Aizawa family comes to the hospital unusually often. So much that they are sometimes called "the hospital's best customers", but their stays don't usually last very long.

In real life, the Shonan Kamakura General Hospital (湘南鎌倉総合病院) acts as the city's main health services center. The hospital's physical structure shares similarities with the fictional Kamakura General Hospital. Shonan has a helipad on the roof of the 15-story-high tower. Introduced with advanced medical equipment in September 2010, Each department of the hospital has doctors' offices, examination and treatment rooms, and patient rooms on the same floor in order to minimize the transference of patients and to enable quick response. Among the main services provided by the hospital, we can find a Heart Center, a Stroke Center and a Maternity Center.

Narita International Airport

Narita International Airport (Terminal 2)

Narita Airport Terminal 2

Narita International Airport (成田国際空港 Narita Kokusai Kūkō) is the primary international airport serving the Greater Tokyo Area of Japan. Located in the Chiba Prefecture, it is the setting for departures towards a foreign country. In The Next Knight in the Area, it was used by Nadeshiko Japan to depart on their way to Panama for a few friendly matches. In Dream or Premonition, although not explicitly mentioned, Kakeru and Nana departed from Narita Airport Terminal 2 as they took a flight with British Airways on their way to Manchester.

JFA House

JFA House (JFA Headquarters)

The JFA House

Located in the metropolitan district of Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo, the JFA House is the name given to the headquarters of the Japan Football Association (JFA) since September 2003. Other than the JFA, the J-League and associated organizations are also based in the same building. Since December 2003, the building's main attraction has been the Japan Football Museum where memorabilia, trophies, photographs, autographed items, scarves and balls are displayed in honor of the history of the game in Japan. The JFA House is also the setting of various events in The Next Knight in the Area, Dream or Premonition, and The Road to the Promised Land.

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